Creating a killer fitness bio for Instagram will help you stand out from the crowd. Fitness is a pretty competitive niche, so differentiating yourself is crucial.


In this article, we’ll share 7 simple tips and tricks to improve your fitness bio for Instagram.


We’ll teach you how to optimise for keywords, use the elevator pitch formula, and even squeeze in a few emojis! Plus, there’s a free bundle of fitness images too…


#1 – Optimise Your Bio With Keywords

Adding keywords to your bio will help you show up more often in search results. Include phrases that your ideal client is likely to search for, and gear your bio around their needs (e.g. workout videos), rather than yourself (e.g. ACSM certified).


Most people don’t realise that they should add keywords after their name too. Choose 1-3 words that communicate what you do or something that makes you different. There’s a 30 character limit for this space, so use a horizontal dash (-) or vertical line (|) to separate the keywords from your name. Here are a few practical examples…


  • Vox Studio – HIIT Training
  • Om – Yoga | Pilates | TaiChi
  • Sweat Fit – Workout Videos
  • Fly Fit | Personal Training
  • BeCycle – Spinning Studio


#2 – Use Impactful & Inspiring PhrasesFitness Bio For Instagram Tips List

In addition to using keywords, it’s important to make your bio persuasive. Remember that you’re talking to people, not robots…


To make your fitness bio for Instagram impactful, talk about benefits as well as features. Explain how your offering will help people, not just what it includes. So instead of ‘HIIT workouts’, talk about ‘HIIT workouts that burn maximum calories in minimum time, so you can fit them around your busy lifestyle and work commitments’. Or instead of ‘modern gym’ talk about ‘a supportive and luxurious environment that you’ll actually enjoy coming to’.


Using inspiring words can make a huge difference to the number of people who’ll follow you. Diets, losing weight, and being pushed during workouts might not sound very appealing to potential clients. But your word choice can totally change this…


  • Diet ⇔ Nourish – Fuel – Nutrition
  • Lose Weight ⇔ Transform – Renew – Shred
  • Push ⇔ Motivate – Inspire – Enable


#3 – The Elevator Pitch FormulaHow To Start A Fitness Blog Tile

Your Instagram bio has a limit of 150 characters, so it’s important to make every word count. Many people will decide whether or not to follow you on the basis of this section, so it needs to be clear and impactful.


Use the following ‘elevator pitch formula’ to summarise exactly who you help, what you do, and how long it takes…


We help [insert ideal client] to [overcome common problem] in [time frame].


Here are a couple of practical examples for gyms, personal trainers, and fitness bloggers…


  • We help people who hate gyms to fall in love with fitness in 7 days.
  • We help busy mums to lose their post-baby bump in 12 weeks.
  • We help non-runners to train for ultra-marathons in 6 months.


Using this formula will help you appeal to your ideal client. People will read it and think “that’s me!” or “this is exactly what I need”. Adding a time frame makes it even more impactful since everyone wants to know how quickly they’ll see results.


#4 – Add EmojisInsta Screenshot

Adding emojis to your fitness bio for Instagram will help break up the text, which makes it easier to read. They can also help you to communicate visually, which some people prefer.


Try using fruit, veg, or shapes in place of bullet points. Bonus points for colour coordinating the emojis with your overall branding.


Don’t worry about emojis coming across as unprofessional. They’re totally acceptable on Instagram (as opposed to LinkedIn where they’d probably be frowned upon).


#5 – Sense Check Your Username

Your username appears next to all your posts, so it has a big impact on how you’re perceived. Usernames like ‘caz123’ are fine for personal use but don’t make it obvious that you’re a fitness professional to potential followers. So check that your username actually makes sense to people who don’t already know you. Does it convey who you are, and what you do?


You can change your Instagram username as many times as you like. Simply go to Options ⇒ Edit Profile and enter a new username. Where possible, try to keep usernames consistent between all social platforms. So it’s best to choose a name with less than 15 characters because that’s the limit on other platforms like Twitter. You can check username availability across all social platforms at the same time using a site like Name Checkr.


What if your business name is already taken? Well, there are a couple of options… Firstly you can add your location, so flyfit becomes flyfitUK or flyfitNY. Secondly, you can add a verb, such as goflyfit or getflyfit. But try to avoid using punctuation like underscores (so flyfit is preferable to fly_fit).

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#6 – Include A Professional Profile Picture

For gyms and studios, it’s best to use an element of the logo (such as the first letter or icon). For example, Soul Cycle use their wheel icon instead of squeezing their full logo into a small circle. We don’t recommend using a full-size logo since when viewed on a mobile it appears super-small and isn’t easily readable.


For personal trainers or bloggers, there are more options… Since it’s a single person representing the business (rather than a team) you can either use a headshot or logo element. Headshots can come across as more personable, whereas logos can appear more professional. It’s an individual preference and there is no right or wrong – it really depends on how you’d like to come across to your audience.


The minimum profile picture size is 110 x 110 pixels, but you also need to allow for the fact that Instagram will crop the corners into a circular shape.


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#7 – Link To A Lead Capture Page

The web address in your fitness bio for Instagram is the only clickable link on the platform. This makes it the easiest way to send visitors to your website, so don’t waste it. Most people just link to their homepage, but this is missing an opportunity…


Instead of linking to your homepage, link to a page that’s specifically designed to capture leads. You want to drive visitors to a form which asks for their email address, so you can continue to build the relationship outside of Instagram. This way you have more freedom to communicate in different ways (especially handy if your account is ever blocked).


You’ll need to offer something really valuable in order for people to hand over their email address. Ebooks, fitness challenges, and workout guides all work really well. It’s best to offer something that will solve a small problem, help them complete the first step towards their goal, or provide a quick win that’ll make them feel good.


Creating A Killer Fitness Bio For Instagram

Implement these 7 tips and tricks, and you’ll have a killer fitness bio for Instagram in no time! If you’re struggling to get traction then check out some of our other articles on starting a fitness Instagram and the best fitness hashtags for likes and followers.

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