Coming up with interesting yet unique fitness class names isn’t easy. Most are either bland, boring, or already used by a famous brand. So, how can you come up with your own catchy ideas?

In this article – we share 15 creative functional fitness and HIIT class names that you can use at your gym or online (plus a proven formula for generating your own ideas).

If you’re looking for catchy or cool names for fitness classes, then we’ve got loads of ideas for you. We’ve compiled a variety of small group training class names for you to use or adapt.

Plus, we’ve devised a framework that allows you to generate class and workout names on any topic, from cardio to core strength and everything in between.

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped new gyms, fitness studios, and health clubs to launch successfully, so our marketing and branding strategies are tried and tested. You can be confident that the ideas and approaches we share in our articles are proven to work in the real world.

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What Makes a Good Class Name?

Good gym class names need to: 1) communicate what the session is about and 2) entice people to attend. It’s fun to use one that’s clever and catchy, but there needs to be substance to the name as well as style.

  • The best group fitness class names convey the activities involved – cycling, HIIT, functional strength exercises, kettlebells, circuits, etc.
  • Mention who the class is for by including a training level – fundamentals, intermediate, pro, etc. 
  • It’s also helpful to name fitness classes after training goals – calorie crushing, triathlon prepping, muscle building, etc.

Functional Fitness Class Names

Here’s a list of functional fitness class name ideas that you can use or adapt for your business… 

  • Superhero Training – ride the Marvel wave by theming your functional classes on superhero strength and activities (ideal for TRX workouts).
  • Walk This Weigh – a functional training class that combines power walking at medium intensity and hill climbs for weight loss.
  • Spartan Training – themed on the film ‘300’, it combines bodyweight training and boot camp exercises to build muscle and create a lean physique.
  • Muscle Factory – with an emphasis on muscle development and definition.
  • Viking Training – base your functional strength sessions on Viking aspirations (check out the Viking Method for inspiration and ideas).
  • Muscle Gaining Functional Training – rhyming words make for catchy functional fitness and bootcamp class names.
  • Killer Kettlebells – using alliteration by repeating the same letter is a great way to come up with creative kettlebell class names like this.

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HIIT Class Names

Here’s a list of names for HIIT classes that you can use in your gym, fitness studio, or for online programs

  • HIIT & Run – classes that combine high-intensity intervals on a functional rig and Assault-style self-powered treadmills.
  • Excess Baggage – as HIIT class name ideas go, this is one of the cheekier ones combining weight loss benefits with a play on words.
  • HIIT the Deck – a high-intensity class focused on burpees, press-ups, and other movements that involve hitting the deck!
  • Greatest HIITs – this is another one of those HIIT workout names that use wordplay to convey that the class is set to an awesome music soundtrack.
  • HIIT Squad – this is a great circuit training class name as it communicates the group aspect and interval workout style.
  • Hi-Pi – a combination of high-intensity intervals and Pilates-inspired core movements.
  • HIIT Rate – ideal for HIIT classes that measure heart rate to ensure that participants train within specific zones.
  • HIIT the Ground Running – a sprint intervals class designed to burn calories and build up running stamina.

These ideas also make great alternatives to trademarked Les Mills GRIT and Metafit workout names.

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Fitness Class Name Generator

If you want to come up with creative fitness class names for yourself, then it’s helpful to use a proven formula. This allows you to brainstorm lots of different ideas then narrow these down to the very best ones.

The great thing about this generator framework is that you can apply it to any type of workout. So, whether you’re looking for strength, Zumba, or cardio class names, this approach will work for everything.

Here are five ways to generate a unique class name…

  • Combine two words – e.g. ‘PiYo’ is a fusion of Pilates and Yoga.
  • Rhyming phrases – e.g. ‘Chicks with Sticks’ is a martial arts class where attendees train with wooden sticks (check out RhymeZone for clever ideas).
  • Trending topics – come up with cool names for fitness classes by using trending themes like movie references or sporting events – e.g. superhero characters, 300 Spartan training, and Olympians.
  • Equipment – combine keywords with the equipment used to come up with creative kettlebell, resistance band, or TRX class names (e.g. ‘Vive La Résistance!’).
  • Location – whether you train outdoors, in a park, or dark basement studio, try incorporating the venue as a point of difference (e.g. ‘HIIT the Vault’). 

Whether it’s naming your fitness business, branding group classes, or running fun workout challenges, the name you choose is vital to its success. It’s the first thing people hear and creates the initial impression (for better or worse). So, it’s worth putting effort into coming up with fun and catchy fitness class names.

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