A health and wellness assessment questionnaire is essential when working with clients. It enables you to identify which lifestyle areas they need help with and can highlight any potential medical issues to consider. So, what does it need to cover exactly?

In this article – we summarise what a good wellness lifestyle questionnaire should include, along with examples and templates to use with clients. 

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Why Use a Wellness Questionnaire?

Most health and wellness professionals use an intake form with new clients. In addition to basic contact details, having people answer wellbeing survey questions is useful for several reasons…

  • Client needs – identifies their wellness goals and potential barriers so you can create a personalised solution.
  • Lifestyle factors – reviews their holistic wellness including diet, exercise, sleep, and stress levels. 
  • Medical conditions – highlights any medical issues that may cause an issue.
  • Expectation management – helps to manage your client’s expectations from the start.
  • Legal considerations – is a legal or insurance liability requirement in some regions.

You can use printed copies or create an online version (which can also provide recommendations based on their answers which is perfect for generating leads).

So, now you know why a wellness assessment questionnaire is important, let’s look at what they should cover.

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What Should It Cover?

The wellness survey questions you include in your form can vary depending on your profession. If you’re a health coach, then you’ll likely want to cover a broad range of lifestyle areas. However, if you’re a nutritionist, then you’ll likely want to focus on their eating habits in detail.

If you’re a gym instructor or personal trainer, then you might prefer this editable PARQ form instead.

As a rule of thumb, a health and wellness questionnaire should address…

  • Personal info – name, age, and contact details
  • Wellness goals & motivations – what is it they want to achieve?
  • Current health – medical conditions or injuries to be aware of
  • Lifestyle habitsfactors like physical activity, nutrition, alcohol, smoking, stress, and sleep quality
  • Disclaimer – for liability and transparency purposes
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Wellness Questionnaire Template

Ready-made wellness assessment questionnaires are available as part of our fitness business bundle. It includes an editable Word document and PDF version of the forms, so you can easily adapt the questions if needed. You’ll also receive PARQ forms along with 60+ other promotional templates, sales scripts, and business planning tools.

Fitness Business Templates

Ready-made templates make it quicker, cheaper, and easier to promote your wellness business. They also improve the quality and effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns while also providing a useful guide for you to follow.

Whether you’re a health coach, personal trainer, or nutritionist, these templates will save you time and effort. They’ll help you to plan and organize your marketing activities so that you generate more revenue. You’ll get 60+ templates covering sales, marketing, lead gen, client training, and business start-up resources.

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