It’s a new year and a new decade, the perfect opportunity to refresh your business practices. January is peak time for health and fitness businesses, as millions around the world make wellness-related resolutions. But spending a little time on your own business goals can pay huge dividends throughout the rest of the year, so is well-worth doing upfront.


In this article – we share five resolutions that can have a powerful impact on your health or wellness business.


1 – Rethink Business Goals

What’s the one thing you want to achieve and how are you going to do it? Is it a revenue goal or target related to the number of clients you’ll help? Think carefully about whether it’s the right measurement of success for your business.


Don’t just pick a monetary number or growth percentage. Think about how much you realistically need to live your dream life. Or what it’ll take to break even on your operating costs.


Consider why that particular number matters and what achieving it will allow you to do. Sure, sometimes it has to be a number that will satisfy the shareholders. But if you’re self-employed or privately run, then you’re in control of your goals.


Ultimately, you won’t be able to achieve ambitious goals if you have nothing to aim for. So, make sure you set them from the start of the year and communicate them clearly to everyone in your team.


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2 – Create a Sales Funnel

Have a clear plan for turning strangers into customers. Take them on a journey from initial awareness of your business, through to lead generation, sales conversion, and loyalty. 


Awareness – Lead Generation – Sales Conversion – Loyalty


If you’re weak in one of these areas, then take proactive steps to address it. Complete a course on how to sell effectively, invest in online ads, or develop a lead magnet and email nurture sequence. This will give you the peace of mind and security of knowing that there’s a steady flow of customers around the clock. 


3 – Be Consistent In Communications

Do your email subscribers hear from you on a random basis? Do you struggle to publish blog articles regularly? Or post to social media consistently?


If so, consider making consistency your new year’s resolution. It can be a game changer for leads, sales, and brand credibility…


  • Increases search engine rankings as Google prefers fresher contentGoogle prefers fresher content
  • Greater content volume = people are more likely to find your business online
  • Provides more resources of value to your audience
  • Trains them to see your brand as a reliable source of info and knowledge
  • Maximises revenue opportunities by increasing frequency of interaction contributing towards lead gen, conversions, and sales (7 times is the magic number)


4 – Stop Doing Something

Action items can quickly pile on to your to-do list as part of your resolutions push.


  • Do more X.
  • Invest in better Y.
  • Make time for Z.


But one of the most powerful things we can do as business owners is to decide what NOT to do. Removing things from your task list allows you to focus efforts on other areas. 


Which activities aren’t generating a return on investment? Ditch time-sucking tasks in favour of more productive ones. Less is more.


Our experience – last year, we decided to ditch Instagram. Yep, social media suicide, right? But despite being a growth channel, it wasn’t driving enough web traffic to justify the time investment. So, we decided to focus on platforms that do refer web visitors (like Facebook and Twitter). This freed up time to double down on content for these channels and produced much better results.


5 – Take Time Out

Running a business can be all-consuming so it’s easy to let your own health slide. But as a wellness professional, you’ll know all about the mental, physical, and productivity benefits of staying fit. 


So, if your own health and fitness has dipped over the last year, make a commitment to prioritise it. This will also inspire your clients and enhance your credibility at the same time!


There you have five practical resolutions that can have a powerful impact on your fitness business. Whatever you choose to do, remember to set a clear goal so that you know what success looks like.


New Year Fitness Business Goals