If you run a blog or website, then joining fitness affiliate programs can boost your income. Companies will pay you a commission for driving traffic to their sites and generating sales. If you have an audience that’s interested in fitness, then this can be a fantastic passive revenue stream.

In this article – we share the best health and fitness affiliate programs with high-paying commissions and strong conversion rates.

For most programs, you’ll need to sign up with a platform like Awin, Rakuten, Skimlinks, CJ Affiliate (aka Commission Junction), or Share A Sale. From there, you can apply to a range of different programs and track your earnings.

TLDR: Fitness magazines, Beachbody, and NASM offer the highest commission in terms of percentage (60%, 40%, and 25% respectively). Future Fitness pays the highest flat fee ($125 per sale), followed by Beachbody again (up to $60) and Aaptiv ($25). But always consider the total purchase value rather than percentages alone – 8% of a $3000 treadmill sale will earn you more than 60% of a $50 magazine subscription. Skimlinks often provides the highest commission rates overall, significantly higher than if you apply directly to individual programs and with less sign-up hassle.

Here are the 21 best fitness affiliate programs currently available…

  1. Aaptiv
  2. American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  3. Argos
  4. BODi (Beachbody)
  5. Fitbit
  6. Future Fitness
  7. Garmin
  8. GNC
  9. International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  10. Johnson Health Tech
  11. Les Mills+
  12. Life Fitness
  13. Lorna Jane
  14. Lululemon
  15. Meredith Magazines
  16. Myprotein
  17. NASM
  18. Nike
  19. Tough Mudder
  20. TRX
  21. Under Armour

Let’s look at how much commission these affiliate fitness products can generate…

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High Ticket Fitness Affiliate Programs Guide

Side note – we may earn a commission if you click some of these links but this doesn’t influence our decision to include them. We’ve picked all of these programs because they can help you earn more money – no other reasons!

Aaptiv Program

The Aaptiv fitness app provides a wealth of workouts combined with awesome music playlists. It’s the ideal companion for people who like to run or exercise in the comfort of their own home. Earn $15-$25 for every new sign-up.

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

ACE is one of the most respected training organisations in the world. The quality of their fitness qualifications is recognised globally and highly valued by gym employers.

You could previously earn 10% commission on sales of their personal training certifications, health coaching courses, and specialist programs. However, as of January 2024 their affiliate program is on hold – we’ll update as further news become available.

Argos Fitness Affiliate Program

If you’re based in the UK, then Argos runs an excellent fitness equipment affiliate program. The commission is just 3% which may not sound like much. But Argos are pros at converting browsers into buyers so there’s a high chance of generating sales. Plus, they offer lots of budget and mid-range products so what you lose in value you’ll make up for in volume.

BODi (Formerly Beachbody) Affiliate Program

BODi, formerly known as Beachbody, runs one of the best-known workout affiliate programs. Insanity, Piyo, and P90X are some of their most popular classes that people can do from their own homes. They offer up to 40% commission on programs or a $20-$60 flat fee for sign-ups to their annual plans.


Fitbit has revolutionised the fitness tracking industry. Their sleek and stylish wristbands are the ideal fit for gyms, personal trainers, and fitness bloggers. They pay 3%-12% commission with a 15-day cookie window, and have a high-converting website which can balance out the lower-end commissions.

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Future Fitness

Future Fitness provide online coaching and tailored training plans. They’re a popular alternative to in-person training and offer a generous $125 commission for new sign-ups. If your audience would benefit from personalised support to reach their fitness goals, then promoting this could be an ideal option.


Garmin’s has recently reduced it’s affiliate commission from 8% down to just 2%. However, because their fitness watches can retail for several hundred dollars, you’re still able to earn decent amounts. Plus, the fitness wearables market is growing at a rapid pace, so there’s increasing demand for their products.

GNC Program

The is one of the best fitness supplement affiliate programs thanks to their extensive offering and quality products. They offer 5% commission and have an incredible $57 EPC so you can be confident about conversions. GNC is a global brand which means bloggers from around the world are likely to be accepted into their program.

