Looking for health and fitness logo ideas to use in your business branding? A stylish logo can make a powerful first impression and transform how people perceive your company. It can be the difference between being forgotten or remembered, being admired or ignored, and struggling to get clients versus crushing your revenue goals.


But coming up with creative fitness logo ideas can be a challenge. If you’re not a naturally ‘arty’ person then you might not know where to start. And hiring a graphic designer to produce one for you isn’t cheap. Marketing agencies will often charge thousands to come up with ideas and there’s no guarantee you’ll even like them. So, if you’re just starting out and funds are tight, then creating your logo can be a challenge.


In this article, we look at how to get a professional logo designed on a shoe-string budget along with 130+ fitness and gym logo ideas that you can use for design inspiration.


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So, how can you come up with professional workout logo ideas, without hiring a graphic designer?


If you’ve got a creative streak, then you might be able to sketch one yourself. You could then use a free trial of Adobe Illustrator to make it into a JPEG or PNG file. But if you’re not an arty type, then adapting a template might be a better option.


Image sites like Deposit Photos offer an incredible choice of logo templates. If you run a gym, CrossFit box, or yoga studio, then you’re sure to find something to meet your needs. Whether you’re after something modern and minimalist, or retro and stylish, the wide range means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


Templates offer a great middle-ground between saving costs and employing a professional designer. The downside is that your logo may not be completely original or unique since there’s a chance that someone else will adapt the same one. But the chances of this are very low so it may be a risk worth taking for the cost savings involved.


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There are also several online logo generators that are easy to use like Wix (also a web design platform). But if you’re just looking for fitness and gym logo design inspiration, then templates will give you lots of ideas.


Fitness Logo Design Inspiration

Even if you don’t actually use a template, they can be a great source of ideas. So here are a few of our favourites to provide some gym logo design inspiration. Keep scrolling further down for additional CrossFit, yoga, and boxing gym logo ideas…

Colourful fitness logo templates

Stylish fitness logo templates

Vintage colour fitness logos.

Chalk-style fitness logo designs.

Icon-themed fitness logos in mute colours.

CrossFit Logo Ideas

Here are a few CrossFit logo design ideas to inspire your box’s branding…

Hardcore retro styled two-colour fitness logos.

Sport and Fitness Logo Templates

Set of two color sports and fitness logo templates.

Retro stamp-style fitness logos in one colour.

Yoga Studio Logo Ideas

Here are some stylish yoga logos to provide you with some branding inspiration for your business…

Vector illustration of Set of logos for a yoga studio
Basic RGB

Basic RGBSet of different logotype templates for stand up paddle yoga. Vector athletic labels and badges. Vector flat design style illustration of icons. Template for postcard, personal card or print.

Martial Arts & Boxing Club Logo Ideas

Here are some creative logo ideas for martial arts studios and boxing clubs that you can adapt…

Fitness Logo MMA

Vintage logo for a boxing on grunge background

Set of vintage karate or martial arts logo, emblem, badge, label and design elements. Vector illustration

Fitness Logo Ideas – Overview

Coming up with a professional-looking logo design is essential for the credibility of your business. It plays an important role in conveying the type of gym or studio you run, as well as appealing to the members or ‘ideal clients’ that you hope to attract. But if budget is a constraint then logo templates may be the answer.


Templates can provide you with lots of design inspiration and ideas to help you narrow down what you want. You can also adapt them easily instead of paying a graphic designer to create one from scratch. Hopefully, the logo templates in this article have given you an idea of the direction you want to go in. Once you’ve nailed your branding you can move on to the next stage of marketing and promoting your fitness start-up!


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