Thinking up creative fitness blog names can be tricky. Maybe you’ve got a few ideas, but none of them seem quite right. And who wants to settle for a name they aren’t entirely happy with (or change it 6 months down the line).


Deciding between website names is a big step – it’s arguably the single most important element of your brand. So it’s well worth putting a little time and effort into choosing the right one.


In this article – we’ll walk you through the exact steps to finding the perfect name for your fitness blog.


From brainstorming creative ideas to making sure it’s not already taken by someone else, we’ve got the entire process covered. We’ll also share 13 proven formulas for creating an awesome blog name for yourself, plus name ideas to inspire your own.


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Step #1 – Brainstorming Fitness Blog Names

Choosing an awesome name is the first step to starting a fitness blog – you can’t secure a domain name without one.


Start by brainstorming keywords, so make a list of words related to your blog. Choosing the perfect name for your fitness blog involves starting big, and then reducing your options until you have the ideal word combination.


When you’re thinking up fitness blog names, it helps to ask yourself the following questions…


  1. What will make your fitness blog different from others? Thinking of these as ‘competitive advantages’, ‘unique selling points’ (USPs), or ‘points of difference’. Examples might include being a specialist in one area of fitness, such as functional or yoga.
  2. What values do you want your blog to stand for? Think about the kind of behaviours you’d want your blog to possess if it were a person. Examples here might be ‘Strong’, ‘Welcoming’, ‘Genuine’, ‘Light-hearted’, or ‘Inclusive’.
  3. What is your core product or service offering? Be careful here, you don’t want to name your blog after a service that you drop in 2 years, so only include things that are central to your business model or you’re committed to long-term. These could be things like workout videos, fitness programs, or meal plans.
  4. How do you want your audience to feel when they visit your blog? You might want them to experience feelings of being inspired, motivated, calm, energised, or improved.


Write down at least 3 keywords for each question, so that you have 12+ in total. Now it’s time to get really creative and expand on these ideas…


How To Start A Fitness Blog TileThis part will transform a good blog name into an AWESOME one. It’s about refining and crafting the words we’ve chosen, so we can be confident that we’ve shortlisted the very best ones.


So for each of the 12+ keywords, now list 4 alternative words that convey the same meaning. The Synonyms function in Microsoft Word, and dedicated Thesaurus websites such as Thesaurus or Oxford Dictionaries are really useful here.


Only include alternative words that you find really appealing – there’s no point in adding to the list just for the sake of it. Often you’ll find words that express your meaning more clearly, more succinctly, or just more powerfully.


At the end of this step, you’ll have 60+ keywords in total (12 from the first part and 48 from the second). Next, it’s time to convert them into creative fitness blog names…


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Step #2 – Fitness Blog Name Formulas

Have you ever noticed that fitness blog names often adhere to set patterns? Well, we’ve identified a few and turned them into formulas that you can use for your own blog…


They’ll help you organise your ideas, and test out how they work as real-life blog names. This is how leading marketing agencies and global companies approach brand naming.


Firstly, pick one or two formulas that appeal to you from the following…



Make Money Fitness Blog TileNext try inserting all your keywords into the formulas, to test which combinations work the best. You don’t need to write down all the possible combinations – you can do this part verbally. But do write down your favourites, narrowing your list to 3-5 creative fitness blog names.


Top tip ⇒ Another popular approach is for fitness blog names to be based on a commonly used phrase. Spot Me Bro and Run To The Finish would both fall into this category, however we haven’t figured out a full-proof formula for this option yet! So you’ll either need to wait for inspiration to strike, or try to track which fitness phrases you use most often.


If you don’t like any of the combinations, then try another formula. If that doesn’t help, then you might not have found the right keywords yet. In this case, repeat the previous steps until you have a shortlist that you’re happy with.


Step #3 – Due Diligence

Now you have a shortlist, it’s time for due diligence. We want to make sure that your blog name isn’t already being used by another company. Here’s how you do it…


  1. Google. Do a Google search for the blog name, and use quotation marks to ensure you only get exact matches. So if Tokyo Glow is your idea, then you need to enter “Tokyo Glow” into Google.
  2. Facebook. Perform the same search using Facebook. This will help you find any blogs with similar names that don’t rank highly on Google.
  3. Trademark. Do a trademark search to find any blogs or companies who’ve already registered the name. The United States Patents & Trademarks Office or UK Intellectual Property Office (or the equivalent site for your own country) have free online search tools.
  4. Website Domain. Run a domain name search to see if the website address or URL is available. Bluehost has an easy-to-use search tool (and also suggest alternatives if it isn’t available).


If your short-listed names pass all the above, then it’s time to make a choice! From this selection of fitness blog names, you’re sure to have several options that are not only awesome but unique and available too. The hardest part here will be to narrow down which one is your favourite! But we think that’s a kind of nice problem to have…


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Fitness Blog Names – Now It’s Your Turn

Blog Promotion ChecklistSo now it’s your turn to find your perfect fitness blog name. We’ve shown how to get creative beyond the usual names, apply some little-known naming formulas, and do your due diligence to ensure it’s ok to use. As a reminder, here are the 3 simple steps to work through…


  1. Brainstorm Keywords
  2. Apply A Formulas
  3. Due Diligence


If you’re ready for the next stage, then check out our guide on how to start a fitness blog. It walks you through the entire process in 5 simple steps (and helps you avoid some common mistakes too).


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