Ever wondered what separates a successful personal trainer from the average one? It’s a competitive industry and the vast majority of trainees quit, so how can you set yourself up to do well in your fitness career?


In this article – we share 5 proven tactics for becoming a successful personal trainer.


1: Proactively build your reputation

To be truly successful, you can’t rely on organic word of mouth alone. Of course, you need to ensure clients are satisfied so that they talk about you positively. But it’s also important to be proactive in building your reputation, cultivating your network, and generating positive reviews.


Here are some practical ways you can approach this…


  • Case studies – create case studies explaining how you’ve helped clients achieve their fitness goals.
  • Reviews – encourage clients to leave positive reviews on Google, social media, and your website.
  • Referrals – proactively generate referrals by incentivising clients to recommend you to their friends.

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2: Keep learning

The fitness industry is constantly evolving. New scientific research and training trends emerge every month. Successful personal trainers make a point of staying up-to-date with the latest developments.


How can you do this?


  • Industry newsletters – sign up to email updates from training experts like ACE and NASM.
  • Courses – don’t neglect your CPD as it’s vital for ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest training methods.
  • Mentors – seek out people who can mentor you, either in person or by reading their books.


3: Focus on client results

This really is the foundation for everything else in your personal training business. You can’t be successful unless you actually get results for your clients. So, before you explore other tips and tactics, get really good at delivering for your clients.


How can you ensure this?


  • Holistic approach – coach them on both fitness and nutrition as it’s really hard to get results if one’s neglected.
  • Accountability – clients need more than education and guidance, they need you to hold them accountable for doing what they say they will.


4: Define what success means to you

Becoming a successful personal trainer will look different depending on your goals. Success might mean earning a lot of money, making a difference in your community, or becoming an expert in your field.


Without defining what ‘success’ means to you, it’ll be very hard to get there. Or you may find yourself striving towards an objective just because others do, then finding it’s not what you’d hoped.


How can you approach this?


  • Set SMART goals – so you have a clear objective and can track your progress against it. 
  • Define success – write down what success means to you so that you stay focused on what really matters.
  • Dream day – think about what your dream workday looks like so that you know what you’re aiming for.


5: Master sales and marketing

Knowing how to market and sell your PT services is essential to your success. You can be the most knowledgeable trainer in the world, but if no-one else knows about it then you won’t get many clients.


Mastering the promotion and sales aspects will ensure that you have a steady stream of clients each week and help you maintain success longterm.


Ways to do this include…


  • Test what works – utilise proven frameworks and templates for your marketing and sales.
  • Allocate time – dedicate at least two hours a week to generating leads and following up enquiries. 
  • What you’re already doing – keep reading our blog for business tips, ideas, and best practice!


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