Developing a solid yoga marketing plan is crucial for running a successful business. While studio operators and teachers have a strong background in yoga, the marketing side of running a business can sometimes be daunting. But this should hold people back from achieving business success.

In this article – we outline how to create a yoga marketing plan from scratch, even if you have zero business experience.

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped yoga studios and teachers to successfully promote their businesses, so our marketing strategies are tried and tested. You can be confident that the ideas and approaches we share in our articles are proven to work in the real world.

There’s also a handy yoga marketing plan template that you can download, along with example plans to use as a guide. The approach and planning templates can be applied to any type of business… So, whether you’re a yoga studio owner, online yoga teacher, or accessory supplier, you’ll find this guide helpful.

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Structuring a Yoga Marketing Plan

A yoga marketing plan has the same fundamentals as most strategy documents…

  • WHY – objectives
  • WHAT – strategies
  • HOW – tactics

These are common elements to most marketing and business plans – you might have seen them mentioned before in our social media strategy and content planning articles. But successful yoga marketing also requires a clear overall business goal and way to measure the success of each activity.

We prefer to keep things super-simple so typically summarise all 5 elements on a single page. A good marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective. Here’s an example yoga studio marketing plan template that you can adapt…

Fitness Gym PT Marketing Plan Examples

This template and four done-for-you examples are available to download as part of our Fitness Business Template Bundle.

But if you prefer to create your own then here’s more detail on what the five sections should cover…

#1 – Goal

What’s the overall goal of your yoga business? For many, it will ultimately come down to revenue and/or profit. But your goal could also be related to helping a specific number of people rather than something monetary. It’s often defined by the founder, owner, or management team, so fill it in at the very top.

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#2 – Marketing Objectives

The next step is to break down the overall goal into 1-3 smaller marketing objectives. Think of them as bite-sized objectives that all contribute to achieving the overall aim.

For example, if you want to increase studio revenue then you generally have three options…

  • Increase the number of clients you sell to
  • Raise pricing
  • Up-sell additional products or services to existing clients

Examples of yoga marketing objectives might include attracting 20 new clients or students per month or boosting retention to 85%.

50 Fitness Marketing Templates

#3 – Yoga Marketing Strategies

Strategies might sound fancy, but they just refer to what you’ll do to achieve your marketing objectives. For example, if you’re trying to increase studio client numbers, then you might do it in a few different ways…

  • Increase customer referrals
  • Target a niche yoga audience
  • Increase the proportion of enquiries that convert into paying members
  • Position yourself as a specialist in certain types of yoga practice

We’re still keeping things quite high-level in this section. So, include things like audience targeting, brand positioning, or increasing leads and conversions.

Marketing strategies for yoga studios typically revolve around increasing class purchases and memberships. If you run an online yoga business, then strategies will relate to increasing visits, conversions, and revenue.

#4 – Yoga Marketing Tactics

Tactics are how you achieve your marketing strategies. This is where you can get into more detail and address the entire marketing mix for yoga studios (product, place, promotion, and price).

List all of your practical yoga marketing ideas from Instagram reels to PPC ads, ensuring they directly support your overarching strategies and objectives. Be specific about the activities, communication methods, and deliverables.

  • Website – with details of your classes, pricing, location, and lead magnet (e.g. free trial offer).
  • Google My Business listing – so that people can find your yoga studio on Google search and Maps.
  • Adverts – online PPC ads or print ads in local newspapers and magazines.
  • Flyers & Leaflets – that you can leave with other local businesses, on notice boards, or hand out to your network.
  • Social media – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Events – launch parties, workshops, teacher training courses, or other educational events.
  • Emailwelcome series, regular newsletter, or promotional emails.
  • Partnerships – collaborations with local or online businesses who can refer you clients and vice versa.

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#5 – Measurement

The final section is where you define how each marketing activity is measured. What does success look like? How can you improve your marketing campaigns? Which activities are worth repeating and scaling?

Your measurements need to link directly to your objectives. Think carefully about what to track and whether it’s really an indicator of success. Click-throughs, social media reach, and event attendees might be interesting, but they aren’t always relevant.

So, if lead generation is your goal, then the success measurement should relate to the number of people’s contact details that are captured for follow-up and how many convert into customers.

Fitness Marketing Plan Template & Worksheets
Fitness Marketing Plan Template & Worksheets

Yoga Marketing Plan PDF Template

So, now you know exactly how to create an effective gym marketing plan. Including the 5 elements above will ensure your marketing contributes to your business goals and actually gets you results.

50 Fitness Marketing Templates

To help you get started, we’ve put together a yoga marketing plan PDF template that you can download to save time. It includes sample plans for gym studios, personal trainers, fitness bloggers, and product manufacturers. You can access it as part of our Fitness Business Templates Bundle which includes 50+ templates covering marketing strategy, social media, content marketing, and promotion.

[P.S. Want to outsource your marketing planning? We offer strategic planning services so use our contact form to request more details.]

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