Strategic use of the best yoga hashtags can 10X your Instagram growth. If you’re a yoga instructor or influencer, then it’ll increase your likes, followers, and engagement. For gyms and fitness studios, using the right hashtags can help attract new members who are interested in your specific offering.

⇒ In this article, we share the top yoga hashtags for Instagram that’ll grow your audience and attract new clients. It covers the most popular tags, others to target your ideal clients, and some that’ll boost your likes and followers.

It’s also important to cover off the essentials of a successful account before using hashtags. Having a strong Instagram bio will ensure that people think you’re worth following once they discover your content. It’s also important to post consistently if you want to maximise engagement so create a schedule and batch prep content upfront.



10 Most Popular Yoga Hashtags

Using the top hashtags for yoga can ensure your content is seen by the largest number of people. But it can also be hard to break through the noise and stand out.


These tags are the most used which means they’re also the most competitive. So, it’s worth using them in combination with more targeted hashtags like the ones we’ve listed in the next section.

Here are the top 10 hashtags for you to copy and paste into Instagram…

  • #yogaposes
  • #yogainspiration
  • #yogapants
  • #yogalife
  • #yogafit
  • #yogapractice
  • #yogachallenge
  • #yogagirl
  • #yogateacher
  • #yogamom

Funny & Targeted Hashtags For Engaged Audiences

The targeted use of hashtags will help you attract your ideal clients rather than mass audiences with no intention of buying.


Using funny yoga hashtags or ones related to your specific area (such as bikram, aerial, or acro) will ensure that the right people interact with you. It’s an effective way of building engagement as well as narrowing down your niche.

For gyms and yoga studios, it’s worth adding local hashtags so that your posts are seen by people in your area. There’s no point in building up a big Instagram following if none of them live close enough to be members. Using health or fitness hashtags related to your city or neighbourhood will help with this.


Here are some niche examples…

  • #yogafail
  • #idoyogasoidontkillpeople
  • #yogahumor
  • #yogakilledme
  • #yogaeverydamnday
  • #acroyoga
  • #acrovinyasa
  • #acroflow
  • #acroyogafun
  • #acroyogachallenge
  • #aerialyoga
  • #aerialhammock
  • #aerialyogalove
  • #aerialyogaclass
  • #aerialyogalove
  • #bikramyoga
  • #bikramyogateacher
  • #bikramhotyoga
  • #bikramyogaworks
  • #bikramyoganyc
  • #yogalondon
  • #yogaasia
  • #yogaretreat
  • #yogisofcolor
  • #yogabeginner

Yoga Hashtags For Followers & Likes

Wondering how to grow your yoga Instagram? The best yoga hashtags to get followers are ones that your ideal clients will be searching for. These could be popular brands who have similar target audiences, such as Lululemon or Yoga Design Lab. If you run a physical studio, then go for local options rather than national or global brands.

There are also specific yoga hashtags for likes and followers that you can use. They are designed to put a call out for followers and are effective at doing so, but they may not be your ideal clients.


The first few tags on the list fall into this category. It’s also worth using the International Yoga Day hashtag whenever it’s relevant (e.g. in the weeks building up to it).

  • #yogafollow
  • #followyoga
  • #yogalike
  • #yogisofig
  • #internationalyogaday

Instagram Made Easy

Using these Instagram hashtags is absolutely essential for yoga accounts and studios. Without the right tags, it’ll be impossible for people to discover and share your content. Hashtags also enable you to show some personality and boost engagement with like-minded followers.


If you struggle to post consistently, then it’s worth producing your content in batches ahead of time. That way you’ll always have an Instagram post that’s ready to go, even if you’re super-busy.


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