If you want to promote a brand new fitness business, it can be hard to know where to start. There are lots of books and online resources aimed at well-established gyms and studios, but less info for fitness start-ups. So, we put together this guide for new fitness businesses that want to launch with a bang.


In this article – you’ll learn how to market a new fitness business from scratch.


This guide will help you generate general awareness, brand recognition, and initial revenue. It’s about the bread-and-butter of your business income. This is a different process from one-off gym campaigns or promotional tactics that you might use to generate a quick burst of interest or sales.


Let’s look at each of the steps involved…


1 – Identify Your Ideal Clients

The first step (and often the one that businesses overlook) is to identify your ideal clients. Who is your target audience? If you’re not clear on exactly who you’re targeting then it’ll be incredibly hard to appeal to them.


Ask yourself the following questions…


  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is their biggest fitness challenge?
  • How can you help them?


If you can answer these three questions, then you’ll have a much clearer idea of who you’re targeting. It’ll then be much easier to develop an approach that attracts these people to your business and converts them into paying customers.


2 – Develop Your Key Messaging

Once you know who you’re targeting, you can develop messaging that appeals to them specifically. Why should they choose your fitness business over the competition?


Start by summarising your answers to the questions from part 1 into a single sentence. Here’s a format that we like to use with our agency clients…




This sentence will form the central core of your marketing messaging. You can use it as a basis for adverts, social media posts, and in-person sales pitches


You can also develop it by thinking about your unique selling points. What makes you different from the competition? Why should customers care about what you offer or listen to what you have to say?


The important thing with messaging is to look at it from your customers’ point of view. A common mistake made by fitness businesses is to talk about themselves and why they’re so great. The more effective approach is to explain how you can solve your customers’ problems.


3 – Select the Best Marketing Channels

The next step is to decide how to get your message out. Which marketing channels should you use?


The simple answer to this is to go where your audience already hangs out. Choose the social media platform that they use all the time. Partner with a local cafe that they love to visit. Guest post on a blog that they read every week.


Here are some effective ideas that have worked for other fitness businesses…


  • Social media – Instagram and Facebook
  • Digital ads – Google or other search engines
  • Guest posts – on relevant blogs and websites


Check out more gym marketing tactics and promo ideas for personal trainers.


4 – Test & Measure Promotional Activities

There are no guarantees when it comes to marketing your fitness business. You’ll need to test different approaches and see what works. This will help you identify which channels deliver the best results and which aren’t worth your time.


Start by defining what success looks like – what is it you want to achieve? If your goal is brand awareness, then this might be a certain number of views. However, if your objective is sales, then you’ll need to measure leads and conversions.


Track your chosen KPIs over a period of time and then compare the results. Which marketing channel delivered the best outputs? Remember to consider quality as well as quantity – 20 leads that convert into 10 customers is much better than 200 who convert into just 5. 


5 – Scale What Works

Once you’ve identified what works best, double down on those activities. Invest more into the adverts that produce the greatest number of customers. Spend more time on social media channels that attract the most views and lead conversions. 


This will help you get the best return on your marketing investment. No one has an unlimited budget so it’s important to spend where it’ll have the greatest impact. This will also ensure that you focus on activities that generate results and don’t get overstretched by trying to do too many different things.


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