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Ebook Design TileOffering ebooks can be a great way to grow your email list, or convert browsing visitors into paying clients. An ebook is often an ideal ‘stepping stone’ in a customer journey, and allows people to have a taster of your services for a small investment.


But creating an ebook can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not into writing. So we offer complete ebook design & creation services, that include the researching, writing, and beautifying of your ebook.


Option #1 – Email Opt-In Ebook Design

These type of ebooks are designed to grow your email list, and are usually given away for free. Email addresses typically have an ROI of over $100 each, so they’re hugely valuable to your business. Therefore it’s worth investing in a high quality ebook design, that’ll entice prospective customers into handing over their precious email addresses. These types of ebooks tend to be 8-10 pages in length, and generically themed to appeal to a wide audience.


Option #2 – Promotional Ebook Design

This style of ebook is intended to generate qualified leads for a product or service. It’s themed on a topic that will appeal specifically to the target audience for your product (as opposed to mass appeal like an email opt-in ebook). The actual content of the ebook is then designed to create an even stronger interest in your offering. They tend to be 10-30 pages in length, appeal to a specific audience, and given away for free.


Option #3 – Ebook Products

These types of ebooks are an entry-level product, and are usually charged for (between $5 and $50). For a small initial investment, they help to solve a specific challenge for a customer. If you get this type of ebook design right, it’ll also demonstrate that your higher value products or services are good value. So as well as being a standalone product, it’s also a stepping stone to other (usually more expensive) purchases. These ebooks tend to be 30+ pages in length, and appeal to a specific audience.


We charge from $495+ to research, write, and design an email opt-in ebook, $795+ for a promotional ebook, and $1295+ to create ebook products. Use the ‘Get In Touch’ tab on the right to request a proposal, or ask us a question.


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