Health and fitness infographics are ideal for communicating complex data in an easy-to-understand way.


Because they’re visual, good fitness infographics are shared and increase awareness of your brand. They can even help you to go viral! So, what’s the key to creating a really good one?


In this article – we share 15 of the best health, fitness, and wellness infographics from across the internet to inspire your own designs.


Why Create A Fitness Infographic?

There are lots of great reasons to create your own health and fitness infographic. Here are just a few of them…


  • Encourage physical activity and exercise
  • Promote a product or service
  • Communicate health facts or stats
  • Make a boring topic more interesting
  • Explain a workout or exercise program in a clear and logical manner
  • Visualize complex data
  • Educate an audience on a topic
  • Summarize the results of a survey or research
  • Position your brand as an authority on a subject
  • Get fitness blog articles or social media posts shared


Infographics transform boring data into interesting designs. They turn complicated statistics into bite-size nuggets. If you have information that you want to convey but aren’t sure how then creating an infographic may be the way forward.


Let’s look at a few of the best health and fitness infographics from across the internet to see how they’ve been used as a marketing tool…


  1. The ABCs of Healthy Living
  2. Yoga Benefits Infographic
  3. Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group
  4. The Cost of Getting Lean
  5. Make Exercise A Habit
  6. Benefits of Tabata Workouts
  7. Workplace Wellness Tips Infographic
  8. Best Fitness Apps
  9. Effects of Excessive Sodium
  10. SUP Yoga Poses
  11. How Much Could You Earn As A Personal Trainer?
  12. Sleep Mistakes
  13. Industry Data Infographic
  14. Weight Loss Tips
  15. Hip Stretches
  16. Bonus – Fitness Facts Infographic


The ABCs of Healthy Living

This helpful infographic by the Recovery Experts is a fantastic example of instructional design. It breaks a complex subject into simple steps with a logical ‘ABC’ order. The combination of icons, bright colours, and well-spaced text makes it easy to read and take in.


Source: Recovery Experts


Yoga Benefits Infographic

Sometimes we need to educate our target audience about the benefits of a product or service. Infographics are an easy and effective way to do this, as the below example demonstrates. Its simple design, muted colour scheme, and inclusion of persuasive stats all help to convey the core message: do yoga.


Yoga's Fitness Benefits

Source: Infographiclist


Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group

This strength training infographic from Fitneass combines physiology with an appealing design. It simplifies a potentially complicated topic into clear visuals that are easy to understand. It’s the type of valuable content that people will bookmark, download, and even print off as a poster for their wall.


Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group

Source: Fitneass


The Cost of Getting Lean

Precision Nutrition are the masters of health and fitness infographics. Below is just one example from their extensive archives. It explains exactly what it takes to get a killer six-pack and single-digit body fat. It also describes the trade-offs and sacrifices that need to be made.


We love this infographic because it covers a fascinating topic in detail and from a balanced perspective. This positions Precision Nutrition as a credible authority on workout nutrition. Sure, it could be a little shorter and contain more images instead of text, but overall it’s an excellent graphic.


Source: Precision Nutrition 


Make Exercise A Habit

At the opposite end of the spectrum is this super-simple design from Your Workout Book. It features a neutral background colour, bold icons, and plain text. This shows that creating an infographic doesn’t have to involve exceptional design skills – just well-organised information that people will value.


How to Make Working Out a Habit

Source: Your Workout Book


Benefits of Tabata Workouts

This awesome workout infographic combines educational info with how-to guidance. It breaks down the benefits of Tabata training into key messages that’ll persuade people it’s worth a try. It then provides visual instructions on how to perform a Tabata workout at home or in the gym.


Source: SkinnyMs


Workplace Wellness Tips Infographic

Listicles are a popular form of blogging – people love a good list as it gives information a structure. Why not take this a step further by converting your list-based articles into an infographic like this workplace wellness example? You can use numbers, bullet points, or colours to separate each item so the info is easily digestible for readers. This type of infographic also works well for gaining social shares and guest posting opportunities.


Workplace Wellness Tips Infographic

Source: Health Systems Group


Best Fitness Apps

Could you create a ‘top 10’ themed infographic for your niche? It might relate to foods, exercises, or products. This is what these app developers did with the below example…


Source: Codesmith


Effects of Excessive Sodium

Here’s a fantastic example of how to make a potentially boring subject more interesting. No-one really wants to hear that they need to cut the amount of salt on the food. But by telling a story in a visual way, the information is more likely to be taken in.


Excess Sodium Infographic

Source: American Heart Association


SUP Yoga Poses

Infographics can also be used to promote products. The below exercise infographic was created by an inflatables company and has been shared over 2500 times so it’s clearly working!


SUP Yoga Exercise Infographic

Source: Which Inflatable


How Much Could You Earn As A PT?

If you want to sell a service, then it’s helpful to attract people who are early in the purchasing process. What might they be researching to start with? What information do they need initially? By capturing their attention early, you’re more likely to be chosen when they do decide to buy. This is what Lifetime Training are doing with their clever salary infographic…


Source: Lifetime Training


Sleep Mistakes Infographic

This infographic does a great job of marrying stats with practical tips. The stats at the start establish that people have problems with sleep. The tips then provide solutions to those problems. This is a fantastic formula for creating infographics that promote services.



Source: Pinterest


Fitness Industry Infographic

OK, including our own infographic may seem a little bit cheeky (especially when it’s soo old!). But we wanted to show you an example of one that conveys industry research stats in bite-size chunks. We created the simple design with Piktochart using basic icons and our brand colours.


Fitness Market Infographic 2017

Source: Oh that’s right, it’s ours


Weight Loss Infographic

This infographic makes clever use of colour to distinguish individual sections. Each tip has its own number and shade so that it’s easy to absorb at a glance. This helps to avoid the design looking busy, despite it containing a lot of info.


Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or you're trying to lose those last few pounds, these little changes that can have a big impact on creating a healthier life. And they're simple to incorporate into your daily routine! // fitness // nutrition // weight loss // diet // tips // beginner // new year // changes // resolution // lose weight // eat healthy // Beachbody //

Source: Beach Body


Hip Stretching Infographic

This stretching infographic is another example that shows you don’t need epic design skills. Just arranging some photos into a neat layout and adding a smart title is enough!


If you have your own photography, then this is a great way to reuse existing content. But if you’re short on photos, then check out this comprehensive list of free fitness image sources.


Source: Popsugar via All Women’s Talk


Bonus – Fitness Facts Infographic

Ultimately, infographics are ideal for summarising facts and stats. This can help to position you or your brand as a credible authority on a subject. You can also use this approach to demonstrate a need for a product or service that you offer.


Staying #fit can make you feel better about yourself! Here are 20 interesting #fitness facts that you can rely on.

Source: Fitness Republic


Best Health & Fitness Infographics

So, there you have a selection of our favourite health and fitness infographics to inspire your own designs. Creating one for your fitness brand or blog can be an effective way of generating a bigger audience and getting more traffic.


It’s easy to do, even if you don’t have a background in graphic design. Simply use a tool like Piktochart to create free fitness infographics that look 100% professional.


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