The January fitness rush is just around the corner. But for many gyms and online trainers, the influx is short-lived. Participation returns to normal within weeks as resolutions are gradually forgotten.


So, how can fitness clubs and online coaches make the most of the opportunity and turn it into something longer term?


In this article – we share 5 tips to help you take full advantage of the January fitness rush (and build consistent income for the whole year).


Demand for gyms goes through the roof in January. The new year offers a new start for many and a chance to focus on personal goals like fitness. In fact, getting fitter and losing weight are the most popular New Years’ resolutions!


Here’s how fitness studios and online instructors can take full advantage of this increased interest…


#1 – Brush Up on Sales

There’s no shortage of leads in January but you need to turn as many as possible into paying clients. This is why it’s vital to brush on on your sales skills and maximise those conversions.


Have you got a gym sales funnel in place? Is it working well? Are generating enough secondary revenue through add-on products and services?


We can always improve so take the opportunity to refresh your sales skills before the rush. 


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#2 – Increase Capacity

No-one likes to wait for a machine. Or be turned away from a fitness class. So, take steps to ensure you have sufficient capacity to meet the January demand.


This might involve running extra classes and enforcing time limits on some machine times. But it’s well worth it – people will be put off if they struggle to get the services they paid for. It’s a simple way to boost gym retention and customer satisfaction.


#3 – Build on the Influx

Take full advantage of the big influx of new members. Upsell additional services like PT or nutritional counselling, in addition to the standard gym memberships.


Run a refer a friend campaign to take full advantage of the expanded networks that new clients bring. Offer guest passes in February so that members bring along friends and family. Ensure you have a process for signing up as many of them as possible.


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#4 – Tap Into Trends

Stay up to date with the latest fitness trends and find ways to tap into them. Know what’s hot and is likely to appeal to your members. Then prep your class schedule or online programs accordingly.


If clients are moving towards virtual workouts or mediation classes, then make sure you have an offering to suit them. You don’t need to completely overall your product range, just add in 1-2 options that will appeal.


#5 – Run Challenges 

Running fun fitness challenges will set your members up for success from the very beginning. It’ll provide them with motivation, accountability, and help them get faster results. This proves the worth of their gym membership and helps ensure they stay committed for the rest of the year. 


Challenges are also a great way to build community. They encourage interaction and socialising so that people establish bonds with other members. This new friendship group gives them another reason to stay loyal and keep coming back.


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New Year Fitness Rush