The benefits of being a personal trainer are numerous. If you’re considering a PT career, then it’s important to understand the rewards as well as the downsides. But beyond the usual work benefits like pensions, sick pay, and paid holiday, what are the advantages of being a personal trainer?

In this article – we share eight perks of being a personal trainer that make it both financially and personally rewarding.


  1. Free gym membership
  2. Job satisfaction
  3. Maintaining personal health
  4. Free professional training
  5. Never stale
  6. Help friends and family
  7. Freedom to freelance
  8. Indulge a passion for sport


Free Gym Membership

If you work for a gym, then you’ll get free use of their fitness facilities. This can be worth anything from £10-£100 ($15-$150) per month or up to £1200 ($1800) over the course of a year!

You’ll typically get access to group exercise classes, pool facilities, and anything else included in standard memberships. However, you’d likely still need to pay for perks that members also pay extra for such as spa treatments (although they’d probably be discounted for employees ).

Job Satisfaction

One of the biggest benefits of being a personal trainer is the satisfaction that comes with the job. It’s hugely rewarding when people improve their health and wellness thanks to your help.

You’re often able to see tangible results from your coaching efforts – weight loss, speed improvements, and increases in strength. You may also see changes in client confidence and energy levels. Very few careers allow you to help people transform their lives but personal training is one of them.

Of course, it can be frustrating at times too. Unfortunately, not every client will follow your guidance and stick with a fitness program. But the satisfaction you get from those that do, will more than make up for it.

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Maintaining Personal Health & Fitness

Many people struggle to fit exercise around work commitments, but that’s rarely the case for PTs. It’s not a sedentary desk job – you’ll always be on your feet. Whether it’s demonstrating exercises to clients or squeezing in HIIT sessions during breaks, being active is built into the job.

Plus, the qualifying training gives you fitness and nutrition knowledge for life. So, you’ll always know how to take care of your body and maintain your health. This is a lifetime benefit and one that’s hugely valuable.

Free Professional Training

Another great perk of being a personal trainer is access to free training. Gyms will often pay for you to attend professional development courses that further your skills. You even get paid for the privilege!

This has both financial and professional benefits. The most obvious is that you save money on training courses – something you’re required to do anyway to stay accredited as a personal trainer.

But it also means you’re continuously improving your training abilities and fitness knowledge. This helps you become a better PT and it’s one of the keys to long-term success. Plus, the more qualified you become, the higher salary you can earn!


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Never Stale

The fitness industry is constantly evolving which means personal training never gets stale. There are always new training techniques to master and emerging trends to learn about.

Fitness equipment also evolves and innovative machines are launched annually, so there’s a steady flow of products to keep up with too. This means there’s always more to learn so you are unlikely to become bored or stuck in a rut over the course of your career.


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Help Friends & Family

Another key benefit of becoming a personal trainer is having the ability to help friends and family. All of us have questions about diet or exercise at some point in our lives. Being a PT means you’ll be able to answer them for others!

This isn’t something that can be said for many careers. If you work in marketing or finance, then only a small number of acquaintances will ever ask for your expertise. But with health and fitness knowledge, you’ll be able to help everyone in your circles.

Freedom to Freelance

One great advantage of being a personal trainer is that there’s the flexibility to freelance. If you want more freedom over your time or lifestyle, you can become a self-employed trainer.

This allows you to fit other commitments around your career, making it ideal for parents or those with caring responsibilities. Once you’ve completed your certification and got a bit of experience, it’s easy to start your own PT business.

Indulge a Passion for Sport

Sport is something many of us have a passion for, yet there are relatively few careers in the sector. Personal training is one route that allows you to indulge your love of fitness while earning money at the same time. No-one wants a dull job where time drags, so if you can find a career doing something you love, why not go for it?!

Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer

A career in personal training comes with a range of advantages. Free gym membership, professional development courses, and freedom to freelance are some of the financial ones. But we think the job satisfaction, ability to help others, and personal health benefits are unrivalled by other careers.


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Perks Advantages of Being a Personal Trainer