Looking for creative and unique fitness blog names ideas? Deciding on the perfect name for your site is a big step – it’s arguably the single most important element of your brand. So, we’ve put together a list of ideas along with a proven framework for coming up with your own names.

In this article – we share a fitness blog name ideas list and the exact steps to finding your own perfect name.

We’re a specialist fitness marketing agency with 15+ years of industry experience, so we know first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!). We’ve helped health and fitness bloggers to start and grow their businesses, so our web strategies are tried and tested.

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Fitness Blog Name Ideas

If you’re starting a fitness blog or YouTube channel, then coming up with a great name should be top of your to-do list. The right name will convey what you’re about and appeal to your target audience.

Here’s a list of health and fitness blog name ideas to inspire your own…

  1. Gym Bag Diaries (gymbagdiaries.com)
  2. Badass Fitness (badassfitness.com)
  3. Build a Yoga Body (buildayogabody.com)
  4. Calisthenics Method (calisthenicsmethod.com)
  5. Fit Fast Fellas (fitfastfellas.com)
  6. Proper Plyo (properplyo.com)
  7. Surf Workouts (surfworkouts.com)
  8. Fun Family Fitness (funfamilyfitness.com)
  9. The Squat Pro (thesquatpro.com)
  10. Age Fitter (agefitter.com)
  11. Run Swim Cycle (runswimcycle.com)
  12. Girls Get Faster (girlsgetfaster.com)
  13. Tokyo Glow (tokyoglow.com)
  14. Flexinomics (flexinomics.com)
  15. The HIIT Club (thehiitclub.com)
  16. London Fitness Foodie (londonfitnessfoodie.com)
  17. Nourish Train Repeat (nourishtrainrepeat.com)
  18. Fit Happy Dads (fithappydads.com)
  19. Run Lift Stretch (runliftstretch.com)
  20. Fun Fit Club (funfitclub.com)

All of these fitness blog names were available to purchase at the time of writing (click the links to check if they’re still for sale). Now let’s look at the process we used to come up with them…

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How To Come Up With Fitness Blog Names

Coming Up With Unique Fitness Blog Names

Want to know the secret of coming up with a unique and creative fitness blog name? The answer is combining different keywords with proven frameworks until you hit on the perfect combo…

Start by making a list of words related to your blog. Here are some prompts to help you brainstorm a varied list of words…

  1. What type of training or workout methods will you focus on?
  2. Who will you be creating your content for?
  3. Are there any values you want your blog to stand for?

Only include words that you find really appealing – there’s no point in adding to the list just for the sake of it. Once you have a list of keywords, it’s time to convert them into creative fitness blog names…

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Have you ever noticed that fitness blog names often adhere to set patterns? Well, we’ve identified the most effective ones and turned them into formulas that you can use for your own blog…

They’ll help you organise your ideas, and test out how they work as real-life blog names. This is how leading marketing agencies and global companies approach brand naming.

Firstly, pick one or two formulas that appeal to you from the following…

Next try inserting all your keywords into the formulas, to test which combinations work the best. You don’t need to write down all the possible combinations – you can do this part verbally. But do write down your favourites, narrowing your list to 3-5 creative fitness blog names.

Top tip ⇒ Another popular approach is for fitness blog names to be based on a commonly used phrase. Spot Me Bro and Run To The Finish would both fall into this category, however we haven’t figured out a full-proof formula for this option yet! So you’ll either need to wait for inspiration to strike, or try to track which fitness phrases you use most often.

The 50K Fitness Blog Blueprint [Waitlist]

Once you have a shortlist, do some due diligence. You want to make sure that your fitness blog name isn’t already being used by another company.

Here’s how you do it…

  1. Google. Do a Google search for the blog name, and use quotation marks to ensure you only get exact matches. So if Tokyo Glow is your idea, then you need to enter “Tokyo Glow” into Google.
  2. Facebook. Perform the same search using Facebook. This will help you find any blogs with similar names that don’t rank highly on Google.
  3. Trademark. Do a trademark search to find any blogs or companies who’ve already registered the name. The United States Patents & Trademarks Office or UK Intellectual Property Office (or the equivalent site for your own country) have free online search tools.
  4. Website Domain. Run a domain name search to see if the website address or URL is available. GoDaddy and NameCheap both have easy-to-use search tools and low registration prices (plus they’ll suggest alternatives if it isn’t available).

If your short-listed names pass all the above, then it’s time to make a choice! From this selection of fitness blog names, you’re sure to have several options that are not only awesome but unique and available too.

The hardest part here will be to narrow down which one is your favourite! But we think that’s a kind of nice problem to have…

If you’re ready for the next stage, then check out our guide on how to start a fitness blog. It walks you through the entire process in 5 simple steps (and helps you avoid some common mistakes too).

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