There are so many ways to promote your fitness business these days. TikTok, affiliate marketing, and utilising big data are just a few ways that are increasing in popularity. But how do you know which to prioritise for your brand?


With limited time and many hats to wear, it’s crucial to focus your efforts on the top-performers. As with anything, you can apply the 80:20 rule to marketing and generate fantastic results with less work. So, which promotional activities should you be prioritising to drive the most revenue? 


In this article – our guest author shares six marketing tactics that are fundamental to the success of any fitness brand.


The fitness industry is constantly evolving and much of it is turning digital. The latest fitness industry statistics show that it generates up to $94 billion in revenue. So, there are plenty of opportunities out there for your brand, but the market is highly competitive and crowded.


To stand out from the rest, you’ll need creative and effective marketing solutions. It’s vital to nail the essentials and build a strong foundation for your business. They’ll boost your brand’s visibility and attract more clients. Here are six fundamental marketing tactics that every gym, studio, and online fitness business should be using… 


1 – Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, social media dominates our free time. We spend hour after hour mindlessly scrolling the news feeds.


With that in mind, social media marketing can be a winning ticket for many fitness brands. What’s more, every self-respecting gym or studio needs to have a commanding presence on social networks.


As long as you post engaging content and interact with the audience, your fan base on social media will grow. This means more and more people will notice your brand. As your brand awareness increases, you’ll generate more leads that then boost revenue.


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2 – Video Marketing

Video content can go hand in hand with social media, but it deserves a special mention. Why? Well, video marketing is a powerful tool on its own. Many fitness brands have achieved massive success by implementing video posts in their campaigns.


These days, even smartphones can record jaw-dropping videos. So, you can go with live-streaming sessions or you can upload a full-blown YouTube video. The choice is yours – the only requirement is to make the content informative and meaningful.


Videos also allow your audience to see how your facilities look like or what type of equipment you have in the gym. Either way, the word about your fitness brand could spread like wildfire, especially if some of your videos go viral.

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3 – Influencer Marketing

Speaking of viral content, we must mention the importance of influencers in the modern advertising industry. In essence, these individuals have a massive following on social media. This fact enables them to promote products and brands to a broad audience.


Just make sure to collaborate with a reliable and genuine influencer. Unfortunately, some individuals have a fake number of followers, or they use bots to increase their ratings.


If you manage to hire a high-quality influencer, your fitness brand should see a spike in brand awareness. For instance, local influencers can promote your brand on Instagram by announcing events or by working out in the facility.


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4 – Referral Programs

In a way, referral programs are similar to influencer marketing. Deep down, both of these methods rely on the iconic concepts of word-of-mouth advertising.


As every gym owner knows, referrals can be an excellent strategy for increasing leads and conversions. The idea is to incentivize gym members so that they talk positively about the facility to family and friends.


The key is to reward such behavior with adequate incentives. For example, you could offer a 7-day gym pass to anyone who brings in a new member.


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5 – Email Marketing

Email marketing is another age-old method that can boost brand awareness and lead to higher profits. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to use.


By sending out targeted emails or weekly newsletters, you can inform prospective clients about your fitness brand. The goal is to pique their interest and give them a reason to visit the gym.


Don’t forget standard email best practice – add a clear call-to-action command somewhere in the message. And of course, your email communication should not be intrusive, so include the unsubscribe button too.  


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6 – Local SEO

Last but not least, we should mention the importance of local SEO as an excellent method for increasing leads.


To be precise, you should set up a Google My Business page for your gym or fitness studio. This particular service is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. On the contrary, you could gain a lot.


Google My Business is a service that will put your place on the right-hand side of search results when someone looks for a gym in your area. On top of that, your facility will appear on Google Maps that are also an integral element of brand visibility.


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Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, the number of gym members could climb up to 230 million by 2030. The rise of the fitness industry is unstoppable, but you’ll need to get the marketing fundamentals right in order to keep up.


So, make sure to implement some of these methods in your marketing strategy. As a result, people will learn about your brand. And, a proportion of them will decide to visit the gym, which means that you will only need to close the deal and get them to sign on the dotted line.


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