When it comes to online marketing, creating fitness ebooks is one of the most popular and effective tactics. Offering digital ebooks can be a great way to grow your email list and convert browsing visitors into paying clients.


An ebook is often an ideal ‘stepping stone’ in a customer journey. It helps them move from the consideration stage to trialling or buying your product or service. Ebooks allow people to have a taster of your services, either for free or a small investment.


There are lots of ways you can use ebooks to market your fitness business but here are three of the most popular


Ebook #1 – The Email Opt-In

This type of ebook is designed to grow your email list and are usually given away for free. Email addresses typically have an ROI of over $100 each, so they’re hugely valuable to your fitness business.


If gaining more email subscribers is your goal, then choose a topic that will appeal to as many of your website visitors as possible. The most enticing topics are ones that provide a quick win to your audience, such as ‘ab-sculpting hacks’ or ‘surprising fat-burning foods’.


Although this type of ebook is given away for free, it’s worth investing in high-quality design. The cover should look professional so that it compels prospective clients into handing over their precious email addresses. The interior content then needs to be helpful and practical so that readers want to continue to receive your emails (and don’t immediately unsubscribe).


These types of ebooks tend to be 8-10 pages in length and generically themed to appeal to a wide audience.


Ebook #2 – The Lead Qualifier

This style of ebook is intended to generate qualified leads for a product or service. It’s themed on a topic that will appeal specifically to the target audience for whatever you’re selling (as opposed to mass appeal like an email opt-in ebook).


By aligning the ebook topic with your higher ticket items like fitness programs, online courses, or paid memberships, you can be sure that readers are likely to be interested. The actual content of the ebook is then designed to create an even stronger interest in your offering by using a soft sell approach.


These types of ebook tend to be 10-30 pages in length, appeal to a specific audience, and be sold for $2-$5 via Amazon Kindle. They can also be promoted for free using online fitness marketing channels like Facebook groups.


Ebook #3 – The Product

These types of ebook are usually sold individually as entry-level products or as part of a larger fitness package. For a small initial investment, they help to solve a specific challenge for a customer.


Depending on the price point, ebook products can be a great source of revenue. If you get this type of ebook right, it’ll also demonstrate that your higher value products or services are good value. So as well as being a standalone product, it’s also a stepping stone to other (usually more expensive) purchases.


These ebooks tend to be 30+ pages in length and can be sold individually for $5 – $50.


Using Fitness Ebooks To Attract New Clients

Fitness Marketing Ideas Ebook AdFitness books are a highly effective online marketing tool. Use them to gather email subscribers, generate leads, and create additional revenue too.


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