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We love to write about health, fitness, and marketing. We do it all-day everyday for our awesome clients, so thought it was about time to write our own…


Below you’ll find the books we’ve written on fitness marketing and sales, along with a few examples from our client portfolio. If you’re interested in hiring us to write your fitness book, then scroll down for more info or use the Get In Touch tab to request more info.


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Fitness Marketing Ideas

101+ Ideas For Getting More Gym Members & Personal Training Clients

Are you looking for fitness marketing ideas that’ll help to grow your business? Whether you want to attract new gym members, or get more PT clients, this book will help…


It details the best fitness marketing tactics that work in the real world. Many of them are totally free to implement, and don’t require specialist knowledge or fancy agencies.


If you run a gym, health club, or fitness studio, then this book will help you attract new members and keep existing ones loyal. If you’re a self-employed or freelance personal trainer, then it can help you get more clients and increase your revenue. And if you’re starting any kind of fitness business, then it’ll help you launch and promote your new start-up.


These ideas cover the full spectrum of marketing, from social media to advertising, and events to pricing strategy. There’s even a section dedicated to quick wins, to help you get immediate results. Here’s a quick overview of the content…


  • Social Media Ideas
  • Lead Magnet Ideas
  • Email Marketing Ideas
  • Advertising Ideas
  • Fitness Event Ideas
  • Partnerships & Networking Ideas
  • Fitness Promotion Ideas
  • Pricing & Packaging Ideas
  • Quick Marketing Wins
  • Fitness Marketing Fundamentals


This book is designed to spark ideas and inspiration. It’s intended to provide practical tips that you can implement today for maximum effect. So buy it now or download a free sample from Amazon USA, Amazon UK, or your local site.


Hire Us To Write Your Fitness Book

We charge from $795+ to research, write, and design an email opt-in ebook, and $1495+ to create ebooks for resale and revenue generation. Feel free to check out a few examples from our client portfolio below. If you’d like to request more info or ask us a question, then please use the Get In Touch tab on the right.


Overnight Oats Book Cover

Healthy Overnight Oats

50 Delicious Recipes Made From Nutritious Ingredients

Overnight oats are hugely popular right now, so this book was created to address that trend. It combined practical health and preparation tips, with tasty recipes made from simple but creative ingredients.


The numerous 5* Amazon reviews demonstrate the quality of both the writing and recipes for themselves…


“Excellent tasty and easy to make worth reading if you are into whole food healthy eating tried nearly all the recipes.”

“So easy to read and some lovely recipes – can’t wait to try them over the weekend – buy it – you won’t be disappointed.”

“Very happy with purchase, would recommend to people interested.”

“Lots of good ideas that I”ll be trying. It helps open your imagination for combining ingredients. I’ll enjoy this.”


Simple Vegan Smoothies Kindle CoverSimple Vegan Smoothies

50 Delicious Dairy-Free Recipes With Less Than 5 Ingredients

Smoothies are also a popular health trend, but hyper-competitive segment. In order to differentiate from other recipe books, we combined it with another rising theme – veganism.


The result was a well-targeted book that appealed to distinct audiences in the health and fitness niche. Plus even more 5* reviews, which not only made us feel warm and fuzzy inside, but helped boost the sales too…


“Love this book. Quick but super tasty, carrot cake actually tastes as named! Some great ingredients for post pregnancy, such as spinach and flax seeds. Such an easy way to be healthy.”

“This book provided lots of inspiration for recipes, and gave some great tips and tricks that I was not aware of previously. Very useful.”


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