Looking for gym Instagram Story ideas that’ll drive engagement and generate leads? Stories are great for driving interaction on social media and have a much stronger reach than other types of content. So whether you run a gym, fitness studio, or health club, they’re a useful tool for promoting your fitness business.  

In this article – we share creative gym Instagram Story ideas and best practices to help you get the maximum results from your social media marketing. 

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a feature that allow you to share photos and short videos that disappear after 24 hours (unless you pin them as highlights). These Stories appear at the top of the Instagram app and can be viewed by your followers. They can be customised with text, stickers, and interactive elements like polls and questions, making them a fun and engaging format for your social media content.

Social Media Engagement Guide Contents

Social Media Engagement Guide

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Benefits of Instagram Stories for Gyms

For gyms and fitness studios, the benefits of using Instagram Stories include increased visibility, more social media engagement, and lead generation.

  • Increased Visibility – Stories appear at the top of users’ feeds, giving your gym immediate visibility among your followers as your content is one of the first things they see when opening the app.
  • More Engagement – interactive features like polls, questions, and quizzes encourage your followers to actively engage and help create a sense of community.
  • Lead Generation – you can include links in Stories that drive leads to your website, contact page, or email opt-in page for further nurturing.  
  • Support Loyalty & Retention – Stories can help gyms build a stronger connection with their members through exclusive behind-the-scenes content, staff introductions, and spotlighting client achievements. 
  • Promotions & Offers – promote limited-time special offers, discounts, and deals while using countdown timers to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions.

Instagram Stories allow you to share a range of educational, promotional, and loyalty-building content. They offer gyms an engaging and dynamic way to connect with their audience, showcase their offerings, and generate sales leads. By taking full advantage of the interactive features and creative opportunities that Stories provide, gyms can boost customer engagement, loyalty, and brand awareness.

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Fitness Instagram Growth Roadmap Hero LR

Fitness Instagram Growth Roadmap

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Gym Instagram Story Ideas

Creating engaging and visually appealing Instagram Stories is a fantastic way for fitness studios and health clubs to connect with their audience. Here are some creative gym Instagram Story ideas you can use on your account…

  1. Behind-the-Scenes
  2. Client Success Stories
  3. Quick Workout Demos
  4. Nutrition Tips
  5. Challenge of the Day
  6. Motivational Quotes
  7. Event Previews
  8. Interactive Polls and Questions
  9. Staff Introductions
  10. Member Spotlights
  11. Equipment Highlights
  12. Themed Days
  13. Gym Etiquette Tips
  14. Limited-Time Offers
  15. Exclusive Content for Followers
  16. Free Trial or Class
  17. Membership Benefits
  18. Referral Programs
  19. Flash Sales
  20. Run Surveys Using Polls
  21. Virtual Tours
  22. Countdown to New Classes or Programs
  23. Exclusive Member Discounts
  24. Membership Anniversary Celebrations
  25. Member-Only Events
  26. Trainer Takeovers
  27. Gym Community Stories
  28. Fitness Quizzes
  29. Wellness Tips
  30. Member of the Month

Here’s a rundown of what’s involved in each of these ideas…


Take your audience behind the scenes of your gym. Showcase trainers preparing for classes, the cleaning process, or the setup of a new workout area. This humanises your gym and makes it more relatable.

Gym Cleaning Instagram Story Example
In this example The Gym Joint shares a cleaning win in their Instagram Stories.

Client Success Stories 

Share inspiring testimonials or before-and-after photos of clients who have achieved their fitness goals at your gym. This not only motivates others but also establishes credibility since it’s proof that you help people achieve their health goals. User-generated content is powerful and showcasing real people achieving real results can inspire others.

Quick Exercise Demos 

Break down simple exercises or quick workout routines that viewers can do at home or in the gym. Use a trainer or staff member to demonstrate proper form.

Nutrition Tips 

Share quick nutrition tips or healthy recipes. These could be related to pre-workout meals, post-workout snacks, or general healthy eating advice.

