Have you ever wondered what traits successful personal trainers share? Does having a certain type of personality or character make you more likely to succeed? And if so, can you develop these traits to help you get ahead in your career?


In this article – guest author and personal trainer, Daniele D’Alessio, shares the four key traits of successful fitness professionals.


Nowadays, everyone wants to be a personal trainer. The role has some sort of an exciting reputation that goes with it. You’re that person in the gym who is known by everybody and makes a living out of getting people fit.


However, it’s not always so glamorous. Actually, making money and creating a sustainable business is hard work. Here are four important qualities of a personal trainer that you need to be successful…


1 – Empathy

Most of the time, you will be working with people who lack confidence and self-esteem. After all, the guy who is 200 pounds with 8% body fat is not going to be asking you for advice.


The majority of your clients are those who want to lose a ton of weight and become slim. Or are very skinny and want to bulk up. As such, you need to develop an ability to understand and empathize with them.


You don’t have to look down on them or feel sorry. Just reassure them that with your guidance, their goals are attainable.


A large part of personal training is creating a solid bond with your client. This is what allows them to trust and keep hiring you over long periods.


You are not a drill sergeant telling them to get down and give you 20 push-ups. You are a companion who will guide them through their fitness journey. And when they show signs of giving up, it is your responsibility to show you believe in them. This is why empathy is an essential trait in successful personal trainers.


2 – Patience

There will be times where things are not smooth-sailing. Your client may complain about the exercises you’re making them do. Or continue to eat junk food every day, despite you explaining the importance of a well-balanced diet.


These are the tests you will face. At the end of the day, if you’re not getting someone results, why should they keep hiring you?


Even if you are frustrated with your client’s lack of progress, you need to stay professional and calm. A relaxed temperament will make them feel more comfortable.


You must remember that not everyone is as knowledgeable about fitness. They are not likely to have the same qualifications and experiences. So, you can’t expect too much.


The truth is you will need patience with every client you have. If you can’t weather the storms, you may not be suitable for this role.


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3 – Determination

A common challenge for new personal trainers is actually getting clients. No one tells you how many rejections you will face at the beginning of your career. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a gym or run a mobile business; most people will not want to work with you.


But can you blame them?


They notice that you look good and that you’re very knowledgeable. However, you haven’t got any proof yet that you can get people results. Ultimately, that’s why people hire you, to help improve their physique.


Therefore, you need to be determined enough to keep going and brush aside any failures. With consistency, you will start to get clients and the referrals that go with it.


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Not to mention, your sales skills will develop over time too. You could be the best personal trainer in the world. Although you need the ability to convince people you’re worth the price.


It is only with perseverance, long hours, and hard work where you will start to see the success you truly desire.


4 – Business-Savvy

As a personal trainer, you are the face and CEO of your business. You set your rates and decide how to best spend your time.


In many ways, training your clients is the easy part. You can turn up, make them sweat, and get paid. The make or break part is everything you do when you’re not coaching.


This includes:


  • Social media marketing
  • Socialising with members at the gym
  • Offering special deals and packages
  • Selling diet and workout plans
  • Accounting your finances


Instagram and YouTube are brilliant places to showcase your skills and the results you get clients. The better your business looks online, the more people will work with you.


Speaking and interacting with people is the purest form of social proof. Being anti-social will make you unapproachable, so make an effort to know everyone.


Selling your sessions in bulk improves customer satisfaction. Your prices will seem more worth it when they average out to be cheaper than singular bookings. Still, it is vital you don’t drop the price too much.


Digital products are another source of revenue. These are more affordable and could entice individuals who don’t want to splash the cash on a trainer.


Let’s not forget about keeping track of your money. Unfortunately, when you start to earn big, some will go towards tax. It is your responsibility to stay on top of this and avoid any penalties.


In addition, you should create an excel spreadsheet of your monthly earnings. This will show whether your business is growing or not.


Final Thoughts

Personal training is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career. You have the potential to create a fabulous living for yourself. Whilst positively impacting the lives of others. These four traits will determine if fitness coaching is the correct path for you.


Author Bio

Daniele D’Alessio is a certified personal trainer and S&C coach. Visit http://thefitdiary.com/ for weekly articles to help you reach your fitness goals.


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