The coronavirus outbreak is affecting millions of lives around the world. While the health impact continues to be of paramount importance, there are increasing concerns about the economic fallout.


With thousands of gyms and studios closed around the world, the fitness industry has been hit hard. Many operators and owners are wondering what the future may look like for their businesses. 


In this article – we share how the coronavirus has impacted the fitness industry and its predicted recovery according to the latest statistics.


  • 64% of the world’s fitness sites were closed due to the pandemic. [Leisure Database Company]
  • 230 million exercisers globally were unable to attend the gym. [Leisure Database Company]
  • More than 10 million UK gym memberships were frozen when gyms closed in March. [The Guardian]
  • As of April 2020, 12% of US members surveyed said they’d be comfortable returning to the gym in 3 months, 11% in 6 months, 21% in more than 6 months, and 41% were unsure. [Statista]
  • Almost 90% of UK consumers intend to spend the same or more on being active after lockdown, [HCM]
  • 88% of UK survey respondents say they’ll use gyms and leisure centres ‘more’ or ‘the same’ when they reopen (8% said less and 4% said they won’t return). [UK Active]
  • Almost 46% said they were missing motivation from gym and class instructors. [HCM]
  • 33% said they missed socialising that’s associated with the gym. [HCM]
  • Around 12% or 1.2 million UK members pay for a gym membership they never use, so aren’t likely to continue paying after lockdown. [The Guardian]
  • 35% of non-members are likely to join a facility after lockdown. [UK Active]
  • Studio operators who solely offer classes are unlikely to break even below 50% occupancy. [The Guardian]
  • Group exercise studios are expected to recover to 2019 levels by February 2021 and gyms by March 2021. [UK Active]


We intend to keep this updated with new statistics as they emerge so feel free to send us industry research and data. It’s important that these statistics reflect the global impact, not just USA and UK. So, please do share any local stats that we may not have seen. 


For more comprehensive Covid fitness stats and detailed information, check out the sources…



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