Are you looking for effective gym advertising ideas for your fitness business? Maybe you’re wondering how to increase gym membership sales as part of a promotion? Or boost secondary revenue from PT and nutritional supplements?


The first step to running impactful gym advertising campaigns is being focused. You need to know who you want to target and what you’re trying to achieve. This ensures that your ad spend generates the best return on investment.


In this article – we look at 8 of the best gym advertising ideas, techniques, and tools. They’re all super-easy for fitness businesses to implement and budget-friendly too.


#1 – Google Ads

Fitness Marketing Ideas Ebook AdGoogle Ads is our absolute favourite advertising platform. Why? Because it allows you to target people who are actually interested in your services.


Their handy ‘Keyword Planner‘ enables you to see exactly which phrases people are searching for in Google. You can even narrow them down to your precise location! So you can create an advert that gets shown every time someone searches for ‘best gym in Melbourne’ or ‘Spinning classes LA’.


Idea ⇒ Use the keyword formula ‘gym + [insert your location]‘ or ‘[insert your unique service offering] + [insert your location]‘ to target new members.


Another plus point is that you’re only charged when someone actually clicks on your ad. This makes it one of the most cost-effective gym marketing strategies. 


⇒ Get started by… creating a Google Ads campaign.  


Gym Advertising Ideas #2#2 – Facebook Ads

Facebook enables you to target your ads to specific interests, as well as demographics like age, gender, and location. So you can choose to display your ad to people who ‘like’ certain pages, such as nearby competitors or health food shops.


Idea ⇒ Create pregnancy yoga ads, then target them at women who are part of local mums Facebook groups.


It’s a good idea to install the Facebook pixel on your website, even if you aren’t ready to advertise with them. That way you’ll know who’s already visited and be able to target them easily if you use Facebook ads for gym marketing campaigns in the future.


⇒ Get started by… creating a Facebook Ads Manager account.


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#3 – Local Blogs

When it comes to gym advertising ideas, blogs might not be the first platform type that springs to mind. But partnering with local health, wellness, or nutrition blogs can be a highly effective advertising method. You can either pay for ad space on their site or sponsor individual posts.


Idea ⇒ Ask them to review your gym or a new group exercise class, then write a blog article about it and promote to their social media following.


Look for blogs that are complementary to your gym business. A fitness blogger who sells their own ‘at home workout programs’ may not be a good fit. However, blogs about health or nutrition are an ideal match. They’re often willing to accept contra-deals instead of cash, such as membership perks in return for advertising opportunities.


⇒ Get started by… making a list of local blogs that your target audience reads.


#4 – Listing Websites

Listings websites have been around for a long time and some are definitely more effective than others. It’s generally best to advertise on sites that also feature round-up articles with titles like ‘The Best Gyms In London‘. We’re not so interested in generic listing sites like Yelp or Angie’s List for ads (although it’s worth getting your gym listed if it’s free).


Idea ⇒ Promote your next event on a local listings website, invite their staff writers to participate, and give them some free goodies in return.


Websites like TimeOut usually charge based on the number of impressions rather than the number of clicks. They’ll often have a downloadable media kit with info about their rates and audience demographics. This method isn’t as targeted as Google AdWords or Facebook advertising, but it’s a lot simpler to execute. You don’t need any specialist web expertise, just an advert design, and some cash.


⇒ Get started by… researching local listing websites that offer advertising opportunities.


Gym Advertising Ideas #2#5 – Strategic Business Partnerships

Partnering with other local businesses can help you extend your reach in the community. Advertising at a local farmers market, health food store, or juice bar, is a great way to get in-front of potential new members. They’ll often let you advertise on their notice board or cashier desk for free.


Idea ⇒ Run a nutrition seminar at your local organic cafe, and offer all the attendees a complimentary one-day pass.


⇒ Get started by… making a list of local businesses and events where your ideal client is likely to hang out.


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#6 – Local Magazines & Newspapers

Newspapers and magazines aren’t particularly innovative gym advertising ideas, yet they’re standard marketing platforms for most clubs. They do enable you to target local people, but there’s no guarantee that readers are interested in health and fitness. For this reason, it’s more of a mass market approach and not something we’d usually recommend…


However, if you can find niche publications that your target audience are likely to read, then this becomes a much more effective medium. So, if you can get a good price and the audience is a match, then it may be worth considering.


Idea ⇒ Target off-peak memberships at active aging clients, by advertising in local golf or gardening magazines.


⇒ Get started by… asking current members which local magazines they read and looking at gym advert examples for design inspiration.


#7 – Cardio Consoles

Gym Advertising Ideas #7

Most members spend 30-40 minutes in front of a cardio machine, so why not advertise to them whilst you have their full attention? You could attach ‘console cards’ to the top of the machine that advertise secondary revenue products like PT and supplements.


Some cardio manufacturers even enable you to create pop-up ads on the screen itself, which link to a webpage with more info. They also allow you to test different gym advertising ideas and messages, then compare which produce the best results.


Idea ⇒ Attach ‘console cards’ to the top of your cardio machines that promote juices and smoothies from your cafe or shop.


⇒ Get started by… brainstorming secondary revenue products that will be most appealing to your members whilst exercising.


#8 – In-club Posters & Displays

Gym Advertising Ideas PinterestIt’s also important to take advantage of every advertising opportunity within your gym. Existing members are the easiest to sell to, since they already know, like, and trust you.


The key to effective in-club advertising is to consider your member journey. What do they see when they walk in the door? Where do they pause or stop? What are they thinking at different points? If you can tap into their natural routine, then you’ll be able to target ads much more effectively.


Idea ⇒ Position adverts wherever your members naturally pause, such as the reception desk, water cooler, and locker doors.


⇒ Get started by… going through the exact journey that a member normally does, and noting down all the areas that you pause in or look at.


Our personal training poster templates make it easy to take advantage of in-club advertising.


Gym Advertising Ideas – Summary

So, there you have 8 of the most effective gym advertising ideas for modern fitness businesses, along with tips for implementing them yourself. Here’s a quick reminder…


  1. Google AdWordsFitness Marketing Ideas Ebook Ad
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Local Blogs
  4. Listing Websites
  5. Strategic Business Partnerships
  6. Local Magazines & Newspapers
  7. Cardio Consoles
  8. In-Club Posters & Displays


Interested in more gym marketing ideas or other approaches to promoting your fitness business? Then check out our other blog articles on the best gym advertisement examples and calendar-themed gym promo ideas.


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