Looking for a personal trainer podcast to inspire your fitness regime? Or maybe you’re a qualified PT who wants to learn and develop by listening to others?

Podcasts are perfect if you’re on the go all the time and struggle to make time for professional development. You can listen to them on your commute, during a workout, whilst washing up – wherever! They’re especially useful if you’re the type of person who learns best by listening (instead of reading or doing).

In this article – we break down the best podcasts for personal trainers and fitness fans, that cover exercise, nutrition, and business advice.

We listen to podcasts every single day. Over the years, we’ve probably listened to almost all of the fitness podcasts out there… but there’s only a select few that we’ve stuck with long term.

These tend to be the ones that provide valuable, actionable advice. We prefer practical tips that can be implemented quickly and make an immediate impact.

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So, we put together this personal trainer podcast list to help you find some audio content that’s both educational and entertaining…

Personal Trainer Podcast List

Here’s a quick overview of the top podcasts to develop your fitness knowledge and business skills (even when you’re super-busy)…

  1. Ben Greenfield Fitness
  2. Eat, Move & Live Better
  3. Food for Fitness
  4. Ben Coomber Radio
  5. Podrunner Workout Music
  6. Escape Your Limits
  7. Turning Pro Academy
  8. The Fitness Business Podcast
  9. The Fitness Business Experience

Let’s look at each of these in more detail…

Best Health & Fitness Podcasts

These podcasts will help you stay up-to-date on the latest developments in health, fitness, and nutrition…

Ben Greenfield Fitness

This is the ultimate personal trainer podcast. As a top PT and wellness coach, Ben Greenfield has built an online empire by delivering high-quality, unique content. His podcast covers everything from triathlon training to vegetarian diets for athletes. The guests are high-quality and the range of topics makes it a consistently interesting listen.

Eat, Move and Live Better

Hosted by online coaching company, Precision Nutrition, this podcast is the voice of reason in an otherwise fad-driven industry. It’s realistic and science-based approach to fitness and nutrition is a welcome breath of fresh air, which never fails to stimulate some new ideas for clients. Unfortunately, it’s not published on a consistent basis but it’s well worth subscribing to anyhow. That way you won’t miss a thing when they do update it with their next gem of nutritional wisdom.

Food For Fitness

For a more consistent dose of nutritional knowledge, Food For Fitness is a top pick. Scott Baptie hosts the podcast and supplements his own extensive experience with a range of guests, from doctors to sports scientists. Subjects vary from the truth about cholesterol to the benefits of single leg training.

Ben Coomber Radio

This is the UK’s #1 rated podcast and usually amongst the top 10 globally. Ben Coomber interviews the world’s best guests in health, fitness, and personal development, discussing everything from nutrition and mindset, to exercise and human performance. It’s generally about being awesome on every level while educating people in an informal and entertaining way.

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Podrunner Workout Music

Because sometimes we just want a break from the chatter, and to get our training groove on… This podcast is a 60 minute, nonstop, high-energy music mix. Podrunner’s fixed-tempo and interval exercise mixes are perfect for running, spinning, aerobics, and other tempo-based forms of exercise. Plus it’s been an iTunes award-winner six years in a row, so must be doing something right!

Personal Training Business & Industry Podcasts

Listening to a personal training business podcast can help you in many ways…

  • Developing your sales and marketing skills
  • Providing practical ideas to promote your own business
  • Learning from world-class personal trainers, authors, and industry leaders
  • Avoiding mistakes that others have made

If you’re looking for a podcast that’ll guide you on sales, marketing, or day-to-day operations, then we recommend these… 

Escape Your Limits

This podcast is a fantastic way to learn from industry legends and get inspired by their stories. It’s hosted by Mathew Januszek, founder of the functional equipment manufacturer, Escape Fitness.

He interviews some of the most successful people in fitness to learn why they’ve been so successful and how you can replicate it. The content of this podcast is priceless and a much more cost-efficient alternative to hearing these legends speak at seminars or conferences.

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Turning Pro Academy

Chris Dufey, the host of the Turning Pro Academy Podcast, is the real deal. He’s genuinely an expert in online personal training, who’s actually done it himself. Unlike many other personal trainer podcast hosts, he truly speaks from experience. He’s living the dream in Bali whilst running several successful businesses online.

Perhaps his real-world experience is the reason he always offers truly valuable insights, with tonnes of actionable advice. Listen to this if you want to learn about marketing, online personal training, or just get some motivation to make your business idea happen.

The Fitness Business Podcast

The Fitness Business Podcast is aimed at club operators, personal trainers, and basically anyone involved in fitness. They land some big names as guests, from both outside of the fitness industry as well as within it. Topics vary from the operational side of running a health club, to self-care aspects of being a solopreneur.

At the end of each episode, the host (Chantal Brodrick) summarises three key takeaways, which ensures they’re super-actionable and you have clear next steps. Listen to this if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the fitness industry, and absorb a breadth of information.

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The Fitness Biz Experience

The Fitness Business Experience podcast ‘was’ super-casual. We say that because they aren’t publishing new content at the time of writing. But it’s worth diving into their archives as this podcast is a little different to most others. In fact, it tends to feel more like a chat between mates than a formal interview.

Although predominantly aimed at would-be gym owners, PTs can still get a lot of value from the conversations (especially if you’d like to run your own studio someday). The discussions aren’t as structured as the others we’ve mentioned, but the informal tone and more relaxed style actually make a refreshing change from your typical business podcast. Listen to this if you’re interested in becoming a PT manager, or running your own bricks and mortar business.

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Podcasts For Personal Fitness Trainers

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