Coming up with creative fitness video ideas isn’t always easy. Workout videos are the go-to choice for most gyms, personal trainers, and health bloggers. But adding some variety to your content can engage more people and help to grow your audience.

In this article – we share 10 health and fitness video ideas that you can use on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

#1 – Workout video

Let’s start with the most popular one – the workout video. This is where you perform an entire workout that viewers can follow along to. 

Joe Wicks and Chloe Ting are well-known for their well-structured workout videos on YouTube. They typically focus on a specific area of the body, fitness goal, or duration when designing their vids…

  • Core strength, thighs and glutes, etc.
  • Fat-burning, beginners guides, etc.
  • 20-minute HIIT workout, 30-minute total-body workout, etc.

With so many workout videos online, it’s really important that you design yours with a specific audience and goal in mind. Generic workout videos don’t tend to perform well but targeted ones do much better.

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#2 – Exercise technique videos

Another popular type of fitness video is where you explain how to perform a specific exercise or movement. These involve coaching your audience through the correct technique, sometimes by breaking it down into smaller parts for them to follow. They’re perfect for short-form video like TikTok or Instagram Reels.

These types of video require a bit of pre-planning. You’ll obviously need to think through your coaching points, correct form, and how you’ll explain this verbally and visually. But you’ll also need to ensure that the camera is in the best position to capture your movement.

For example, if you’re creating a video on how to do a push-up or press-up correctly, then you’ll need to position your camera in a spot where it can see your elbows. That way you can clearly demonstrate correct form for the arms and shoulders (something people frequently get wrong and can lead to injury).

It’s also worth including progressions in these videos. People searching for them might have zero experience, in which case they’ll need to build up (e.g. by doing incline press-ups before full ones). But they might also be capable of doing the full version and just want to know how to do it correctly, so your technique video should cater to both audiences. 

Technique videos can also be useful for fitness equipment brands. Educating people on how to use your kit correctly can help ensure they get the best out of it. This can improve customer satisfaction, aid positive reviews, and lead to more referrals.

#3 – Backstory videos

Creating a video about your backstory is a great way to build rapport with your audience. It’ll help them to know, like, and trust you. That way they’re more likely to subscribe for future uploads and purchase products or services.

A short video on why you became a personal trainer, gym owner, or fitness vlogger will interest your followers. It’ll help them get to know you as a person or understand the backstory of your business. It’s the perfect opportunity to explain your brand values and why you’re different to your competitors.

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#4 – Fitness mythbusting video

The fitness industry is full of conflicting information, which can lead to confusion for many people.

Is HIIT better than steady-state cardio? How many times a week should you train? Is a keto diet better for fat loss than paleo? 

Mythbusting videos are the ideal way to educate your audience on the facts. You can address common questions or misconceptions that people have, and give them the correct, science-based answer.

These types of video have helped fitness YouTubers like Natache Oceane gain a cult following. People are tired of false promises and marketing hype. By giving them a factually accurate answer, you position yourself as a credible expert and help them solve a problem at the same time.  

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#5 – Objection handing videos

If you sell a product or service, then you can also use videos to address common customer objections. People might have concerns about whether your program will work for them, if it’s worth the money, how much time it’ll involve, etc. Creating videos that answer their reservations can help convince them to purchase.

Make a list of the questions you’re asked most frequently about your paid offering. Then you can either create a video for each question, or one longer video where you address all of them.

#6 – Behind the scenes videos

People love a sneak peek behind the scenes as it feels like they’re getting an insider’s view. These videos are great for building up excitement and demand before you launch something. They can also be used to provide additional value for people, especially if they have paid memberships.

Can you give your viewers exclusive access to something that most people don’t see? For example, if you’re at a fitness event, can you take them backstage or show them something a bit different?

If you’re planning to do your own launch, then take them behind the scenes of your product development process. Let them see how you came up with your idea and why you designed it a particular way. This can help build anticipation so you have a wait-list of customers when you come to actually release it.

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#7 – Tops tips videos

If you’re looking to attract new subscribers or more viewers, then ‘top tips’ videos are ideal. This is where you put together a list of practical tips to help your target audience solve their biggest challenge. By providing them with a quick win, you’ll immediately make a positive first impression and increase the chances of them watching more of your content.

Think about the barriers your customers face to achieving their fitness goals. Then put together a list of 7+ quick tips that can help them overcome these.

For example, if your audience finds it hard to make time for exercise, then make a video with tips like lunchtime HIIT sessions, doing squats while brewing a coffee, or desk exercises. Creating these types of video in a numbered list format can help increase view time as people will watch to the end so they don’t miss any tips.

Videos like this demonstrate that you understand your customer’s challenges and will tailor solutions to help them. People really value this so they’re ideal for attracting new customers and subscribers. 

#8 – Customer case study video

Case studies are an excellent sales tool and ideal content for fitness videos. If you have existing customer testimonials or online reviews, then you can repurpose them into videos relatively easily.

These types of videos are most effective if you tell them in the format of a story. They should have a beginning, middle, and end…

  1. Introduce the main character (i.e. your client) and their starting situation – what was it they struggled with or wanted to achieve?
  2. What did you do to help them with their fitness journey?
  3. How did it help and what was the end result?

Case studies provide proof that your coaching, programs, or equipment actually work. They can be a powerful sales tool and interesting content for your channel.

#9 – Recovery routine videos

If you’re looking for fitness video ideas that are a bit different, then why not share your recovery routine? Most people upload workouts but relatively few show the part that comes afterwards.

Make a list of 3-5 things that you typically do after a workout. It might be a particular type of stretching, protein-packed smoothie, or foam rolling technique. Then video yourself doing them and add a voice-over explaining why they’re beneficial.

Videos like this can also provide affiliate opportunities that earn you extra money. By including personalised links to the products you use, you can earn commission when people buy them.

Just be sure that you’re open about this and only recommending things you legitimately believe in, otherwise it might mislead your viewers.

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#10 – What I eat in a day

Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand so it’s no surprise that food videos perform well for fitness YouTubers. The ‘what I eat in a day’ format has proved popular in recent years and taps into the desire for ‘behind the scenes’ exclusivity that we mentioned previously. 

Simply film all of your meals, snacks, and drinks throughout the day. Then edit them together into a 10-minute compilation video.

You can add more interest by eating your meals in different locations, such as popping out to a health food cafe for lunch or enjoying your snacks at a local landmark. This gives people a bit more insight into your life and also adds a bit of variety to your content.

So, there you have 10 fitness video ideas to use on your website, social media, or in-club TVs. If you have other ideas we’d love to hear about them – let us know via social media.

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