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

ISSA run distance learning courses that enable people to qualify as personal trainers. If your audience would be interested in a fitness career, then you can earn 7.5% for every sale. Unlike the other fitness affiliate programs on this list, they also pay $10 for every lead – regardless of whether they convert into a sale! ISSA also has a solid EPC – affiliates tend to earn $170+ for every 100 clicks they generate. 

Johnson Health Tech

Johnson runs a highly successful gym equipment affiliate program and can help you to earn excellent commissions. They are one of the biggest names in fitness equipment with a solid reputation for quality and products to suit all budgets. They offer 10% commission on their products like treadmills and ellipticals, which sell for several hundred dollars each.

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Les Mills

Les Mills is renowned throughout the fitness industry for their excellent group exercise classes. Their on-demand ‘Les Mills+’ workouts enable people to enjoy the same awesome sessions from the comfort of their own home. They offer a generous 12.5% commission for every new sign-up.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is one of the biggest equipment manufacturers in the world. They sell to famous gym chains and individual consumers alike, so partnering with them offer plenty of potential. With an 8% commission and average order value of over $3000, it’s one of the highest paying programs on this list.

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is an awesome Aussie brand that now has 200+ stores worldwide. They design activewear for the gym, yoga, running, tennis, and travel too. Their affiliate program offers 10% commission on product sales. They also run an ambassador program for fitness professionals which offers exclusive rewards and benefits.

Lululemon Affiliate Program

Lululemon is the heavy-hitter of yoga apparel. They produce high-quality leggings, crop tops, tees, sports bras, and yoga accessories. By signing up for their affiliate program, you’ll earn 7% commission on sales of yoga and fitness apparel. They offer different programs for influencers, PTs and group instructors, and fitness studios that want to sell their products.

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Health & Fitness Magazines

Fitness magazines like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Runner’s World will all pay commission on subscriptions. If you have an audience that’s interested in health and wellness, then they’re bound to read one of these publications. Sites like Magazine Agent offer a generous 30%-60% commission on subscriptions.

Fitness Blogging Success Strategies [Mini-Guide]


MyProtein is the #1 online sports nutrition brand in Europe. They have an excellent reputation for quality and their supplement products are ideal for fitness enthusiasts. You can earn 8% on all sales and their average order value is over $65.


The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is another highly respected personal trainer affiliate program. They offer a range of qualifications that are sought-after in the fitness industry and valued by potential employers. You can earn 25% commission on every order that’s placed from your referrals. 

Top tip – you can often get higher commissions by using Skimlinks rather than applying to programs directly. They negotiate exclusive rates because they drive so much traffic. For example, you can sometimes earn $90 per NASM sale via Skimlinks instead of the standard 25% you’d get by working directly.

Nike Affiliate Program

Nike may just be the biggest brand in sports apparel. They regularly collaborate with athletes and designers to create special edition products as well as sponsoring large sporting events. Their fitness clothing affiliate program may only pay up to 11% commission – with so many people buying their products this can quickly add up.

Noli Yoga

Noli Yoga are the hottest yoga clothing brand in town. They count Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox among their fans, yet their super-stylish leggings start at just $40. They offer a 10% commission and have a really high conversion rate. Sign up using the ‘Partnerships’ tab at the bottom of their website.

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder challenges have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Gyms, PTs, and fitness bloggers can tap into this by running programs that help people train for them. They also offer a 5% commission for all new sign-ups and have an average order value of $115.

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TRX Program

Promoting TRX suspension training products is ideal for personal trainers and fitness bloggers. You can create videos or programs that showcase TRX-specific exercises that people can do anywhere. Their program offers 10% commission on all sales and their EPC is around $100.

Under Armour

Under Armour are one of the trendiest apparel brands around so it makes sense to promote their products. As a fitness clothing affiliate, you can earn 5% commission on any sales that you generate with average orders being around $100.

21 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

These are the top fitness affiliate programs for earning high-paying commissions. Signing up with a few of these can significantly boost your fitness blog’s revenue and create some passive income. But it does take time and hard work too…

If you want to become a fitness affiliate, then you’ll need to have an established audience. It’s not a short-cut but it can provide a healthy income stream for your fitness blog or gym website. Having multiple revenue channels like your own programs, selling advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing will give you the best chance of long-term success. 

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