Finding healthy gifts for fitness lovers can be tricky. If you work in the fitness industry, then you’ll probably have lots of gym rat colleagues or health-conscious friends to buy for. Traditional presents like chocolates are out of the question so which fitness gifts should you choose instead?

In this article – we’ve curated 15 of the best gifts for fitness lovers with options to suit every budget…

And yes, it’s totally ok if you plan to buy them for someone else but end up keeping some yourself – we won’t tell!

Healthy Gifts For Less Than $10

If you’re looking for cheap gifts for fitness lovers then here are some budget-friendly options (as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases)…

Fitness Gift Baskets or Subscription Boxes

Ordering a workout gift basket can be the perfect present for your gym-loving colleagues. There aren’t many options on Amazon but we’ve found that the very best selection is available through Cratejoy.

This website is dedicated to subscription boxes and offers 150+ fitness gift basket options to choose from. It includes Keto baskets, RunLocker boxes, and a collection by Om Babes.

Subscription boxes start at $5 per month and make ideal fitness gifts for gym lovers, yoga fans, or avid runners. Plus, subscribe to their newsletter and you can get 50% off boxes!

Portion-Control 7-Piece Container Kit

Portion control is so much easier when you have pre-measured containers to use.

No need to count calories – these 7 colour-coded containers help you portion out exactly the right amount of food so you never eat too much or too little.

It’s the simplest way to manage nutrition and food intake without the hassle of scales or tracking tools. This means it’s one of the best fitness gifts you can get for people who want to manage their weight.

Amazon has a wide range of portion control containers to choose from. We like the look of these Kitchen Craft containers but rectangular pots may be more practical since they can be stored more compactly.

Gym Gloves

Gym gloves are ideal gifts for gym lovers who enjoy powerlifting, bodybuilding, or CrossFit training. They protect their hands so that they can work out for longer and maintain grip for better technique.

Look for breathable materials that are machine-washable so they can be easily cleaned alongside their gym kit. They’re available in lots of styles and colour options so you can tailor the gloves to their style.

Order from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Gifts for Fitness Lovers – Under $25

These gift ideas for fitness lovers are less than $25 making them ideal for those with a mid-range budget.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This healthy gift is perfect for people who like to stay hydrated but get bored of plain water (i.e. most of us).

The large 32oz water bottle features a full-length infuser basket that can hold fresh fruit that flavours your water. Add lemon, orange, berries, or herbs for a deliciously tasty and refreshing drink on-the-go.

This also makes a great gift for personal training clients or prize for events and competitions.

Order one from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Any Book By The Body Coach

The Body Coach (aka Joe Wicks) has written loads of fantastic recipe and workout books, so there’s a huge selection to choose from.

We particularly like his ‘Cooking for Friends and Family’ book – it’s ideal for anyone who finds it tricky to balance being healthy with cooking for a crowd. It features 100+ delicious and nutritious recipes that are perfect for sharing with the special people in your life.

All of the recipes are simple to prep and organised into reduced-carb or post-workout chapters, which aligns with many people’s approach to healthy eating. Also, look out for his veggie cookbook.

Order ‘Cooking for Family & Friends’ from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Protein Powder Gift Set

High-quality protein powders make perfect gifts for fitness lovers. If you know the brand that your recipient prefers then it’s best to get them what they like.

But if you aren’t sure then there are plenty of effective options in both dairy and vegan varieties. VegaGhostDymatize, Nuzest, and Wellious all offer tasty protein powders packed with BCAAs to aid lean muscle development. But we particularly Truvani and Apollo’s sample bundles since you get lot of flavors in one gift set (or you can split them up for stocking fillers!).

Head to Amazon for Truvani’s starter kit that contains 8 plant-based protein powders. including chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon and banana, matcha, vanilla, and more!

Fitness Training Course

Fitness fans LOVE to geek out on the latest training techniques, nutritional strategies, and scientific developments. So how about gifting them an online course that’ll help them improve their performance and increase their fitness knowledge?

