Asking clients to complete a health and fitness questionnaire is a fundamental part of their induction. But what does this kind of intake form need to include? And why do they even matter?


In this article – learn what a good fitness and wellness questionnaire should include, with examples and templates to use with your gym and personal training clients. 


Why Use a Fitness Questionnaire?

Most gyms and fitness professionals ask clients to complete some kind of intake questionnaire when first joining. Getting people to fill in these forms is useful for a number of reasons…


  • Identifies clients challenges or barriers to exercise so you can tailor practical solutions
  • Flags medical conditions with the potential to be made worse by exercise 
  • Helps you set client expectations early in terms of commitment and actions needed from their side
  • Considers a wide range of lifestyle factors beyond just fitness, such as diet, stress, and sleep
  • Addresses a legal requirement in some states and countries that can protect you from liability


What Should It Include?

These forms are about more than health screening and fitness assessments. A good gym questionnaire template should cover the following…


  • Personal details – name, age, contact info
  • Fitness goals and motivations – what do they want to achieve?
  • Current health situation – any injuries or conditions that might affect their readiness for exercise
  • Health habits – exercise, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, sleep and stress
  • Legal disclaimer – so that both parties know where they stand liability-wise


It’s important to note that a gym health questionnaire and a PARQ form are not the same things. A PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) assesses someone’s readiness to exercise from a medical perspective. The other typically collects broader information about health habits beyond just fitness, including diet, sleep, and stress.


Here are some fitness and gym questionnaire examples so you can see the difference…


Editable PARQ Form Templates


Health & Fitness Questionnaire Template

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Fitness Questionnaires for Gyms Personal Training Clients


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