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Fitness Writing Services TileLooking for reliable fitness writing services to support your marketing efforts? With over 10 years of fitness writing experience, we’re uniquely positioned to create B2B and B2C content that’s both authoritative and engaging.


If you’re using content marketing as part of your business strategy, then our fitness writing services are the perfect match. Instead of hiring additional team members to create your content, simply outsource it to us on a freelance basis.


“Content marketing is the art of creating, curating, and distributing valuable content, combined with the science of measuring its impact on awareness, lead generation and customer acquisition.”


Fitness writing and content marketing go hand-in-hand… They involve all of the good bits of marketing; addressing customer needs, creating value, and positioning your brand as an industry leader. Plus they cut out a lot of the awkward, hard sell stuff, which makes them particularly appropriate for wellness businesses… In an industry that’s packed with false claims and sleazy sales pitches, content marketing is an ideal way to demonstrate integrity. So a well-planned strategy will not only set your business apart, but attract loyal clients too.


Fitness Writing Content Marketing Icons

Our fitness writing services include magazine and blog articles, case studies, ebooks, and white papers. We can also help you develop a content strategy that’s tailored to your business goals and target audience…



Regularly adding fresh content to your website can increase your search engine rankings, visitor numbers, and overall leads. Google favours content that is newer, as it assumes that the more up-to-date it is, the more relevant and accurate it must be. Plus, consistently communicating with your audience not only allows you to subtly promote your services, but builds engagement and trust too. Learn more


Case Studies

Testimonials Stat

Case studies and customer success stories are powerful sales and marketing tools. They demonstrate that you get tangible results for your clients, and provide trust-worthy social proof. In fact 20-50% of all purchasing decisions are driven by testimonials and word of mouth, so case studies are essential to any marketing plan.


We can take care of the entire process – from interviewing clients and capturing data, to creating a cohesive outline and transforming it into a persuasive story.



High-quality ebooks are a great way to give clients a taster of programs and courses. Online fitness and nutritional programs lend themselves to this approach particularly well.  But you can also offer ebooks in return for email subscriptions, and grow your list of potential leads. Learn more


White Papers

Scientific data and evidence-based reports are more important than ever in our industry. With so many misleading health and fitness claims, it’s crucial that reputable brands demonstrate proof to back up their marketing messages. With our background in Sports Science, Physiology, and Nutrition, we’re well-placed to write fitness-related white papers that establish credibility for your business.


Reliable Fitness Writing Services

If you’re interested in our fitness writing services, then get in contact using the Get In Touch tab on the right. We’d love to hear from you!


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