Gym Social Media – 5 Simple Tips For Increasing Retention & Loyalty

Gym Social Media Tips RetentionIs your gym social media fulfilling its potential? Most fitness studios use social to attract new members, but what about retaining existing ones?


The service you provide inside your studio undoubtedly impacts retention. But there are so many other elements outside of the studio that can influence loyalty. Creating email newsletters and organising events are marketing favourites. But have you thought about using social media to improve retention?


Social media can be a great tool for building client relationships and embedding your services into their everyday life. Most people check social media every single day, so it gives you the chance to grab their attention on a regular basis.


Many fitness studios know social media is a great way to attract new clients, but miss a trick when it comes to loyalty. It costs 5x more to attract a new customer, than sell to an existing one, so it’s well worth spending time on.


Here are 5 tips for using gym social media to build loyalty and increase retention


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#1 – Promote Your Audience (Not Yourself)

As a general rule, self-promotional content should be limited to a maximum of 20%. This means the remaining 80% should be educational, entertaining, and interesting.


A great way to make your content less self-promotional, is to switch the spot light onto your members. Promote their stories, successes, and achievements – anything that makes them look good! Posts that highlight people achieving personal bests, winning challenges, or overcoming obstacles all work really well.


This type of content gets great engagement, lots of positive comments, and helps develop a supportive community. It also demonstrates the results that you help people achieve, and encourages others to stick with it over the long term. Success breeds success, so showcase your member achievements as much as possible.


QUICK TIP ⇒ Tag the person being featured so that their circles see it too.


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#2 – Encourage Interaction

Although it’s super-simple, this is a surprisingly common mistake. Sometimes we can be so focused on promoting our own content, that we forget the ‘social’ aspect of social media. But interaction is the key to building an engaged community, and this is a key ingredient to keeping members loyal.


To encourage a two-way conversation, post open questions that require more than YES/NO answers. You can ask followers about their weekend plans, favourite healthy snack, or how they motivate themselves to workout consistently. Then reply to every single comment with a tailored response, so that you continue the conversation even further.


This is a great way to crowd source content for your blog too. By collating people’s answers you can quickly create ‘top tips’ posts and ‘how to’ articles that address members’ needs. It also gives you an insight into what people are struggling with, so you can tailor your offering to help them.


QUICK TIP ⇒ End your posts with a call to action that encourages interaction, such as ‘double tap if you agree’.


#3 – Support Their Journey

You can also use social media to help members achieve their goals. You might only get to see them for a couple of hours in the gym – that’s not much time to cover all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle. But social platforms give you more channels to provide additional education and support.


So make educational content a key component of your gym social media strategy. Creating posts on correct exercise technique, nutritional tips, or answering FAQs can all help your members achieve their goals faster. And if they feel supported and see results, then they’re far less likely to cancel their membership.


QUICK TIP ⇒ Think about what your members struggle with most, and then create content around that topic.


#4 – Provide Exclusive Content

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Another way to encourage loyalty is to make your followers feel part of something exclusive. Give them special access or behind the scenes sneak peeks that aren’t available to the general public. Offer tangible benefits or perks to being part of your tribe.


Some fitness studios create private Facebook groups that are accessible to members only. You can run Q&A sessions, exclusive monthly challenges, or member-only competitions and giveaways.


QUICK TIP ⇒ Ensure your gym social media provides additional value and supports your members so they see it as a membership benefit.


#5 – Invite Feedback & Then Act On It

Quick polls and surveys are a great way to invite feedback, and encourage more two-way interaction. The key to making this approach effective is to share results afterwards – keep people in the loop about how you took action on their feedback.


By demonstrating that you value your members’ opinions, you make them feel more connected to your business and invested in your brand.


Ask followers for their opinion and start a conversation. You could discuss fitness-related topics like their training preferences, ask for business feedback, or get them to vote for your next blog topic.


QUICK TIP ⇒ Always respond to comments promptly, and announce the results of any polls. When followers see that you’re actively engaging, it’ll encourage them to share their opinions too.


Social Media Marketing Kit AdWant More Gym Social Media Tips?

So there are 5 simple ways to boost retention via gym social media. Promoting your audience and encouraging interaction helps to develop a two-way relationship with members. Supporting their journey and providing exclusive content helps you deliver additional value whilst helping people achieve their goals. Inviting feedback and then acting on it shows that you care about member opinions and helps them feel invested in your brand.


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