A huge number of gyms, health clubs, and fitness studios have had to close during the lockdown. With the doors shut indefinitely and classes non-existent, you might be wondering how to support your members during this time. Well, here are a few ideas you might like to explore…


In this article – we share 10 ways you can continue to service your gym members and studio clients during the lockdown.


These ideas will help you add value to your gym membership and keep clients loyal for longer…


  1. Online classes
  2. Social Q&A
  3. Weekly email roundups
  4. Technique sessions
  5. WhatsApp groups
  6. Handwritten notes
  7. Healthy recipes
  8. Facebook communities
  9. Online workshops
  10. Inspirational content


Now let’s explore how each of these ideas can work…


Online Classes

Delivering your classes online instead of in-person has been a life-saver for many gyms. Streaming workout videos via YouTube or Facebook Live enables you to support members and keep them on track towards their goals. It delivers real value and gives them a tangible reason not to cancel their membership outright.


Social Q&A

Communities are embracing Zoom meetups and social chats like never before. Why not host one for your health club or studio members, giving them the chance to ask questions. This gives them personalised attention and support while allowing others (who likely have similar questions) to benefit too.


Weekly Email Roundups

Email your members weekly with health and fitness tips or recommended reading in the form of books or online articles. It’s also a great way to signpost them to other resources you have like videos and blog posts.


Technique Sessions

Don’t just offer online classes – give members the opportunity to work on a specific skill. It might be perfecting the press-up (no knees!) or the correct technique for squats. These short videos can be posted on social and your website, acting as evergreen content that will continue to be useful in the future.


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WhatsApp Groups

Create a WhatsApp group that members can join to keep in touch, share lockdown stories, and stay accountable. Encourage them to post home workout achievements and connect with others going through a similar experience. 


Handwritten Notes

Send handwritten notes or postcards thanking members for their loyalty during this difficult time. They’ll appreciate the gesture and it’s always exciting to receive post that isn’t a bill!


Healthy Recipes

Some people might find it trickier to prepare healthy meals now that supermarket supplies aren’t as easily accessible. Share nutritious recipes that people can make at home using everyday store-cupboard ingredients to help them keep on track with their health goals.


Facebook Communities

With extra free time on their hands, many people will be spending more time on social media. Ensure that your Facebook group is active and relevant so that they still feel part of the club (even if they can’t visit in person).


Online Workshops

Deliver online workshops that focus on an educational aspect of health and fitness (as opposed to a practical online class). This might be a deep-dive into one aspect of nutrition, such as protein, fats, or carbs. Or it might be on broader fitness topics such as bulking up, losing weight, or training techniques for a specific sport. 


Inspirational Content

Use your online platforms to inspire members and be a positive beacon during this challenging time. Post inspirational stories, funny memes, motivational fitness quotes, or anything else you think will lift people’s spirits.


By continuing to stay active during the lockdown, your club can remain an essential part of your members’ lives (even though the physical doors are closed). Taking these steps will help you to maintain a sense of community and build a stronger relationship with customers. This not only keeps them on track towards their health and fitness goals but creates loyalty which aids long-term retention.


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