International health awareness days can be a fantastic marketing tool for your business. They usually receive global media coverage which you can leverage in your gym, fitness studio, or with coaching clients. Whether you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist, or health club owner, wellbeing awareness days can help to spark interest in your services. 


The key is to integrate them into your marketing campaigns, blog articles, and social media posts. If you know about them ahead of time, then you can use them to their full potential. So, we’ve scoured the internet for health promotion days that might be relevant in your business. 


In this article – we share a list of upcoming health awareness days for 2020 as well as religious festivals you may want to mark in your calendar. Bookmark the page now to refer to all year round!


Health Days in January

  • 1st Jan – New Year’s Day
  • 2nd Jan – Personal Trainer Awareness Day
  • 25th Jan – Chinese New Year
  • Weight Loss Awareness Month


February Health Awareness Days

  • 4th Feb – World Cancer Day
  • 14th Feb – Valentine’s Day


March Dates

  • 8th Mar – International Women’s Day
  • 9th-15th Mar – World Salt Awareness Week
  • 13th Mar – World Sleep Day
  • 16th-22nd Mar – Nutrition & Hydration Week
  • 20th Mar – World Happiness Day
  • 23rd-29th Mar – National Workouts and Wellbeing Week (UK) 
  • 23rd-29th Mar – National Complementary Therapy Week (UK) 
  • National Nutrition Month (USA)


April Dates

  • 3rd Apr – Walk to Work Day
  • 6th Apr – International Day of Sports & Development for Peace
  • 7th Apr – World Health Day
  • 10th-16th Apr – World Homeopathy Awareness Week 
  • 12th Apr – Easter
  • 23rd Apr – Ramadan begins
  • 29th Apr – International Dance Day
  • Stress Awareness Month (UK)
  • Move More Month (USA)


Health Days in May

  • 12th-18th May – Food Allergy Awareness Week (UK)
  • 21st May – World Meditation Day
  • 23rd May – Eid al-Fitr begins
  • 27th May – National Senior Health & Fitness Day (USA)
  • 31st May – World No Tobacco Day
  • Better Sleep Month
  • Physical Fitness & Sports Month
  • National Walking Month (UK)


Health Days in June

  • 14th Jun – World Blood Donor Day
  • 21st Jun – International Yoga Day
  • 22nd-28th Jun – World Wellbeing Week
  • Men’s Health Month


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July & August Health Awareness Days

  • We aren’t aware of any national days related to health during these months but feel free to use the contact form if you have suggestions.


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September Dates

  • 13th Sep – Celiac Disease Awareness Day
  • 16th-22nd Sep – National Spa Week (UK)
  • 18th Sep – Rosh Hashanah begins
  • 19th Sep – National Dance Day (USA)
  • 20th Sep – National Fitness Day (UK)
  • 23rd-29th Sep – World Reflexology Week 
  • 27th Sep – Yom Kippur begins
  • 29th Sep – World Heart Day


October Dates

  • 1st Oct – World Vegetarian Day
  • 5th Oct – Child Health Day (USA)
  • 7th-13th Oct – National Work Life Week (UK)
  • 10th Oct – World Mental Health Day
  • 20th Oct – World Osteoporosis Day
  • 29th Oct – World Stroke Day
  • 31st Oct – Halloween
  • Go Sober For October Month (UK)


November Health Awareness Days

  • 1st Nov – World Vegan Day
  • 6th Nov – Stress Awareness Day (UK)
  • 14th Nov – Diwali
  • 19th Nov – International Men’s Day
  • 26th Nov – Thanksgiving (USA)
  • Good Nutrition Month


December Dates

  • 25th Dec – Christmas
  • 31st Dec – New Year’s Eve


So, there you have a round-up of all the global and national health awareness days for 2020. Integrate them into your marketing plans so that you can benefit from wide-spread media interest in them. With the might of global institutions like the World Health Organisation behind many of them, you can be sure that they’ll gain attention. 


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