Ever wondered what it’d be like to be a fitness model or brand ambassador? Perhaps you’ve seen people doing it in your Instagram feed and thought about trying it for yourself.

In this article – our guest author explains how to become a fitness model, influencer, or brand ambassador on Instagram.

It’s not uncommon for personal trainers to think about becoming a fitness model. This type of work can be an excellent way to earn extra income and fit alongside client commitments.

Trainers often have the physique needed for fitness modelling, but they also have an extra edge. PTs know how to perform exercise movements with perfect technique – something that sets them apart from other models. This makes them ideal for shoots that involve demonstrating workout movements or physical activities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re over 40, 50, or even 60, there are fitness influencers and models of all ages. So, if you’ve ever thought about giving it a try, here’s how…

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Modelling for Fitness Brands

As one of the most popular and entertaining social networks, Instagram has opened up a brand new influencer market. Instagram now has over 2 billion active subscribers all over the world. Within that is a huge number of people who want to make a difference through their lifestyle and looks.

There’s a huge market for wellness experts and fitness influencers helping others to become fitter and healthier. Here’s how to become a fitness model, Instagram influencer, or brand ambassador in your niche…

What Does It Take To Be a Fitness Model?

It might sound obvious, but appearance matters. Even if you work out every day and have a toned physique, it might not be enough. It still depends highly on your looks and what they are suited to.

Think of it this way – someone who lifts a lot of weights probably won’t get employed to do yoga modelling. The body composition wouldn’t match the activity, so the images wouldn’t look authentic.

So, the first rule of being a fitness model or influencer is to know your body type and go after modelling jobs that match it.

You don’t need to have a perfect body or be classically good-looking to be a fitness model. Those days are long gone – it’s the new era of being appealing in your way.

People are tired of sensationalized content on social media. They’re looking for original and subtle content rather than anything overdone and not real. Instagram followers are more inclined towards organic content in any industry these days.

So, hit social media with authentic tips, stories, and opinions related to fitness. You’ll need a high-definition camera or phone for creating videos and pictures. This will help you to build an online following, raise your profile, develop a modelling portfolio, and eventually get noticed by big brands.

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How to Make Money as a Fitness Model

The quickest and easiest way to make money as a fitness model is to become an influencer or brand ambassador. If you’re wondering how to get into fitness modelling, then this helps you build a portfolio and establish the networks you’ll need.

Every influencer out there would love to get paid work off the back of their profile. So, what is it that separates successful fitness models and brand ambassadors from the rest? Here are a few common mistakes that stop an influencer from reaching the top level…

  • Not planning their content and social media strategy before posting it.
  • Giving up too early if they don’t see results within 3-4 months.
  • Not posting varied content as this will maximise your chances of appealing to different companies.
  • Misjudging the tone of their profile – uplifting vibes and wearing aesthetically suitable gear for workouts is more appealing than repetitive gym photos.

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Once you’ve nailed your strategy and profile, it’s time to start engaging with your valuable audience. This is how you step up for the real game. Most companies prefer to sponsor Instagram posts on your profile as a way to reach the masses.

So, the first step is to accept collaboration offers – even if they not paid. It might be with a company that sells sports clothing, fitness equipment, or nutritional supplements.

Top Tip – As soon as you start earning an income, reinvest some of it in upgrading your surroundings so you have better backgrounds and lighting for photos.

Example Fitness Social Media Posts

Must-Haves to Get Paid on Instagram

We’ve talked about the don’ts if you want to get paid work as a fitness influencer. Now let’s look at the essentials you’ll need to be an Instagram fitness model…

  • Put in the work. In this time of hustle and chaos on social media, be ready to get a lot of offers. Make sure you’re active and always ready to work. Being a freelancer isn’t a piece of cake – it requires a lot of effort and time to be successful. Meet the brands reaching out halfway to make it easier for yourself.
  • Build a personal brand. It will help you to stand out, get work, and generate partnership results. Use it as a hashtag for sponsorships. Or work with a brand (such as gym wear and workout apparel.) to be their ‘face’. You can also become a brand ambassador to multiple brands.
  • You should have at least 1500 followers on your account.
  • Have a price list. Getting paid requires influencers to set a cost for everything. As a general guideline, you can get paid $10-$15 per thousand Instagram followers. So, with 15,000 followers you can earn around $150-$225 per post.
  • Create a media kit. This is one of the most underrated things that most of the influencers think is unimportant. A media kit involves the one or two-page document outlining audience demographics and SOPs so clients know the expected outcome. It builds with companies that want to estimate the results beforehand.
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Staying Ahead of the Influencer Game

Building an engaged following and generating paid work are the top motivators for most fitness models. You’ll need to hustle and keep up the momentum to become a successful fitness model.

Adapting to new trends will keep you ahead of the game and your competitors. Be proactive by following fitness companies and marketing websites on social media.

Reading magazines like Women’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, and Shape. to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Then adapt your approach to reflect what you’re seeing and where the interest is. This is key to building a successful fitness modelling career for the long term.

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How To Become a Fitness Model Brand Ambassador

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