Looking for the top bodybuilding hashtags for Instagram? Maybe you want to get more likes and followers so that you can expand your audience and get more training clients. Or you’re just big into bodybuilding and want to share your posts with the world…


In this article – we share the best bodybuilding hashtags for followers and likes, so that you can expand your Instagram reach and get more clients.


Using the best hashtags for bodybuilding can have a huge impact on your social media presence. Tapping into the right tags will super-charge your reach and help you build a dedicated following. It can also help you to land influencer gigs and attract sponsors to bulk up your PT income.


Top Bodybuilding Hashtags For Likes

The most popular bodybuilding hashtags are usually the best ones for getting likes (but not always followers). Tags with the biggest usage are often followed by social media bots which automatically ‘like’ any post that features it.


Using them isn’t an effective way of building meaningful relationships with potential clients because you’re actually just interacting with computers. But, that doesn’t mean using these hashtags isn’t worthwhile…


A post that’s widely liked will be shown to more people and extend your reach. The Instagram algorithm interprets them as proof of your content quality so your post will usually perform better.


This enables it to be seen by a wider audience and more potential clients who are actually real people. Generating more likes on a post also demonstrates your credibility as opposed to one that has just 5 likes 🙁


The best hashtags for getting likes are popular ones that have been used over a million times…










#mensphysique *



* You could also use #womensphysique if that’s more suitable but it has less than 100k uses. Unfortunately, this means it won’t generate the same likes as the others with over a million but using it consistently will eventually change that!


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Bodybuilding Hashtags For Followers

Choosing the right Instagram bodybuilding tags can also boost your number of followers. These are all people who will continue to see your content in their feed allowing you to build a relationship over time. Many will be inspired by the bodybuilding results that you’ve achieved and want you to train them.


There are three types of Insta hashtags that will help you get followers. The first is the blatant ‘follow’ tags that directly ask for follows. The first two hashtags on our list fall into this category and are effective at generating more followers.


The second type of bodybuilding tags for Instagram follows are ones that resonate with your ideal client. Instead of going for big-scale generic terms (as you would for likes) you need to niche down. This ensures that your posts are seen by people who are interested in your particular approach to bodybuilding or fitness training. Your training preferences, personal characteristics, or eating habits could all be differentiators.


The last category of hashtags for Instagram bodybuilding followers are ones that build a relationship. They help people to find and get to know you, so that they begin to know, like, and trust you. Over time, this will make them more likely to sign up for online coaching or purchase personal training packages. Hashtags that attract people with a similar sense of humour or those wanting behind the scenes access are both effective.













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Strength Training & Weightlifting Hashtags

Using other strength and weightlifting hashtags will also expand your likes and followers beyond just bodybuilding. You’re allowed to use up to 30 tags in a single post so it’s worth taking full advantage of them all. Here are some of the best strength hashtags that you can use in addition to the 20 we’ve already listed above.













Building Your Instagram Audience

The strategic use of hashtags can help to build your audience and generate more PT clients. It’s a more targeted approach than using generic fitness hashtags that will ensure you attract the right people to your account. These bodybuilding hashtags are proven to work – simply copy and paste into your Instagram posts.


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Best Bodybuilding Hashtags Instagram


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