Personal training business names are often bland and boring. They typically follow the same formula = ‘first name + last name + personal training’. It can be tough to think up something new and creative, especially if it feels like all the good names are already taken. So, we put together this handy guide to help. 

In this article – we share 50 catchy personal training business name ideas plus a simple process for generating creative names of your own.

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped new personal trainers, fitness studios, and online coaches to launch successfully, so our marketing and branding strategies are tried and tested. You can be confident that the ideas and approaches we share in our articles are proven to work in the real world.

Choose The Perfect Business Name

An awesome business name can make your brand memorable and help you stand out from the competition. It’s worth putting some thought into the right name so you don’t have regrets down the line. No one wants to be stuck with a brand name that’s a bit meh. 

#1 – Brainstorm Keywords

Begin by making a list of all the words related to your personal training studio or services. Write down everything that comes to mind, from the workouts you’ll offer to the types of people you want to help. Doing this can provide inspiration for the ideal words that your name should contain.

It can be helpful to think about the following questions when doing this…

  1. What makes your PT business different from others? Consider your ‘unique selling points’ (USPs) or things that make you different and better from competitors. Examples might include weight loss experience, sports-specific knowledge, or being a specialist in something like HIIT or functional training.
  2. How do you want your customers to feel? You might want them to experience feelings of being energised, nourished, renewed, or calm.
  3. Are there values that are important in your business? Examples here might be inclusivity, non-judgment, climate commitments, etc.

Once you have at least 15 words in total, use Google to search for ‘synonyms’. This will help you find alternative words that have similar meanings. Once you have around 50 words, then it’s time for the next step…

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#2 – Apply A Naming Formula

Using a formula is like having your very own personal training business name generator. It enables you to test lots of different ideas and find one that’ll work for your fledgling company. 

This approach allows you to translate the 50+ words from step 1 into a coherent business name. It’s actually the process that top branding agencies use to come up with creative names for clients.

Here are some naming frameworks that you can use with your keywords…

  • [Keyword] + Training (e.g. Empire Training, Summit Training)
  • [Keyword] + Studio (e.g. Ketone Studio)
  • Location + [Keyword] (e.g. Manchester Motivator)
  • [Keyword] + Fitness (e.g. Aspire Fitness, Insta Fitness)
  • [Keyword] + Place (e.g. Holmes Place)
  • The [Keyword] Club (e.g. The Home Gym Club)
  • The [Keyword] Company (e.g. The Balance Company)

Try inserting your keywords into these name generator frameworks and shortlist your favourites. This will help you find some good names for personal training business or PT studio. 

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#3 – Check It’s Not Already Taken

The final step is to check your fabulous new name isn’t already being used by another business. Quick and easy ways to do this include…

  1. Google – search for the name, using “quotation marks” to ensure you only get exact matches. 
  2. Website URL – type into your web browser to see if the website address is taken.
  3. Trademark – check whether the name is trademarked using the United States Patents & Trademarks Office, UK Intellectual Property Office, or your local equivalent.

If your name idea passes all these checks, then you’re done! You can move on to creating your brand and growing your PT business.

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Personal Training Business Name Ideas

If you’re still in need of some inspo, then here are 50 creative PT business name ideas to get you started…

Transformational PT Name Ideas

  • Tough Love
  • The Kick Start Co.
  • Vitality & Co.
  • Fitness Fanatics
  • Sweat Box
  • The Energy Hub
  • Feel The Burn
  • Strong & Lean
  • Rejuven8
  • The Wellness Revolution
  • Adrenaline High

Sports-Specific Business Names

  • Clean & Press
  • Ride -Rally -Sweat
  • Cycle Hub
  • Revolution & Co.
  • The Round House
  • Jukebox Journey
  • Boost Barbells & Co.
  • The Bike Box
  • Power Lift

Emotion-Oriented Business Names

  • Nourish & Glow
  • True Wellness
  • Balance & Buzz
  • Longterm Lifestyle Co.
  • Soul Fitness
  • Open & Balanced
  • Pure Health
  • The Fitness Truth
  • IntegriFit
  • Genuine Health Co.
  • Honest Wellness

Community-Themed Business Names

  • Fitness Republic
  • The Wellness Society
  • State Of Balance
  • KardioKlub
  • United Wellness Co.
  • Health Hub
  • The Cardio Collective
  • Fitness Nation
  • Citizen Wellness
  • Complete Wellness Co.
  • Inclusive Health

Relaxation-Themed Brand Name Ideas

  • Calm & Co.
  • The Zen Den
  • Balance Collective
  • Rest & Renew
  • On The QT
  • The Serenity Society
  • Relaxation Hub
  • Peace & Quiet
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PT Business Name Generator 

So now it’s your turn to find your perfect training company name. We’ve walked you through a simple 3-step process and shared 50 name ideas to set you on the right track.

If you’d further help, then download our handy guide to finding the perfect business name. Whether you’re starting a fitness training business, PT studio, or coaching company, it’ll show you:

  • How to get creative beyond the usual fitness business name ideas
  • How to test your name idea and get feedback on it if you’re not 100% sure
  • 50+ creative fitness brand name ideas to inspire you 
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