Challenge of the Day 

Create daily or weekly fitness challenges and encourage your followers to participate. For example, a plank challenge or a certain number of squats per day. Ask them to tag your gym in their attempts.

Motivational Quotes 

Overlay motivational quotes on gym-related visuals. Positive affirmations can inspire your viewers to stay dedicated to their fitness journey.

Fitness Social Media Posts Editable Templates

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Event Previews 

If your gym hosts events, workshops, or classes, tease them through Stories. Show glimpses of the preparations and generate excitement among your followers.

Interactive Polls and Questions 

Use interactive features like polls and questions to engage with your audience. Ask them about their fitness goals, favourite workouts, or what kind of content they’d like to see more of.

Staff Introductions 

Introduce your trainers and staff members. Share their expertise, achievements, and what makes them passionate about fitness. This helps in building a personal connection.

Member Spotlights 

Celebrate your loyal members by featuring them in your Stories. Share their fitness journey, achievements, and how long they’ve been a part of your gym. This not only makes them feel appreciated but also inspires others. 

UGC Gym Story Example
In this example The Gym Joint highlights member achievements in their Stories.

Equipment Highlights 

If your gym has special equipment or unique facilities, give them the spotlight. Explain how these tools can be used effectively for various workouts and how they can benefit members.

Themed Days 

Dedicate specific days for certain types of content. For instance, Monday Motivation, Wellness Wednesday, or Fitness Friday. This consistency can help your audience know what to expect from your Instagram gym Stories.

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Social Media Engagement Guide Contents

Social Media Engagement Guide

A downloadable guide to boosting social media engagement for health and fitness businesses.

Gym Etiquette Tips 

Share quick tips on gym etiquette, from wiping down equipment to re-racking weights. Educational content is valuable and appreciated by your audience.

Limited-Time Offers 

Create a sense of urgency by announcing limited-time promotions or discounts exclusively for your Instagram followers. Include a countdown sticker to remind viewers of the deadline.

Limited Time Promotion Story Example
Eastpark Gym uses countdown stickers in it’s promotional Stories to create a sense of urgency.

Exclusive Content for Followers 

Tease exclusive content such as workout plans, nutrition guides, or access to special classes for your Instagram followers. Encourage them to DM (direct message) you for exclusive access.

Free Trial or Class 

Promote a free trial session or class for new members. Use Stories to showcase snippets of what participants can expect, making it enticing for potential customers.

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Membership Benefits 

Highlight the benefits of your gym membership. This could include free personal training sessions, access to all classes, or discounts on additional services. Make it clear why joining your gym is a valuable investment.

Referral Programs 

Promote referral programs where existing members can earn rewards or discounts by referring new clients. Share success stories of members who benefited from the referral program.

Flash Sales 

Surprise your followers with flash sales on memberships, personal training sessions, or merchandise. Announce these sales through Instagram Stories, specifying the limited time and how to avail the offer.

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Run Surveys Using Polls 

Use polls to gather insights on what potential customers are looking for in a gym. Ask about preferred workout times, types of classes, or fitness goals. Tailor your offerings based on the responses.

Fitness Instagram Growth Roadmap Hero LR

Fitness Instagram Growth Roadmap

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Virtual Tours

Take your followers on a virtual tour of your gym. Showcase your facilities, equipment, and the overall ambiance. A glimpse inside can create a connection and make them more likely to visit in person. 

Countdown to New Classes or Programs 

Interested in Instagram gym Story ideas that’ll create a buzz? Then try using the platform to build anticipation for new fitness classes, programs, or workshops. Start a countdown a few days before the launch, revealing sneak peeks to generate excitement.

Exclusive Member Discounts 

Surprise your members with exclusive discounts or freebies at your gym’s café, merchandise store, or for personal training sessions. Announce these perks on Stories to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Membership Anniversary Celebrations 

Acknowledge and celebrate the anniversaries of your members’ joining dates. Share their fitness milestones, accomplishments, or even throw in a small surprise gift or discount as a token of appreciation.

