Knowing how to get personal training clients fast is essential when you’re first starting out and building your fledgling business. It’s also helpful during slower months or when a client quits unexpectedly.


There are lots of resources that explain how to get more PT clients but most of those techniques take weeks or months to produce results. So, we thought it’d be helpful to discuss some strategies that’ll get you clients ASAP.


In this article – we share 5 effective ways to get more personal training clients within the next seven days.


They’ll help you generate more leads and convert them into paying customers faster. They’re also worth having in your back pocket in case you ever find yourself in need of extra clients (so make sure you bookmark this page for later).


Here’s a quick overview of how to get personal training clients fast…


  1. Ask friends and family
  2. Run a promotion
  3. Attend a networking event
  4. Ask existing clients for referrals
  5. Use Google Ads


Now let’s dive into each of these tactics in more detail…


Ask Friends and Family

Asking friends and family is an easy way to get personal training clients quickly. They’ll want to help you succeed so even if they don’t need training themselves, they’ll recommend your services to their extended circle of friends.


Some personal trainers feel uncomfortable asking those close to them, but the truth is – this is how most people get started. If you feel bad about charging full price, then give them discounted mates rates in return for a testimonial. This creates a win/win situation without devaluing your services.


Take action today – call or message 10 of your friends and family to ask whether they know anyone who’d be interested in PT.


Run a Promotion

Running a limited-time promotion or special offer encourages people to sign up now instead of hesitating. It adds an element of urgency and incentivises them with either lower prices or more value. Think price discounts or extra bonuses that aren’t usually included.


Youll need to get the word out quickly if you want to sign up clients in the near future. Email all of your contacts and subscribers as well as posting about the promo several times on social media. It’s also worth contacting anyone who’s previously enquired but didn’t sign up to let them know.


Take action today – create a compelling promotion and spread the word via email and social. 


Attend a Networking Event

Networking events have a bad reputation but they’re a fantastic way to find PT clients. Attending a local event for business owners and entrepreneurs enables you to connect with 20-50 new people. These connections are likely to have the disposable income to afford your services and understand its importance to their health.


Attending just one event is likely to result in several new clients. Making friends with other freelancers and local business people will also extend your network. Independent businesses like to support each other so you can be sure you’ll get some referrals later down the line.


Take action today – find a local business event on Google, Meetup, or Eventbrite and then go along this week. 

Ask Existing Clients for Referrals

If you have existing clients, then ask if they’d recommend you to friends. Because they have firsthand experience of your services, clients are your best and most effective adverts.


Incentivise them to do this by offering bonus sessions or gift vouchers for every referral who signs up. Encourage them to share their training sessions on social media and tag friends who might be interested. This approach can get you several new clients within a few days.


Take action today – ask every client you train today if they’d be willing to refer you to their friends or colleagues.


Use Google Ads

Google Ads is a fantastic tool for generating leads and clients quickly. You can set it up in less than 30 minutes and start getting inquiries in less than 24 hours.


Begin by signing up for a free account and creating a campaign. Then write your advert and choose the keywords that you want to target (e.g. ‘personal trainer Manchester’).


There is a cost to run these ads but you’ll only be charged when someone actually clicks them. This makes it a cost-effective way to get new personal training clients quickly.


Take action today – create a free account and set up an ad campaign to promote your training services. 


How To Get Personal Training Clients Fast – Summary

So, now you know exactly how to get personal training clients fast and give your revenue a quick boost. These strategies will increase leads and conversions into paying clients so that you can grow your business as quickly as possible.


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How To Get Personal Training Clients Quickly


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