Want to learn how to get personal training clients? Then join our online course or download the PDF ebook version to get practical strategies, templates, and scripts.


We’ll show you how to get your first personal training clients and quickly grow your client base. Learn a practical process that’ll help you generate more leads, perfect your pricing, and deal with objections (without any sleazy sales tactics).


You can choose from a PDF ebook or 30+ bite-sized video lessons that address a key aspect of getting more clients. There are also homework tasks and practical materials to help you implement what you learn.


Get Personal Training Clients – The Ebook

So if you’re keen to boost your existing client list, or a newly certified PT who’s starting from zero, then these resources will help. The ebook covers the essential elements for getting more clients, including…


  • Why You ARE Cut Out For Selling (Even If You Think You Aren’t)
  • Essential Selling Skills For The Ethical Fitness Pro
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Establishing A Client Base
  • Networking & How To Approach People In The Gym
  • Creating Effective Testimonials
  • Closing The Sale & Handling Objections


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How To Get Personal Training Clients – The Complete Course

Looking for more detailed guidance? Then you might like our online course – How To Sell Personal Training. It teaches you all the fundamentals we cover in the ebook, PLUS more in-depth training to develop your sales mindset, pitching skills, and closing techniques. It also includes a bonus module on pricing to help you maximise your revenue even further. Learn more about the course content and view the curriculum here.


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