Writing the perfect personal trainer bio isn’t easy. How do you convey your fitness qualifications and expertise in a way that’s interesting to clients? How do you condense your professional career into a single sheet of paper? 


In this article – we explain how to write an awesome PT bio including practical tips, examples to follow, and downloadable templates.


There’s no doubt that your profile is important. Whether it’s going on a notice board in the gym or on your social media account, it’s vital to get it right.


Your bio is often all clients have to go on when choosing whether to contact you. So, it’s a crucial first step in attracting customers and generating sales.


Top Tips For Your Personal Trainer Bio

Here’s a quick overview of how to prepare the perfect personal trainer biography…


  1. Focus on client benefits
  2. Highlight who you can help
  3. Include a friendly face
  4. Add client testimonials
  5. Make contact info clear


Now let’s dive into each of these elements in more detail…


#1 – Focus on Client Benefits

Many people think writing a bio is about listing all of their qualifications. It’s a common mistake that lots of trainers make. 

But in reality, clients only care about how you can help them. They don’t care how many certificates you have as long as you’re qualified.


An impactful fitness trainer bio should outline the benefits of your training and how it allows you to help clients. For example…


⇒ Don’t just list ‘HIIT workouts’ on your bio – explain how they benefit your clients.

Example: ‘HIIT workouts that torch calories in 30 minutes or less, so they’re easy to fit into a hectic work schedule or family commitments’.


Include inspirational words in your profile too. ‘Diets’ and ‘exercise’ may not appeal to many people but words like ‘nourish’, ‘transform’, and ‘shred’ are much more inspiring.


Fitness Profile Template


#2 – Highlight Who You Help

Be upfront about exactly who you can help. This will help you attract your ideal types of clients.


An effective way to do this is to use the ‘elevator pitch formula’. Here’s the basic format – just fill in the gaps based on your target audience…


“I help [insert ideal client] to [overcome common problem] in [time frame].”


Here are some personal trainer bio examples that follow this framework…


  • I help people who hate exercise to fall in love with fitness within 14 days.
  • I help busy mums to lose their post-baby bump in 15 weeks.
  • I help guys who don’t feel motivated to stay accountable and hit their goals.

Following this format makes it clear who you help and how, so clients will immediately know if you’re a good fit.



#3 – Include A Friendly Face

A friendly photo will help you stand out on a crowded personal trainer profile board. Don’t fall into the trap of posing with your muscles flexed like so many other PTs do. This can be intimidating to others so choose a relaxed and approachable photo instead.


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#4 – Add Client Testimonials

Testimonials are incredibly powerful. They provide proof that you can deliver results for clients. So, why not include 1-2 in your bio? 


People trust reviews and testimonials from others so including them can remove any lingering doubt in their mind. This can be the difference between a client signing up or simply not getting in touch at all.


Learn how to write awesome fitness testimonials for your PT business.


#5 – Make Your Personal Trainer Contact Info Clear

Don’t fall at the last hurdle! Make your contact info super-clear so that people know exactly how to get in touch.


Should they call you? Email? Enquire at reception? Give them easy-to-follow instructions about how they can take the next step.


Interested in social media bios rather than paper ones? Learn how to write a personal trainer bio for Instagram.


These tips can help you to create an awesome personal trainer bio that sets you apart from the crowd. Whether male or female, newly qualified or a seasoned veteran, they’ll help you attract new clients.


Personal Trainer Bio Templates

Our business templates kit includes ready-made personal trainer bio samples that you can download and edit.



Use them to create a professional bio for the gym or social media that attracts high-quality clients to work with you. Plus you’ll receive loads of other resources including sales scripts, marketing materials, and business templates to help you succeed.


Perfect Personal Trainer Bio Examples