Get your brand in front of 40,000+ fitness business owners, gym operators, and industry influencers. We offer advertising and sponsorship packages to help you boost brand awareness, drive quality web traffic, and increase revenue.


  • Boost brand awareness
  • Drive quality web traffic
  • Increase revenue


Our audience is made up of business owners and professionals from across the health, fitness, and wellness space. We’re open to partnerships that can benefit their businesses, whether that’s a gym facility, yoga studio, or consulting practice.


Advertising Opportunities

We offer a variety of advertising and lead generation opportunities for partners…


  • Editorial content – your article or guest post can be featured on our website and seen by up to 32,000 unique visitors each month.
  • Sponsored content – we’ll create impactful content designed to meet your campaign objectives and promote it via our website and email list (content marketing is our super-power after all!).
  • Digital adverts – banner, sidebar, and in-content ads on our website.
  • Email blasts – reach almost 9000 inboxes with targeted messaging.
  • Omni-channel packages – that combine content marketing, ads, and email promotion for maximum results.


Editorial Content

We’ll feature your article or guest post on our website, which receives 32,000 unique visitors each month. You have the freedom to write in your own voice, all we ask is that the content is of value to our audience and 600-1200 words long. We’ll also promote it on our homepage and to our email list (almost 9000 subscribers).


Cost – $1000 


Sponsored Content

We’ll create an impactful article designed to meet your marketing objectives, whether that’s to launch a new product, increase brand awareness, or drive quality leads to your website. We’ll also promote it on our homepage and to our email list (a combined reach of 40,000+ individuals).


Cost – $2000 


Digital Adverts

Increase brand awareness, promote a new product, and drive website visitors with digital advertising. We offer a combination of banner, sidebar, and in-content ads on our website to deliver maximum impact and click-throughs. Our site gets over 46,000 page views, 38,000 sessions, and 32,000 unique visitors per month.


Cost – $2000 per month


Email Blasts

Want to reach the inboxes of almost 9000 fitness industry influencers? We’ll email them on your behalf (but take data privacy so won’t share their addresses with you).


Cost – $1000 


Omni-Channel Packages

Combine all of the above into one impactful campaign for maximum results. Have an article featured on our website, promote your brand through banner ads, and boost both through email marketing.


Cost – $5000 


Use the form to enquire about advertising opportunities or ask us a question…



About Our Audience

Our audience includes 40,000+ fitness business owners, directors, CEOs, COOs, managers, consultants, and influential industry professionals.


  • Gyms and fitness facilities
  • Boutique fitness studios
  • Health clubs
  • Crossfit boxes
  • Pilates, barre, and yoga studios
  • College and university sports facilities


They are primarily based in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. If you’re looking to target a specific sub-segment of the health and fitness industry, then enquire using the contact form. 


A Little Bit About Us

We’re health and fitness marketing specialists. And we’re on a mission to transform how the industry markets itself…


We think health and fitness marketing should inspire people, not prey on their insecurities


So we help health and fitness companies to market themselves with integrity (as well as impact). Whether you want to launch new products, attract more clients, or keep existing ones loyal, we’ve got resources to help.