Looking for a wellness retreat itinerary template that you can use for your own event? Or some inspiration of what your programme should include? Then we’ve got you covered…

In this article – we share 10 wellness retreat itinerary templates for you to download, customise, or simply use as inspiration for your own ideas.

If you’re planning your own fitness or wellness retreat, then designing the right itinerary is essential. The itinerary brings together all the sessions, classes and activities, so it’s central to the event. It summarises your retreat in a single page so can be a valuable sales tool that helps generate attendee registrations.

An itinerary is also essential for the event to run smoothly. It ensures that your participants arrive on time so sessions can start and end as planned. Delays can have knock-on effects to the rest of the programme so it’s easier if everything keeps to time.

Itineraries also put people at ease. When they don’t know where they’re supposed to be or at what time, the uncertainty can cause anxiety. That’s the opposite effect we want our retreat to have on people!

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What should a retreat itinerary include?

When designing your itinerary, you’ll need to include the dates, times, and activities. In terms of sessions, these will depend on your expertise and the needs of your audience. You could include things like…

  • Different types of yoga
  • Meditation
  • High intensity interval training
  • Healthy cookery or nutrition classes
  • Spa activities such as massage or treatments
  • Hiking in local nature
  • Classes on journalling, doodling or art-based therapies

Top tip – the schedule will often evolve throughout the planning stages, so times and sequencing may change. This means it’s really important to proof your final itinerary thoroughly, since it’s easy for these small changes to go unnoticed. 

Example Wellness Retreat Itineraries

Here are some examples of wellness retreat itineraries to inspire your own. You can also download all of these as part of the template bundle further down.

Yoga Retreat Itinerary
Meditation Retreat Itinerary
Wellness Retreat Itinerary
Nutrition Retreat Itinerary
Fitness Retreat Itinerary

Are an itinerary and programme the same thing?

An itinerary is slightly different from a retreat programme. An itinerary outlines the dates, times, and activities. A programme goes into more detail, for example by explaining what sessions include, who will be leading them, and what their benefits are.

Downloadable Retreat Templates

Wellness Retreat Itinerary Templates

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