How To Sell Personal Training

An Alternative Guide To Selling PT (For People Who Don’t Like The Hard Sell Approach…)

Learn the exact steps to finding profitable, long-term clients (minus the old-school, sleazy sales tactics). It’s a sad fact that 90% of personal trainers leave the industry within their first year. Many struggle to get enough clients to earn a decent wage, and quickly become disillusioned with their dream career.


That’s why I created the How To Sell Personal Training ebook and online video course. It’ll teach you how to get more clients and increase your income, in just a few modules.


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Whether you’re a newly qualified PT, or veteran trainer, ‘selling’ can be the most daunting and confusing aspect of the job. I break it down into simple, actionable steps, and remove the ‘hard sell’ aspect.


Becoming A Personal Trainer Quit StatThis course condenses 10+ years of fitness sales and marketing knowledge into 8 bite-size modules. It contains all the info I wish I’d known when first starting out, including;


  • Why You ARE Cut Out For Selling (Even If You Think You Aren’t
  • Essential Selling Skills For The Ethical Fitness Pro
  • Profitable Pricing Strategies (included in the video course only)
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Establishing A Client Base
  • Networking & How To Approach People In The Gym
  • Creating Effective Testimonials
  • Closing The Sale & Handling Objections


The ebook and video courses are available here. Enroll today and start putting your new sales skills into practice immediately! 


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