ACE Fitness is an industry-leading training company and offers a huge range of online courses from just $19.95. A few that caught our eye include…

  • Athletic performance for sport and life
  • Kettlebells: mastering the swing
  • Performance nutrition strategies

Who knows, this gift might even pave the way for a career change into the fitness industry.

Workout Passes

Who doesn’t love trying out new workout classes and fitness studios?! ClassPass credits allow the recipient to visit new training facilities and explore different exercise sessions – perfect for fitness fans.

Whether it’s the latest barre class, trendy new cycle studio, or high-end club they’ve always wanted to try, ClassPass credits can make it happen. You can either purchase them a subscription or give them a gift card that they can put towards it.

⇒ Visit ClassPass to find out how many credits are needed for classes in your local area (typically $20+) then purchase a digital gift card.

Health & Fitness Gifts For Under $75

If you have a slightly bigger budget then you can get some really exciting workout gifts for fitness lovers. Here are a few ideas…

Fabletics Membership or Giftcard

How about getting your loved one some super-stylish sports leggings – ideal for the gym, running or yoga. Think Lululemon quality at a fraction of the price.

Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson and features funky prints and unique colours for people who like to work out in style. They’re perfect fitness gifts for anyone who likes to look good in the gym.

Buy a $50 gift card (USA) or VIP membership for £24 (UK) which includes 2x leggings. Also available in Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, and several other European countries.

clothing gifts for fitness lovers

Printed Exercise or Yoga Mats

Exercise mats are practical gifts for fitness enthusiasts who like to work out at home. But they can also look really boring and don’t always inspire or motivate people to be active. This is where printed mats come in…

They feature stylish designs, some of which have been created by famous artists and can be proudly displayed (instead of hidden away in a cupboard).

Printed mats are available from Amazon USA or Amazon UK.

Gym Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts Over $100

At the pricier end of the scale, you can get amazing gifts for fitness lovers that are sure to keep them happy. Here are some fitness gift ideas for $100 and up…

Fitness Supplement Bundle

Treat someone to a high-end supplement bundle that’s designed to support fitness and recovery. When it comes to nutrition, we think it’s worth paying a bit more for better quality products that are absorbed and utilised fully by the body. So be sure to choose a reputable supplier with excellent reviews.

We love the award-winning ‘Daily Essentials’ bundles by Wild Nutrition. It contains 30 sachets packed with vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 to help you train at your best. The sleek, stylish packaging is sure to impress anyone you give it to!

Wild Nutrition supplements are available from £13 and the Daily Essentials bundle is £61-£79.

Fitbit Fitness Band

Fitbit fitness bands make ideal gym gifts for health nuts and exercise bunnies. They track heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and active minutes.

Fitness bands can also remind you to stand up on an hourly basis so that you meet your 10,000 step target. In addition to physical activity, Fitbits can track the quality and duration of your sleep which is crucial for overall health. They also look sleeker and more stylish than a bulky fitness watch which adds to their appeal.

Order a Fitbit fitness band from Amazon USA or Amazon UK.

Super-Stylish Workout Outfit

If your budget stretches from $50-$100 upwards then you can buy a super-stylish workout outfit from leading brands like Gymshark, Lorna Jane and Lululemon. A colour-coordinated top and legging combo is sure to please any fitness fan. Honestly, who couldn’t do with more training gear?

Check out Gymshark for stylish training gear to suit anyone’s taste.

Les Mills On Demand Workouts

On-demand workouts are hugely popular right now since they’re accessible and convenient from wherever you are.

For people who love to exercise but struggle to find time due to work, travel, or family commitments, on-demand videos are perfect. There’s a range of companies that offer these services, including Les Mills, Peloton, and BODi (formerly Beach Body offering Insanity, P90X, PiYo etc).

Buy an annual gift subscription for Les Mills ($75/£59), Peloton ($129), or BODi ($179, formerly Beachbody).

Healthy Gifts For Gym Lovers – 15 Practical Present Ideas

So there you have our tops picks for the best healthy gifts for fitness lovers. Gym-related gifts and fitness presents can also inspire people who aren’t yet active to adopt healthier habits and improve their health. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of fitness gift ideas that combine thoughtfulness and practicality.

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