Member-Only Events 

If your gym hosts events or workshops, create exclusive events just for current members. Promote these events through Stories and emphasise the exclusivity factor, making members feel privileged to attend.

Trainer Takeovers 

Allow your trainers to take over your Instagram Stories for a day. They can share their workout routines, fitness tips, or even behind-the-scenes glimpses of their training sessions. Members often form strong bonds with trainers, so this personal touch can enhance loyalty.

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Social Media Engagement Guide Contents

Social Media Engagement Guide

A downloadable guide to boosting social media engagement for health and fitness businesses.

Gym Community Stories 

Share user-generated content from your members, such as photos and videos of their workouts. Use the ‘add yours’ sticker feature to encourage followers to contribute. Create a sense of community by featuring group classes, team activities, or social events organised within your gym.

Fitness Quizzes 

Post health and fitness-related quizzes to your gym’s Instagram Stories. These are a great way to educate members about different topics and generate lots of engagement too. 

Wellness Tips 

Share wellness tips, motivational quotes, or short video clips from your trainers about mental and physical well-being. These uplifting messages can create a positive atmosphere and a sense of belonging among members.

Member of the Month 

Feature a “Member of the Month” in your Stories. Share their fitness journey, goals, and achievements. Offer them a free personal training session, a feature on your website, or a spot on your gym’s Wall of Fame.

By implementing these gym Stories for Instagram (or other social media platforms) you can drive interaction, loyalty, and retention. Combining engaging content with strategic lead-generation tactics also enables you to drive enquiries and sales through your Instagram account.

Remember to include clear and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) in your Stories, guiding viewers on what steps to take next, whether it’s sending a DM, visiting your website, or signing up for a free trial. And keep your Stories visually appealing by using high-quality images and videos, and making use of Instagram’s interactive features to engage your audience. 

Fitness Instagram Growth Roadmap Hero LR

Fitness Instagram Growth Roadmap

Grow your fitness Instagram, increase engagement & generate leads.

How To Create Gym Stories for Instagram

So, how do you make a gym story on Instagram? Well there are two options…

  • Create a gym Story from scratch – by tapping the ‘new post’ button [+], selecting ‘Story’, then adding photos or video and interactive elements like stickers.
  • Add existing content to Stories – by tapping on the ‘send’ button (it looks like a paper aeroplane) below the post or fitness reel you want to use and then selecting ‘add to story’.

This video shows you how in more detail…

Instagram Story Best Practices

Whichever gym Story ideas you go with on Instagram, there are some best practices to keep in mind. Creating compelling and engaging Stories involves a mix of creativity, strategy, and consistency. So, here are some practical tips for gyms and fitness clubs to bear in mind…

  • Plan your content – Use a content calendar to plan your Stories in advance and ensure they align with your broader marketing goals. 
  • Cater to your target audience – Share Stories that align with their interests, challenges, and preferences (rather than just what you want to promote). 
  • Make full use of Story features – Use GIFs, stickers, emojis, and interactive elements like polls and questions to add creativity and interactivity to your Stories.
  • Include swipe-up links – If you have 10k+ followers or a verified account, use the swipe-up feature to direct viewers to external links, such as your website or promotional offers.
  • Use consistent branding – Maintain a consistent visual style across all Stories or use branded templates or filters to make your Stories instantly recognizable as your business’ content.
  • Measure and adapt – Use Instagram Insights to track the performance of your Stories by analysing views, interactions, and website clicks, then adapt your content strategy based on what’s proven to work well. 
  • Engage with your audience – If viewers ask questions or respond to polls, engage with them promptly – acknowledging their responses will help build a sense of community.

The great thing about Instagram Stories is that they’re temporary, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Try out different content styles and formats to see which generate the best results. By staying creative, interactive, and responsive, you can build a strong and engaged Instagram community around your gym.

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