Good yoga website design involves a combination of art and science. It needs to look stylish and appealing to attract clients to your studio, classes, or online programmes. But it also needs to function effectively so that visitors are converted into paying customers.

If you don’t have a tech background, then learning how to create a yoga website might feel slightly daunting. But with a little research and prep, it can actually be quite easy. So, whether you’re working with a professional designer or want to create a site yourself, this is essential reading…

In this article – we share the ultimate guide to yoga website design including how-to-guide, inspirational examples, free tools, and stylish templates. 

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped yoga studios, teachers, and online content creators to build and optimise their websites, so our digital strategies are tried and tested.

We’ll walk you through the different options, from using a yoga website template to hiring a professional designer. You’ll also find plenty of website examples and ideas to use for your own design inspiration.

Yoga Website Design Inspiration

Looking at other websites for ideas and inspiration is a great place to start. You may have some yoga blogs that you follow or sites in a different niche that you like the design of. 

Review all of your favourite sites with a critical eye. What is it specifically that you like about them?

  • Overall layout
  • Colours or branding
  • Specific features or functionalities
  • Menu titles
  • Text or copywriting style

Write down everything that you like and take screenshots too. This info is super helpful when designing your own website or briefing a professional web designer.

Here are some of our favourite sites that you might like to use as yoga web design inspiration…

Yoga On The Square

Yoga Studio Website Example

This website from Yoga On The Square is a classic yet stylish design. It features a simple white colour palette and branding which creates a calm and serene effect. With just three menu choices in the header and one bold button in the middle, it doesn’t overwhelm visitors with too many choices.

Hotpod Yoga

Yoga Web Design Inspiration

The Hotpod Yoga website takes a slightly different approach, with bright colours and bold imagery. However, it also has a super-simple design with just one button which encourages visitors to find a studio and book a class. This is a great way to increase conversions on a fitness website and generate leads. 

Bad Yogi

Yoga Website Design Ideas

When it comes to website branding, Bad Yogi is a brilliant example. It features a large image of founder and yoga teacher, Erin Motz, along with a headline that clearly communicates who the site is for. Even the use of a handwriting style font helps to reinforce the ‘real people’ brand identity. 

Wild Wolf’s Yoga

Yoga Web Design Ideas

The best yoga website designs are usually the simplest and Wild Wolf’s Yoga is no exception. The minimalist white theme and clean layout allow the dreamy photography to take centre stage. Who wouldn’t want to practice yoga in a studio like this?! 

Wanderlust Yoga Austin

Yoga Website Example

The Wanderlust Austin studio has one of the top yoga website designs in terms of functionality. The main image changes every few seconds to promote various events, activities, and teacher training courses. Smart use of the black ‘hello bar’ at the top tempts visitors with a special offer to generate leads. 

Yoga With Adriene 

Yoga Teacher Website Example

In this yoga teacher website example from Yoga With Adriene, the layout is typical of a personal blog rather than a studio site. This is ideal for freelance teachers or yoga bloggers since it puts them front and centre, so people can learn more about their teaching style and yoga philosophy.

Acroyoga International

Yoga Website Design Inspiration

The Acroyoga International website combines a modern design with funky branding. Inspirational imagery and headline text immediately communicate what the organisation is about. Scrolling down reveals persuasive reasons to take up Acro yoga, free lesson opt-ins, and videos that will appeal to a wide range of visitors. 

Web Design Checklist

Here’s a simple checklist outlining the key elements that your yoga website should include…

  • Simple design and intuitive layout
  • Class timetable
  • Pricing
  • Explanation of different classes or service offerings
  • Contact details and location map
  • Email subscription option
  • About page
  • Links to social media profiles

If your site includes all of these things, then it’s more likely to generate leads and help people find you. These elements will also help optimise your website for search engines so they rank you highly in their results. 

Start a Yoga Business Tile

Whatever yoga website design you go for, think about how you’ll build it with leads and sales in mind. This will transform your site from a nice looking advert into a revenue-generating channel.

Note: we may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to upgrade from free to paid versions of some of the tools below.

How To Create a Yoga Website

Now let’s walk through how to create a yoga website for yourself. Building one is a great way to save some money and maintain full control over the design project.

Not all yoga studios or teachers have the budget to hire a professional web designer, so using a DIY website builder is a cost-effective option for non-experts. Doing it yourself also means that you can decide the timings and completion deadlines based on your own schedule instead of someone else’s. 

If you want to design your own site, then Wix or Podia are the best website builders for a yoga business. They’re both easy to use and customise, and Wix also has lots of yoga-themed templates to choose from. The simple ‘drag and drop’ functions mean you don’t need to know anything about web design or coding. 

Here are a few of the Wix yoga templates that you can adapt for your own site…

Wix Yoga Template
Free Yoga Website Template
Post-Natal Yoga Web Template
Wix Yoga
Yoga Retreat Website Template
Yoga Wix

You can adapt these templates with your own yoga business logo, branding, and layout preferences. If you want to design your site from scratch, then that’s also possible with their web builder.

However, if you prefer more creative freedom and have the time to learn, WordPress is a trickier but more versatile option…

Stylish Yoga Website Templates

Some yoga website templates are free to download but usually have limited capabilities. You might not be able to change the colours or layout to your liking. Using a paid yoga template for WordPress will usually mean you get a more versatile theme with regular security updates too. 

Here are some free website templates that you could adapt for your yoga studio or teaching business…

Free Yoga WordPress Template
Free WordPress Theme
Free WordPress Template

Although the last two templates aren’t yoga specific, it would be easy to add relevant images and transform their look. The simple layouts and white colour palettes make them well-suited to yoga teachers or studios.

There are also plenty of paid yoga web templates that you can choose from. The below options range from $29-$39…
Uplife WordPress Template
Blossom WordPress Template
ET Yoga WordPress Theme

Hiring a Yoga Web Design Professional

If you’re thinking of hiring a yoga web design professional, then it’s important to do your research. Get recommendations from friends or colleagues and read reviews online. When comparing different web designers or agencies, it can be helpful to ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you like the other websites in their portfolio? 
  • How many rounds of changes and feedback are included in the price?
  • Do they provide on-going support?
  • Are things like web hosting and a domain name included in the cost?
  • Is there an on-going fee for maintenance or tool subscriptions?

There are some companies that are solely dedicated to yoga studio web design. All they do is build sites for studio owners, chains, and franchises. These may be a bit more expensive but they have invaluable experience that can increase the success of your website project. 

Yoga Website Design Guide

Whether you use a DIY web builder, yoga website template, or hire a professional, it’s important to have an end-design in mind. If you don’t know what you want, then you’ll waste a lot of time tinkering with designs or reviewing agency mockups that aren’t suitable. 

Take time to review different websites and create a brief or mood board based on what you like most. This will set you up for success and ensure your finished yoga website looks and functions as you’d hoped. And don’t forget that the ultimate goal of a website is to market your yoga business so stay focused on the main objective.

Yoga Business Plan
How To Design A Yoga Website Pinterest

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