Creating the perfect nutrition logo is a vital part of building your brand. A logo conveys what your business is about in a split-second so it needs to be clear and professional. But designing one isn’t always easy when you’re first starting out, especially if you don’t have a creative marketing background.

In this article – we share 101+ nutrition logo design ideas for dietitians, nutritionists, and supplement companies (plus tips on creating your own).

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve created logos for nutrition supplements, dietitians, and health coaches, so our design strategies are tried and tested.

Nutrition Logo Ideas

When designing your nutrition company logo, it’s important to focus in on your specific niche. The term ‘nutrition’ means many things to different people so you’ll need to be clear with your design. What is your core product or service?

  • Dieting and weight loss
  • Sports nutrition
  • Intolerances
  • Food or vitamin supplements
  • Specific eating patterns (Paleo, Keto, etc)

It’s vital that your design clearly reflects what you provide. Why settle for a generic healthy diet logo if you offer something much more specific to clients?

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If you work with physique competitors or athletes, then don’t just go for the bog-standard apple and tape measure design – choose a sports nutrition logo that conveys exactly what you do. This way you’ll attract your ideal clients instead of anyone interested in healthy eating.

Here are some nutrition and diet logo designs to inspire your own…

Modern Nutrition Logo Designs

These modern health nutrition logos are bold, clean, and playful. They’re ideal for a relaxed brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Rustic Nutrition Logos

These rustic food and nutrition logos are friendly and inviting. The muted colours would work with neutral palette to create a warm, nature-themed brand.

Vegan Logo Ideas

For brands or freelancers that specialise in vegan diets, these logo ideas get straight to the point. They quickly convey your niche and will attract people interested in this area.

If you don’t like the green colour then don’t worry – the beauty of a nutrition logo in vector format is that you can easily change it to suit your preferences. 

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Organic Vegetarian Logos

These simple health and nutrition logos are themed around nature. If you focus on organic produce, vegetarian foods, or vegan diets, then these are ideal. They cleverly combine icons and text to create stylish logo designs that you can replicate.

Juice Logo

We love the simplicity and style of this eye-catching design. Finding specific diet logos isn’t easy but this one is perfect if you offer juice cleanses or cold-pressed products.

Probiotics logo ideas

If you specialise in a specific area of nutrition like probiotics, then choose a logo that reflects your niche. You could combine one of these icons with the name of your business in a simple font to create a cool, unique design.

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Dietitian Logo Ideas

Here’s a selection of dietitian logo designs to inspire your own branding

Dietitian logo idea

This dietitian logo conveys the medical qualifications that differentiate the role from nutritionists. Details like this can boost credibility and demonstrate your advanced expertise. It cleverly combines healthy food and medicine into a stylish design.

Fruit Vector Logos

This is another logo that’s ideal for a dietitian. The bright colours and bold design make it eye-catching, appealing, and modern.

Fruit Logos

Fruit is always a safe and appealing bet. The bright colours are attractive and can easily be modified to match your brand.

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Nutritionist Logo Ideas

Designing a logo for your nutritionist practice is easy with these creative examples to inspire you…

Trendy Modern Nutritionist Logo

This nutritionist logo design is trendy and modern which will appeal to a wide range of clients. It puts a revamped spin on the traditional apple design that’s fresh and unique. 

Fitness Nutrition Logo Ideas

These icons are ideal for a sports nutrition logo. You can combine the most relevant ones with the name of your business to create a simple, stylish design. Creating a nutrition and fitness logo that reflects any sports specialisations (such as cycling, swimming, or triathlon) is a great way to attract your target market.

Fruit Veg Logo Design

This may seem like a fairly complex design for a nutritionist logo but we think it’s a great concept to get you thinking. Are there specific shapes or icons that you could combine into a bigger design?

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Nutrition Logo Design Tips & Tricks

Now you’ve seen over 101 logo designs, you should hopefully be inspired with some ideas for your own. If you’re ready to jump into the creation of your logo, then here are some tips to help you along…

  • Keep it clean and easy-to-read – this is the #1 most important element.
  • Ensure that it reflects what you do – don’t get carried away by style over substance.
  • For a free nutrition logo, download a funky Google font, write your business name using it, then right-click and save as an image.
  • You can also try a nutrition logo maker like the one by Wix that’ll create a professional design for you. 
  • Or adapt a template (like the ones we’ve shown above) to get a pro design for less than $20.

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However you approach the design of your nutrition logo, remember that it’s just one peice of the puzzle. Your marketing funnel, product offering, and customer service are even more important to the success of your business. So, don’t spend too long on the design – the important thing is that you get up and running asap!

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