Did you know that by 2020, web hosting will exceed the airline industry in environmental pollution?! That’s insane. And with more and more people starting businesses and building their own blogs, the impact is only going to increase. So, we decided to make a small change to our site that reduces the environmental impact of our business.


In this article – we share why we switched to a green web hosting company and how you can too.


  • Why we switched
  • How we chose a green host
  • Why use eco-friendly website hosting?
  • What the switching process was like
  • Tips for other business owners


Side note – we may earn a commission if you click some of these links (at no extra cost to you) but this isn’t why we included them. These are simply the hosts that we have experience with and recommend.


Why We Switched

For the last three years, we’d hosted all of our websites through Bluehost. They were a well-known brand in the web-hosting world and had ultra-competitive prices when we signed up. We paid something like $3 per month which is insanely cheap. But these prices didn’t last…


Fast forward 3 years and their renewal quote was triple the price. Despite their reliable service and excellent customer support, we thought it best to look around and see what else was available.


How We Chose a Green Host

Although we looked at the other big hosting companies like Site Ground, it was Green Geeks ethical slant that caught our eye. They’re big on protecting the environment yet don’t do this at the expense of website performance. In all the comparison tests we looked at, their speed, reliability, customer service, and price matched the well-known brands.


So, with everything else being equal, it was Green Geek’s eco-friendly web hosting credentials that swung it. We strive to minimise our carbon footprint in other areas of our life. We buy local produce, walk or use public transport instead of driving, and reuse items whenever we can. So, it makes sense to apply this sustainable philosophy to our business as well.


We’re already a fully paperless operation – there are no printers, in-trays, or ring-bound folders in our setup. But we hadn’t even thought about the impact our little website might be having on the environment. As it turns out, our choice of web provider can have a significant impact on our carbon footprint.


Why Use An Eco-Friendly Web Provider?

If we learned anything from Mission Impossible 4, it’s that server rooms get HOT…



Storing and hosting website data requires a lot of servers. This requires an insane amount of energy, firstly to power the servers and secondly the air-conditioning systems that keep them cool. Green web hosting mitigates the impact by using green energy sources and offsetting carbon footprints.


What The Switching Process Was Like

In short, it was super-simple and way easier than we thought it would be. They literally took care of everything and it was seamless. We went to sleep with our website hosted with Bluehost and woke up with it on Green Geeks. They actually switched our entire portfolio of 5 websites at once so it was completely effortless on our part. It was as simple as logging a ticket and giving them access to our Bluehost account.


Tips For Other Business Owners

Here are a couple of tips for any business owners thinking of making the switch…


1 – Back Up First

This is essential before you make any changes to your site. If something goes wrong or gets lost, you can always restore the old back-up with zero problems.


2 – Transfer Your SSL Certificates

If you have a free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt, then it’ll need renewing every 3 months. Most web providers do this for you automatically but they won’t necessarily be switched to a new one.


We learned this the hard way when our SSL certificates expired and website traffic dropped to almost zero. Turns out Google doesn’t like websites that aren’t secure so it blocks visitors using Chrome.


It took 5 days for us to notice the problem which means we lost out on almost a quarter of our monthly traffic. Thankfully Green Geeks came to the rescue and sorted everything out overnight.


3 – Don’t Procrastinate

There’s nothing worse than leaving a contract switch until the last minute. Whether it’s for web hosting, utilities, or software, delaying causes unnecessary stress. If you leave it too late you’ll lack the time to do your research properly and may miss out on the best deal. There can also be issues with over-paying because you don’t give 30 days notice so just get it done. Switching is much easier than you think.


Green Web Hosting Services

If you’re interested in switching to an eco-friendly web hosting company, then learn more about Green Geeks here. They are by far the best green web hosting service in terms of reliability, speed, and price. Do your research and compare them with any other options available in your location.


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