Are you looking for yoga marketing ideas that’ll boost your classes or increase studio attendance? Perhaps you’re a newly qualified teacher that wants to get the word out about your sessions. Or a well-established yoga studio that just wants some new ideas.


Whatever type of business you run, marketing will be essential to its success. But as the global yoga market becomes increasingly competitive, what’s the best way to attract clients? How can you promote your yoga brand without feeling like a sell-out?


In this article – we share five highly effective yoga marketing strategies for studios, freelance teachers, and online instructors.


  1. Partner with complementary businesses
  2. Focus on your local community
  3. Leverage digital advertising
  4. Encourage reviews
  5. Highlight your points of difference


Partner With Complementary Businesses

Partnering with complementary businesses is a fantastic way to market your yoga business. Choosing companies with a similar audience to your target market is what makes this so effective. By working with partners that align with your brand, you’ll be able to get in front of lots of potential new clients.


The way you co-operate with these businesses can take a variety of forms…


  • It could be as simple as sharing leads, email addresses, or providing referrals (just make sure you have permission if you’re their exchanging personal data).
  • You could leave leaflets or posters in local shops and cafes where your ideal client is likely to hang out.
  • Or run joint events with them, such as yoga brunch sessions on the weekend.
  • Launch combined promotions or competitions to expand awareness of your brand.


The beauty of partnerships is that you get to benefit from another brand’s audience reach and credibility. It’s one of the reasons that yoga affiliate marketing is so successful. Just pick your partners carefully to ensure that their values and business approach are a good fit with yours.


Focus on Your Local Community

When it comes to marketing for yoga teachers and studios, it’s vital to focus on your local community. Very few people will drive across town for a class, let alone come from somewhere else completely. So, concentrate on marketing to people who are within a fixed radius of your location.


Define your yoga target market as people within a certain geographic area. Then concentrate your efforts on attracting clients from this area only. Tailor your yoga website so that it has local info such as nearby bus routes, parking locations, and ranks for keywords related to your town or city.


Another way to approach this is by targeting local businesses. Many companies now recognise the importance of workplace wellness and have a budget to support it. So, why not offer lunchtime sessions in their offices instead of your studio? This generates income and gets you in front of more potential clients who may want to sign up separately. 


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Leverage Digital Advertising

If you have a small marketing budget, then digital advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to spend it. You get a better bang for your buck compared with print or radio ads and get to see the results in real-time. This means you can quickly see what’s working and what needs tweaking without investing too much.


Broadly speaking, there are three ways to approach digital advertising for yoga businesses…


  1. Pay per click (PPC) – where your ads are shown at the top of search engine results and you pay when someone clicks through to your site.
  2. Social media advertising – your ads are shown on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and you pay based on your goals (views, clicks, sign-ups).
  3. Targeted banner ads – you pay specific websites a fixed fee to show your ads such as $80 per month.


Online advertising is effective for yoga studio marketing, promoting freelance teachers, and driving traffic to online programs. You can target people in specific geographical locations or with certain interests. This gives you the best chance of being seen by people with a genuine interest in yoga, which leads to higher conversions.


Encourage Reviews

Testimonials StatThis is one of the most under-utilised yoga studio marketing strategies, yet it’s hugely effective. People are relying on reviews more than ever before so it’s vital to have positive ratings for your business. Yet many yoga businesses aren’t proactive in seeking out reviews from their satisfied clients.


Reviews can kill a business or catapult it to success. So, make a plan to encourage your members or freelance clients to leave you reviews. This could be by offering a reward, incentive, or simply asking them nicely as a favour! 


Highlight Your Points of Difference

Every business needs to answer a basic question – why should clients choose you? What is it that makes you better than or different from the other options available? Addressing this has become increasingly important as the yoga market gets more crowded and competitive.


This is why it’s vital that your marketing highlights your points of difference. What makes you stand out from the rest of the yoga crowd? Here are a few different ways that studios and teachers might differentiate themselves…


  • Style – modern, exclusive, inclusive etc.
  • Class types – ashtanga, vinyasa, hot, etc.
  • Decor – minimalist, cosy, grafitti art, etc.
  • Brandlogo design, colour palette, values, etc.


Highlight your points of difference at every opportunity, whether that’s in social media posts, digital adverts, or magazine articles. 


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Yoga Marketing Ideas That Work

Marketing your yoga business doesn’t need to be difficult. The key is to make a plan, test it out, and then assess the results. If it works well, then you can scale up by going bigger or investing more money. If it’s not the success you’d hoped, then you can tweak it or try something else. 


The five ideas we’ve shared in this article are proven to be effective. Whether you run a yoga studio, teach on a freelance basis, or instruct people online, they can help you to get more clients. So, pick an idea and test it for yourself this week…


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