Thinking of designing or printing some personal trainer business cards? Perhaps you’re a newly qualified fitness trainer or setting up your own business and want to make it ‘official’. Whatever the reason you’re looking at business cards, this article will help you get the best possible result.

In this article – we explain how to design the perfect business card for your personal training business, including practical ideas and examples. 



Why bother with business cards?

Business cards might seem like an outdated concept mainly reserved for corporate types. With the popularity of QR codes and social media, you might wonder if they’re still relevant. But the fact is, they’re still a very useful marketing tool for personal trainers.


The job of a business card is a simple one – to make potential clients get in touch with you. It’s a lead generation tool.


It doesn’t need to sell your services or list every single type of training you offer, these things come later in the sales process. All a business card needs to do is get a potential client to call, message or email you. From there you can use your sales and marketing skills to sign them up as a customer.


Business cards can also help with referrals and word of mouth. They often get passed around friends and colleagues when people are thinking of hiring a PT, so they’re worth handing out. For a small initial investment you can generate a lot of business over time.

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Fitness Business Templates

What should I put on a business card?

Your personal trainer business card needs to get people to take action and make contact, so design it with this in mind. Put your contact info front and centre – everything else is optional.


  • Name and job title – Personal Trainer, PT Director, Strength & Conditioning Coach, etc.
  • Contact info – phone number and email (you can mention WhatsApp or Insta messages if that’s how you prefer to be contacted, but remember that not everyone uses these apps)
  • Website and social media handles (optional)
  • Services offered and specialist areas (optional)
  • Logo or coupon on the back for a complimentary training session or multi-purchase offer e.g. 6 for the price of 5 (optional).


It might seem like a no-brainer to include as much info as possible but this can be counter-productive. Clients might prefer to check out your social media and get in touch that way, right? Well maybe, but they might also get distracted while scrolling and forget what they were looking for. So your business card should encourage them to contact you as the primary option, with everything else secondary.


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How to design your business card

We recommend using an online printer to design your personal training business card. These websites make it super-easy because they provide a one-stop solution – design and print in one.
Instead of hiring a graphic designer and then taking their design files to a print shop, you can sort it all in 20 minutes from your sofa! Online business card solutions save you time and money so they’re the usually the best option for busy PTs and fitness coaches.

  • Vistaprint – experienced professionals with a wide range of designs and low pricing.
  • Zazzle – a variety of sample designs to choose from and global shipping.
  • Etsy – they do more than crafts and unique business card design and printing is just one of their services.
  • Canva – if you do want the freedom to design your own, then Canva has great templates (but you’ll need to organise the printing yourself).


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PT business card ideas & templates 

Here’s a selection of personal trainer business card examples to inspire your own design ideas…


Personal Trainer Card Example

Running Coach Business Card Sample

Personal Trainer Biz Card Idea

Fitness Business Card

Nutrition Coach Biz Card

All these designs are available to download from Deposit Photos.


Top tips for designing business cards

Even if you’re using a template, you’ll still have lots of freedom over the design. You can change colours, fonts, and layouts to ensure your card is stylish and memorable. Here are some tips to help you create the best possible finish…


1 – Design with ease of reading in mind

Business cards are small by their nature, so consider how to make the text easily readable for people.

  • Don’t cram cards with lots of text or use very small, elaborate fonts
  • Keep it clean and simple where possible – save any patterns or detailed branding for the back
  • Ensure sufficient white space so text doesn’t look too cramped
  • Use bold text and larger font sizes to highlight key info


2 – Make the most of the back

This is often overlooked – many personal trainers just include their logo on the back of a business card. But this is missing a trick and wasting valuable real estate.


Use this space to list your core services such as weight loss programs, marathon coaching, or vegan sports nutrition. Or you could include an inspiring exercise quote that shows potential clients what your values are. You could even include a short customer testimonial to demonstrate the awesome results you get for people!

3 – Make it memorable

Business cards tend to all look the same so think about how to make yours stand out so you’ll be remembered. Being memorable is crucial if you want to generate referrals and word of mouth. It’s also a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.


Colour is an easy way to do this – most business cards are white so adding a brightly coloured element will immediately set you apart. But don’t do this at the expense of readability – it needs to be easy to read above all else. So experiment with colours around the borders or on the back of the card to balance both.


It can also be worth spending a tiny bit more on the finish of the card. The texture and sheen can make your card stand out in a stack and add a premium quality. These are small details worth considering if you’re targeting corporate clients or high net worth individuals.

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PT Business Templates & More

Our ready-made templates make it quicker, cheaper, and easier to promote your personal training business. They can improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns. If you aren’t an experienced marketer, then templates also provide a useful guide for you to follow.


Whether you’re newly qualified or run an established fitness studio, these templates will save you time and effort. They’ll help you to plan and organize your promotional activities so that you generate more revenue. You’ll get 40+ templates covering sales, marketing, and business start-up resources.

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