Using an awesome fitness flyer template can save you a lot of time and money. Instead of hiring an expensive graphic designer or spending hours creating your own, you can simply edit a ready-made file. If you don’t have a background in marketing or design, then here’s a quick guide…


In this article – we walk you through the basics of gym flyer design and provide some editable templates you can download.



Why Use Flyers In Your Marketing?

Flyers can be surprisingly effective if you take the right approach.


Some people think they’re an outdated marketing method, that get thrown away more often than read. Because of the print costs involved, it might seem like a gamble. Will they generate a decent return on investment?


But if you’re smart about your design and messaging, then fitness flyers can be an excellent way to promote your services. Here are a few ways that gyms and personal trainers use flyers in their businesses…


  • Grand opening announcements
  • Raising awareness about upcoming gym events
  • Promoting fitness boot camps, dance classes, CrossFit, or Zumba sessions
  • Encouraging participation in fitness challenges
  • Guerilla marketing on the street and at shopping malls
  • Placed in local businesses like health food cafes and smoothie bars
  • Inserted into event goodie bags
  • As cheaper alternatives to gym and fitness brochures or pamphlets
  • Displayed as posters in reception areas and changing rooms


A solid gym flyer template can be used for a huge variety of marketing purposes. If you’d like to download our ready-made designs, then check out our Fitness Business Templates Bundle


Gym & Personal Trainer Flyer Ideas

So what should you include on a flyer? Well, there are a few basic rules of fitness flyer design that you need to follow…


  • Size – fitness flyers are usually US letter or A5 size
  • Layout – ensure you have clear sections and that the eye flows naturally from one to the next
  • Headline – make it bold and compelling
  • Sub-title – provide extra information that’s persuasive by emphasising the benefits
  • Image – use inspiring imagery that’ll catch people’s attention
  • Colours – match them to your brand but don’t use too many
  • Call to action – make it clear what people should do next and include contact info


Now let’s look at some gym flyer examples so you can see how to apply these principles…

Fitness Flyer Templates

These gym flyer samples all use strong imagery, distinct layouts, and have a clear call to action. They feature one main colour (red, blue, or yellow) with more neutral colours (white, grey, and black). This helps to keep the designs easy-to-read so that potential clients will understand them at a glance.


If you just want to create a basic fitness flyer template in Microsoft Word, then you can adjust the fonts, colours, and alignment as needed. However, it’s almost impossible to design something that looks professional – Word was designed to manipulate text, not graphics. So, we’d recommend using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Adobe InDesign for a more professional result.


Downloadable Fitness Flyer Templates

To save you time and make life easier, we created nine gym flyer design templates. You can edit the colours and images to match your branding. You can also adapt the text to say whatever you want.


The files are created using Microsoft PowerPoint so you don’t need fancy design software to edit them. Just use the free online apps if you don’t have it on your computer.


Whether you’re a gym owner, fitness manager, or personal trainer, you’ll find them ideal for your needs.


And because the designs are single-sided, then could also be used as a gym or fitness poster template. However, if you’re used them as flyers then we’d recommend printing them double-sided to maximise the effect.


They’re available as part of our Fitness Business Template Bundle which also includes strategic planning documents, email templates, sales scripts and more. Download all 40+ templates below…


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