Gym logo design doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, then this article will walk you through the different options (including one that’s completely free!). It also includes gym logo templates that you can adapt to your own needs.


In this article – we share 3 approaches to creating cool gym logos plus over 50 designs to inspire your own ideas or use as templates.


Creating your own gym or health club logo can be exciting yet overwhelming. Perhaps you already know how you’d like your design to look. Or maybe you’ve seen other fitness logos that you want yours to resemble.


But if you haven’t got a clue where to start, then don’t worry. Wherever you are in your branding journey, this guide will help you on your way. So if you’re just starting out and want professional but budget-friendly logos, then read on…



Before You Start Designing Your Gym Logo

If you’re just getting started then ask yourself this – how much effort do you really need to put into your logo?


If you’re setting up your own fitness blog and the logo design is holding other things up, then we’d suggest just picking something as a placeholder and moving on. The website content and design is what will draw people into your community, the logo is really icing on the cake.


Fitness Marketing Ideas Ebook AdHowever, if you run a brick and mortar gym or yoga studio, then a logo becomes more important.


It helps represent your business from the outside and is part of what draws people in. The best gym logos will communicate what your facility does and differentiate it from your competition.


Get it right, and it’ll instantly boost your brand credibility. But get it wrong and you can put customers off by looking unprofessional. And no-one wants to waste money changing the signage after 3 months…


Branding agencies and graphic designers take logos very seriously, so it’s easy to get sucked into a long and complex process. But our advice is to avoid spending a disproportionate amount of time on it. There are other things that matter more in a fitness startup, like creating a gym business plan and attracting new members.


Our experience ⇒ When we started our first website, we wasted a LOT of time on the logo. We learned Adobe Illustrator and changed the design numerous times before actually getting started on the website itself. To avoid repeating this mistake, we now use simple text, logo templates, or professionals to create them.


5 Design Questions To Ask Yourself

So we suggest that you avoid our mistakes and get started by asking yourself five simple questions:


  1. Who is your target audience and what will appeal to them?
  2. What are your brand values and how will your logo reflect them?
  3. What kind of style aligns with your brand? Modern, vintage, boutique, tough, relaxing etc.
  4. Which colours will you use?
  5. Will your logo be text only or include graphic elements?


Doing this will help you create the perfect brand from the outset and save you precious time. From there you can take 3 different approaches to actually designing it…


Option #1 – DIY Gym Logo Design 

This is the quickest and cheapest option. Designing it yourself means you can get a free gym logo within a matter of minutes, allowing you to move on to other areas of launching your business.


The downside is that some home-made logos look unprofessional, which can affect the credibility of your business. Of course, some DIY logos look awesome – The Minimalists created their logo at home using clip-art, and it looks pretty good to us!


You can always use a DIY logo as a short-term placeholder until you’ve generated enough money to justify investing in a professional designer.


wellness logo design

You can design your own logo really easily by following these simple steps (this is actually how we designed the Wellness Creative Co logo):


#1 – Find a font you like and install it on your laptop.

There are lots of stylish options on Google Fonts that you can choose from. Simply download the font files, then paste them into your computer’s fonts folder (usually found in the Control Panel in Windows). You’ll then be able to use them in all of your software programs.


#2 – Open up the right software.

Use whatever software you have that allows you to save files as images. This might be Paint, PowerPoint, or Adobe Illustrator (they offer a free 14-day trial that you could use for this purpose).


We use Adobe Illustrator because it lets us save the logo on a transparent background, but if you’ll only ever be using it on a white background then the others are fine.


#3 – Write your business name using your preferred font.

Create a text box or use the text tool to write your business name. Change the font to the one you downloaded in step #1, then try different formatting such as bold or all capitals. Play about with the layout, alignment, and colours until you’re happy.


#4 – Save it as a JPEG.

Use the ‘save as’ or ‘export’ function to save your logo in an image format. JPEG and PNG are the most useful. Then hey presto – you have your logo!


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Gym Logo Design Option #2 – Adapt A Template

Side note: we may earn a commission if you click the links below but this isn’t why we included them. We’ve used them ourselves and know first-hand that they offer great value and are easy to use.


Adapting a template is a cost-effective way to create a professional-looking logo. The downside is that your logo won’t be completely original, but then let’s face it, what is 100% original these days. The other option is to try an online logo generator which will create it for you for a small fee.


You can find gym logo templates on sites like Deposit Photos. They cost around $10 to download a set, or you can buy a package if you’re likely to need other photos or images for your marketing. Here are some that you can download and customise or simply use as gym logo design inspiration…

colourful gym logo ideas

Collection of colourful gym logo ideas & inspiration.

gym logo templates

Collection of blue gym logo templates and badges.

Fitness logos labels

Fitness logo and label ideas.

dumbbell logo templates

Dumbbell logo design templates in grey and yellow (which can be customised to your own colour-scheme).

retro gym logos

Retro-style gym logo ideas and inspiration.


⇒ You can see even more templates in this fitness logos article, which also includes designs for yoga studios, boxing, and martial arts clubs too.


Once you find a logo template that you like, you can download the source files and adapt it to your own needs. You’ll probably need Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to do this, but again you can just use their free trial option.


Do watch out for one thing though – the fonts used in templates are sometimes hand-drawn. This means they look amazing but the letters can’t be altered by typing, which is no use for the non-designers among us. So just be sure to look out for this in the template description before you purchase.


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Logo Design Option #3 – Hire a Pro

If you’ve got the budget, then a professional designer may be your best option. This doesn’t need to involve expensive agencies and fancy concept boards. Websites like Upwork and 99 Designs let you post projects and hire professional designers for a few hundred dollars. 


You can also ask your Facebook network to recommend independent or newly qualified graphic designers. They’ll often quote very competitive rates as they’re keen to build their portfolio. Either way, be sure to include the answers to the 5 questions (listed in the intro) as part of the project brief.


So, here are our 3 recommendations for designing a creative gym logo. Don’t be afraid to have a go yourself or play around with templates. It may take a few rounds of revision and editing, but you can absolutely create a professional-looking logo DIY-style. And if that doesn’t work or you don’t have the time, then hit up a specialist designer for some ideas.


Gym Business Templates

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