What’s the secret to writing an awesome personal trainer bio? Is it demonstrating your credibility with a long list of your professional qualifications? Outlining all of the different training types that you specialise in? Or including the perfect photo that inspires others to work out with you?

In this article – we share practical tips, ideas, and examples to help you create the perfect PT bio (plus downloadable templates).

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers to successfully promote their businesses, so our marketing strategies are tried and tested.

The fact is, there are lots of ways to approach writing your bio. Whether it’s to go on a profile board in the gym, on a website, or on your Instagram account, it’s important to get it right.

If people don’t know you in person, then your profile is how they’ll decide whether to hire you. It’s all they have to base their opinion on. So, creating the perfect personal trainer bio is an essential first step to generating client sales.

#1 – Focus on Client Benefits

When writing a bio or profile, it can be tempting to list all of your achievements. One common mistake PTs make is to focus on themselves and how good they are at their job. But the truth is, clients are more interested in how you can help them than where your certifications are from.

To make your personal trainer bio really persuasive, mention the benefits of your training (not just what it includes). Explain how you can help people and the kind of problems that you solve. Here’s a practical example…

⇒ Don’t just list ‘HIIT workouts’ on your bio – explain how they benefit your clients.

E.g. ‘HIIT workouts that torch calories in 30 minutes or less, so they’re easy to fit into a hectic work schedule or family commitments’.

Try to use inspirational words in your bio too. The idea of ‘diets’ and ‘exercise’ isn’t appealing to most people. But using words like ‘nourish’, ‘transform’, and ‘shred’ will be much more appealing to most client audiences.

Personal Trainer Bio Posters
These personal trainer bio templates are available as part of our Fitness Marketing Roadmap and can be used as gym posters or resumes.

#2 – Be Specific About Who You Help

If you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no-one. So, it’s important to highlight the types of people that you can help so that they instantly know you’re the trainer for them.

You can do this using the ‘elevator pitch formula’ taught in our personal trainer sales course. You simply follow the format below and fill in the gaps…

“I help [insert ideal client] to [overcome common problem] in [time frame].”

Here are some personal trainer bio ideas that you can use in practice…

  • I help busy mums to lose their post-baby bump in 15 weeks.
  • I help people who hate exercise to fall in love with fitness within 14 days.
  • I help guys who don’t feel motivated to stay accountable and hit their goals.
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#3 – Include A Friendly Face

One way to stand out on a personal trainer profile board is to include a friendly photo. Most PTs include one that shows their muscles or them posing in an unnatural way. You know the photos we’re talking about – arms crossed, biceps flexed, etc.

But if your photo shows that you’re friendly and approachable, then you’re much more likely to receive enquiries. It makes you seem more personable so that potential clients see you as someone they’d like to work with. And this can have a surprisingly big impact on your lead gen.

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#4 – Add Some Real Client Testimonials

If you have space, then it’s worth adding a couple of quotes or testimonials from real clients. This helps to demonstrate your credibility and prove that you can help people achieve results.

People trust reviews from others much more than anything you could write, so this can be a powerful approach. Include tangible results if you can, such as the amount of weight they lost or the time they shaved off their personal best.

“84% of people trust reviews as much as friends”.

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#5 – Make The Next Step Clear

Another mistake that PTs often make is forgetting to include a ‘call to action’. This instructs the reader what they should do next, such as getting in contact. Should they email you, call, or contact the reception desk?

Include a big, bold call to action at the bottom of your bio that tells people exactly what they should do next. Be sure to double-check that the contact info is accurate as a single digit mistake can be catastrophic for your lead generation.

Optimise Your Personal Trainer Bio For Instagram

If you’re creating a personal trainer bio for Instagram, then you can apply all of the ideas we’ve just discussed. But you should also include a link at the end of your profile in addition to your call to action.

Insta Screenshot

Ideally, this should direct people to a contact form or lead capture page, not just your website homepage.

Some personal trainers offer something valuable in return for contact details, like an ebook or workout videos. This entices them to hand over their email so that you can follow up or continue marketing outside of the platform.

Other tips for optimising your Instagram personal trainer bio include…

  • Choosing a professional username rather than something personal.
  • Including relevant keywords to help your profile show up in Insta’s search results.
  • Using relevant emojis to break up the bio text and make it more visual (fruit, people, or shapes work well).
  • Pinning video stories to your profile highlights to help build a rapport with potential clients.

Personal Trainer Bio Ideas & Tips

These tips can help you to create an awesome personal trainer bio that sets you apart from the crowd.

By focusing on client benefits and being specific about who you help, people will easily understand how you can help them. Including a friendly face and testimonials establishes trust and helps you appear more approachable. Making it clear what they should do next will ensure they take action and get in touch.

From there, it’s a question of using your sales skills to ensure they sign up. If this is something you’d like help with, then check out our online course on selling PT.

Do you have a question about how to write your bio? Use our contact form to get in touch.

Interested in social media bios rather than paper ones? Learn how to write a personal trainer bio for Instagram.

These tips can help you to create an awesome personal trainer bio that sets you apart from the crowd. Whether male or female, newly qualified, or a seasoned veteran, they’ll help you attract new clients.

Personal Trainer Bio Templates & Marketing Resources

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Perfect Personal Trainer Bio Examples

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