Using the top fitness hashtags on Instagram will significantly boost your posts and engage more followers. The right hashtags can extend the reach of your social media content, so even more people see it, like it, and follow your account. You might even get lucky and hit the ‘viral post’ jackpot…


But how do you know what the best fitness hashtags are? Should you just copy the ones that other successful accounts use? And how can you tell which Instagram hashtags are trending?


In this article – we’ve collated 60 of the best fitness hashtags for Instagram that you can simply copy and paste. Whether you’re looking for fitness motivation hashtags, bodybuilding hashtags, or funny workout hashtags, we’ve got you covered…


Gym Hashtags

The best gym hashtags for Instagram will depend on your location and specialty. Using local hashtags can help to attract members or personal training clients in your area (rather than people from all over the world). Here are some tried and tested tags to get you started…


  • #babygymrat
  • #certifiedgymrat
  • #gymlife
  • #gymmotivation
  • #gymmemes
  • #gymaholic
  • #gymtime
  • #gymworkout
  • #gymgoals
  • #gymhumor


Workout Hashtags

Here are our top picks for the best workout hashtags for Instagram that you can copy and paste…


  • #barefootrunning
  • #beastmode
  • #burpeeskilledme
  • #chestday
  • #kettlebell
  • #legsdayeveryday
  • #powerlifting
  • #streetworkout
  • #strengthdefinesyou
  • #sweatinglikeapig
  • #workoutwednesday
  • #yogaposeoftheday


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Weight Loss Hashtags

The top weight loss hashtags for Instagram combine a mix of nutrition, exercise, inspiration, and body positivity…


  • #cleaneating
  • #fitmeals
  • #getfitnlean
  • #shredded
  • #weightlosstransformation
  • #weightlossjourney
  • #weightlosstips
  • #weightmanagement
  • #weightlosscoach
  • #weightlossprogress


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CrossFit Hashtags

The best CrossFit hashtags for Instagram are ones that target your audience and inspire them to work out with you…


  • #crossfitlove
  • #crossfitters
  • #crossfitlifestyle
  • #crossfitbox
  • #crossfitaddict
  • #crossfitmasters
  • #crossfitcommunity
  • #crossfitmotivation


Best Fitness Hashtags For Followers

Strategic use of fitness hashtags to get more followers can be highly effective. The best strategy is to use a combination of popular hashtags and targeted ones for your specific niche.


Popular tags will expand your reach and result in more likes and followers. Niche tags will have a smaller reach but be much more effective in appealing to your ideal clients.


Using a fitness hashtag generator like RiteTag or Keyhole allows you to explore an entire web of related hashtags. Segment-specific hashtags are still highly popular with loads of followers, with the added bonuses of being more targeted and specific.


This will help you attract those perfect clients instead of generic fitness fans with no interest in buying anything from you. You can also include a couple of straight up follow hashtags to give your account a quick boost.


  • #fitnessfollowers
  • #fitnessfollowback
  • #fitnessfollow
  • #fitnesslike
  • #fitblr
  • #fitnessfriday
  • #fitnesslove
  • #fitspo
  • #instafit
  • #instafitness


Using a super-targeted list of fitness hashtags will help you attract the right audiences on Instagram. The platform allows up to 30 tags per post (hence the length of our list) but research by Buffer, has shown that the sweet spot is around 11 hashtags.


Interestingly it also varies across the different social media sites, so on Twitter it’s just 2, and with Facebook it’s 0 (yes zero!).


Why Not Just Use The Most Popular Hashtags?

It’s important to clarify an important point here – the BEST hashtags and the MOST POPULAR ones aren’t necessarily the same thing…


The most popular ones will have the highest usage and search volumes, which means they also have the highest potential reach. But because so many people are using them, it can be really difficult to stand out. You’ll need to work hard to differentiate yourself from the competition and may end up getting no visibility at all…


The other drawback of using the most popular fitness hashtags is that they’re pretty dull. Yep, we said it, the most popular tags are also the most boring.


Don’t believe us? Well here’s the proof: using Hashtagify’s handy search function, we were able to identify the top 10 hashtags related to #fitness by search volume…


  • #diet
  • #exercise
  • #fit
  • #fitfam
  • #gym
  • #health
  • #healthy
  • #motivation
  • #weightloss
  • #workout


How To Start A Fitness Blog TileAs you can see they’re a bit generic and not really that inspiring… Sure, they’re all very relevant and highly popular (read = most competitive). But a key element of any kind of marketing is to make you stand out from the crowd, not get lost in the noise.


Another crucial marketing strategy is to target your ideal client. You want to attract the people who are a perfect fit for your offering… Not every generic fitness fan in the Insta-verse.


So although it may be tempting to use the most popular hashtags in your posts, we suggest using ones that are tailored to your segment.


How Long Are The Best Hashtags?

Research shows that the best hashtags on Twitter are a single word or less than 6 characters in length. Because of the 280 character limit on Twitter (previously 140), you don’t want to waste too much space on long hashtags. You don’t need to be as strict when it comes to Instagram, but shorter hashtags will be quicker and easier to type, so more likely to be searched for.


However as you can see from our list, there are lots of top fitness hashtags that don’t fit these criteria. So don’t be put off using one that’ll resonate with your clients just because it’s a bit longer than the guidance. The most important factor is whether a hashtag is a good fit for your target audience.


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