Coming up with great fitness blog post ideas is crucial to the success of your website. The topics and content you focus on are the number one factor in attracting a loyal audience and keeping them coming back. So, what are the best health and fitness topics to write about on your blog?

In this article – we share 50 fitness blog post ideas that are perfect for health and wellness bloggers.

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve written fitness blog articles for gyms, personal trainers, and workout supplement companies, so our content strategies are tried and tested.

Fitness Blog Post Ideas

If you want to attract more gym members, PT clients, or online programme sign-ups, then a fitness blog is a great way to do it. But how do you come up with fitness content ideas that will appeal to your target audience, get lots of views, and drive sales?

The trick is to select your topics strategically. Think about the mindset of people who are thinking about joining a gym, hiring a PT, or signing up for an online fitness programme…

  • What kind of questions might they have?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How can you remove the barriers that are holding them back?

Asking yourself these questions can make it easy to brainstorm fitness topic ideas to write about (or use in vlogs). You can also multiply them by covering each theme from different angles, such as listicles, reviews, how-to guides, opinion pieces, or round-ups.

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Health Fitness Blog Topic Ideas

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 50 fitness blog post ideas that you can use…

  1. 5 benefits of [cardio/HIIT/strength training/plyometrics/calisthenics]
  2. 3 common cardio mistakes that new exercisers make (and how to avoid them)
  3. Why strength training is essential for [X target audience] (e.g. new parents)
  4. How long should I run for each week and why?
  5. How often should I train and what’s the minimum I can get away with?!
  6. Which muscle groups should I train together?
  7. How to create the perfect workout plan for your fitness goals
  8. You’re doing squats wrong – here’s how to perfect your technique
  9. My fitness journey: from [starting point] to [current achievement]
  10. A day in the life: how I stay fit with a busy schedule
  11. The science behind [popular fitness trend]
  12. Workout gear reviews: my top picks for [year]
  13. Healthy recipe roundup: 10 quick and delicious meals
  14. Mindful eating: how i nourish my body and soul
  15. Fitness challenges: join me in [specific challenge]
  16. Behind the scenes: my workout playlist revealed
  17. Fitness and mental health: breaking the stigma
  18. Fitness myth busters: debunking common misconceptions
  19. Interview with a fitness expert: [expert name]
  20. Fitness for all: inclusive workouts for every body type
  21. Home workouts for busy moms: quick and effective exercises
  22. The role of nutrition in fitness: what to eat before and after workouts
  23. Fitness book club: review and discussion of [fitness-related book]
  24. Outdoor adventures: how nature can be your gym
  25. Fitness tech trends: the latest gadgets and apps
  26. Empowering women in fitness: stories of strength and resilience
  27. Recovery strategies: the importance of rest days and self-care
  28. Fitness and travel: staying active on the road
  29. Best healthy office snacks
  30. Quick high-protein breakfasts to keep you fueled all day
  31. Healthy packed lunch ideas you can enjoy on the go
  32. Post-workout dinner ideas (perfect for after the gym)
  33. Eat this not that – healthy food choices for busy professionals
  34. 10 tasty and filling salad recipes (without lettuce or kale!)
  35. 5 lunchtime workout ideas you can squeeze into 30 minutes
  36. 7 desk exercises you can do in between Zoom meetings
  37. HIIT class: my honest review
  38. How to find time for exercise when you’re busy
  39. Healthy Starbucks lunches and snacks for when you’re eating on the go
  40. 3-ingredient protein-rich meal ideas
  41. 3 questions to ask yourself before joining a gym or PT studio
  42. What to look for in a gym or personal trainer
  43. Why personal training is perfect for [insert target audience]
  44. How personal training influences [insert desired outcome]
  45. 5 common mistakes that beginners make
  46. 3 questions to ask a personal trainer during the initial consultation
  47. Why do we wait until January or Monday?
  48. How accountability improves fitness results
  49. How to eat healthily without depriving yourself
  50. Free workout or nutrition plan

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So, now you’re armed with 50 fitness blog post ideas so you’ll always have topics to write about!

As with all marketing, the key is to always think about your target audience. What are their needs, fears, questions, or problems? Creating fitness blog content that addresses these topics will ensure you’re seen as the go-to expert in your niche.

The 50K Fitness Blog Blueprint [Waitlist]

Fitness Blog Ideas That Generate Leads

You might have noticed that the last 10 ideas all have something in common. They’re specifically designed to attract new clients.

While all of these blog ideas will aid your marketing funnel, the last few address issues that people experience when thinking about joining a gym or buying personal training. But they can easily be adapted for online fitness trainers, yoga studios, nutritionists, or health coaches too.

Let’s dive into these client-attracting ideas in more detail…

50 Fitness Marketing Templates

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Gym Or PT Studio

Encourage readers to think about why they’re joining and which services or facilities their most interested in. Identifying their ‘why’ helps motivate them to take action, whilst being enticed by your awesome offering.

Blog Promotion Checklist

What To Look For In A Gym Or Personal Trainer

List characteristics or qualities that you or your team embody. Explain how these factors help ensure goal achievement and a positive experience for the client.

Why Personal Training Is Perfect For [Insert Target Audience]

Describe the needs of your target audience, and how personal training meets them specifically. Think niche groups here, such as busy corporate execs, new mums, or sports-specific athletes.

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How Personal Training Influences [Insert Desired Outcome]

Outline the link between personal training and a popularly desired outcome (such as weight loss or athletic ability).

5 Common Mistakes That Beginners Make

If you’re fitness blogging, then it’s useful to position yourself as an expert. Help newbies avoid training or diet mistakes by explaining common pitfalls and how to side-step them.

Fitness Content Ideas Workbook
Our Marketing Bundle includes blogging resources like this Fitness Content Ideas Workbook and other templates.

3 Questions To Ask A Personal Trainer During The Initial Consultation

Suggest questions based on your own strengths or areas that others can’t satisfy. E.g. “what kind of experience do you have in X area” or “have you ever worked with X types of client”?

Why Do We Wait Until January or Monday?

Write about the downsides of procrastination and the benefits of not putting things off. The goal of this article is to drive your audience to take immediate action by signing up or getting in contact.

The 50K Fitness Blog Blueprint [Waitlist]

How Accountability Increases Results

Outline the benefits of a support system, and how goal achievement increases when clients have someone to hold them accountable. This type of article highlights to people why they need your services, versus going it alone.

How To Eat Healthily Without Depriving Yourself

Giving people a quick win is a sure-fire way to create raving fans. Create a ‘how-to’ or ‘step-by-step-guide’ to help people overcome a common obstacle in a short amount of time.

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Free Workout Or Nutrition Plan

Provide a free download in return for an email address, so that you can further develop a relationship via email. Either provide the content in article format, with an optional PDF download or gate the entire content so that people need to submit an email to access it.

Fitness Blogging Templates

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Fitness Topics To Write About

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