Should my business use social media? It’s a question we get asked quite often. Many wellness businesses think they HAVE to use it. But that’s actually not the case…


Of course, social media has numerous benefits. It tends to be pretty cost effective (free in many cases) and is easier to measure than other forms of marketing. It also lends itself particularly well to the health and fitness sector, because much of what we do is visual (workout videos, recipe photos etc).


But like most things in life, it isn’t right for everyone. Just because your competitor is on Snapchat, doesn’t mean it’ll make sense for you. So before you jump into using social media, or adding a new social platform to your marketing mix, here are a few questions to ask yourself…


#1 – What’s my goal?

Why are you even considering social media or a new platform? What is it that you want to achieve? (And no, getting 10,000 likes isn’t a good enough answer).


If you want to attract new clients or build credibility in your niche, then social media may be the way forward. But if your goal is to keep your existing clients loyal, then email might work just as well (and be less time-consuming).


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#2 – Where does my target audience hang out?

Is it even on social media? Most of us would probably assume so, given that Facebook has 2.23 billion active users. But dig deeper to verify whether it’s actually true in your specific case.


For example, if you’re targeting anyone who’s especially busy (such as new mums or corporate execs) then it’s highly likely that they don’t spend much time on social media. So what’s the point of posting there if you aren’t going to reach the right people?


Conversely, we might assume that older adults aren’t that active online. But in reality, 71% of over 65s use the internet daily, and 34% are active on social media. So we should always challenge our assumptions before we base business decisions on them.


#3 – Am I prepared to develop a strategy?Goal Without A Plan Quote

Because a goal without a plan is just a dream… Your time is precious, so there’s no point in wasting it on activities that aren’t contributing to your business objectives.


A solid strategy will help you avoid that. It doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to keep you on track towards your goal.


#4 – Can I commit to posting daily?

It might sound like a lot, but that’s what it’ll take to be successful on social media. If your ideal client hangs out on Twitter, or across multiple time zones, then you’ll probably need to post even more often than that.


There are time-saving tools that’ll help you batch prepare content in advance (Facebook’s built-in scheduler, Later for Instagram, and our very own Social Media Kits come to mind). But you’ll still need to monitor regularly and reply to comments promptly, which both take up time.


#5 – Am I willing to invest?Social Media Kit Ad

Some platforms (such as Facebook) are moving towards a more ‘pay to play’ model. So without investing in advertising, you might not reach many new people.


If that’s not your goal, then it doesn’t really matter (hence question #1). But if it is, then consider whether it makes sense to buy ads, and what kind of return you’re likely to get.


Should My Business Use Social Media?

By asking yourself these questions upfront, you can determine whether social media is right for your business. If you do decide to pursue it or add a new platform to your mix, then you’ll be building from a well-thought-out foundation.


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