If you’re looking for the best gym Instagram accounts, then there are plenty of articles that’ll list the biggest and most well-known ones. But these aren’t always the best – so we decided to do something different. We want to champion awesome accounts that are flying under the radar and you may not have come across yet.

In this article – we share 5 of the best gym Instagram accounts that you may not have heard of, but really should be following (plus tips on replicating their success). 

Some may not be the biggest in terms of followers, but they are creating quality content that’s motivating, entertaining, or educational. They’re accounts that you can follow to be inspired on your own wellness journey or glean marketing ideas from if you have a fitness Instagram. 

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In no particular order, here are our picks for the top gym Instagram accounts around right now…

  • @CangguNest
  • @STC_Boxing
  • @Every.Body.Fitness
  • @LuxeFitnessClub
  • @N1.Education

Here’s why we rate them so highly along with tips on replicating their success…

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Canggu Nest

Canggu Nest (@canggunest) has a stylish and uplifting Insta account that’s guaranteed to make you want to visit. The Bali-based gym showcases functional training moves and happy members, while making smart use of Instagram Story Highlights. It’s immediately clear that their people are having a huge amount of fun along with a kickass workout. 

Canggu Nest Gym Instagram

We love their account because it shows that exercise can be enjoyable instead of a chore. The aesthetic is classy and cohesive without being too polished. And who doesn’t love the occasional tropical backdrop?!

Takeaway – The best gym Instagram accounts are real and engaging, so aim to strike a balance between inspirational and authentic.

STC Boxing & Fitness

STC Boxing & Fitness (@stc_boxing) are smashing it with their Instagram content. The strong community vibe is immediately clear from their posts – something that many clubs aspire to but few can actually create. Their feed features members and training techniques in a way that’s warm, approachable, and makes you want to join their crew! 

STC Boxing Instagram

The ‘contender of the month’ showcases the talent of their members and provides another level of motivation by giving people something to aspire to. There’s also a consistency in the colours and branding which adds to the professionalism without being ‘too Insta perfect’. 

Takeaway – Showcase your members instead of simply promoting your services as they can be your most persuasive sales team.

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EveryBody Fitness Studio

EveryBody Fitness Studio (Фитнес-студия EveryBody @every.body.fitness) is a sleek and modern facility in Moscow. You don’t need to read Russian to be inspired by the suspension, dance, and yoga workouts being showcased. Not only do they share exercise-based content but you also get glimpses into the personalities of the training staff (vital for building loyalty and community).

EveryBody Insta

This is another account that’s using Instagram Stories and highlights to their full potential. EveryBody has created content that addresses the key needs and questions of new followers, which will increase leads and conversions into members. If you’re interested in learning how to do it for your gym or studio, check out this step-by-step guide

Takeaway – make use of Story Highlights to turn Instagram from a photo gallery into a lead generation channel. 

Luxe Fitness Club

Luxe Fitness (@luxefitnessclub) channels funky and fresh vibes through its gym Instagram account. Their posts are full of infectious energy that’ll make you want to get involved. Photos also showcase their modern, boutique facility and tech offering, both of which are key selling points. 

Lux Gym Insta

They’ve also got an impressive Story Highlight selection that covers everything from classes and PT to selfies and members. It’s the perfect combination of community-focused content and promotional info. Striking this balance isn’t easy but Luxe has nailed it with their account.  

Takeaway – think about your key selling points or things that make your gym unique, then use Instagram to highlight these aspects. 

N1 Education

N1 Education (@n1.education) is our wildcard recommendation because technically they aren’t a gym business. We’ve chosen to include them because their content is essential-scrolling for any gym professional. As a fitness education business, their posts break down how to perform individual movements using the correct technique.

N1 Fitness Instagram

Educational content is something that many gym Instagram accounts fail to capitalise on. Teaching followers something new or showing them how to overcome a fitness challenge is powerful. It establishes your credibility and the value of your offering, both of which are fundamental for people to purchase.

Takeaway – identify your followers’ biggest challenges or barriers to signing up, then create educational Insta content that addresses these points.   

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What Do The Best Gym Instagram Accounts Have In Common?

So, there you have our picks for the top gym Instagram accounts that are posting right now. You’ll notice that many share characteristics that contribute to their success. These are things you can replicate in your own Insta efforts if you’re looking to gain more followers and membership leads.

  • They aren’t too polished – setting unobtainable standards isn’t going to help your members so be real with them.
  • Have a cohesive feed – Instagram is a visual social platform so it’s worth using consistent colours or filters to tie your posts together. 
  • Make you want to take action – the very best gym Instagram accounts are those that drive people to get active instead of simply scrolling. 

Bearing these elements in mind can help to improve the results you get from Instagram posts. It’s about more than fitness hashtags and gym quotes, it’s about putting your followers first. If you create content that’s relevant to their needs, then they’ll reward you with likes, shares, and engagement.

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P.S. Would you like to nominate a gym Instagram account to be featured on the list? Or a fitness Instagram that you think deserves more attention? Then send us their @username via the contact form so we can include them in future articles!

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